News - Warzone 2 Zombie - This Tombstone Setup Is Way Easier To Do (no Portal And No Scorcher)


It's been so long I didn't post, but today, guys, we are back on Call of Duty Mod Waa Zombies, and today, I have a little exclusive for you. I'm going to call it Tombstone. 2.0, And everyone knows this one way to do it, but there is another one, and I'm going to show you how this works. First of all, you need the blood from a bike, and second, you need to go to the top right of the map right here.

I'm sure there are other places where this works, but I'm sure this one is actually really working. The second thing you really need to have is the tombstone perk. It's really necessary; that's the only thing you have to buy every time, but the rest is not necessary. There is no portal necessary to buy with 1, 000 Essence, and you don't need a scotcher; it's working without the scotcher.

Once you're ready, go on top of your bike and roll into the water. I'm going to show you which way you should take, and you have to be really careful here. Be sure you are in the middle of the river. Don't go on the sides of the river or touch any land. That's really important. Never touch any land.

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Follow this exact path that I'm showing you here. Just make sure to take your time. There is no timing involved right now. The timing comes later. Take your time. Follow this path. Once you see this bridge, you need to do the following: you're going to have to park your bike just beneath this bridge, exactly at this spot by this stone here.

If you park it anywhere else, this is probably not going to work. Now leave your bike there and move up to the new ether rift. And now you have to call this Rift and go back fast to your bike. Now timing is involved. Take out your fist. You're going to be faster that way. once you get closer to your bike enter the bike normally like you are used to do and roll down the till back to the water and now timing is really important you have to be fast, press square on Playstation to exit your bike and press again really fast on square to enter the bike and you're going to see some magic you're going to get teleported on the top right of the map like I showed you in the beginning where you actually started the next step you have to do is roll close to the edge of the map you see it on the top left here and once you're ready you accept to enter the rift.

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Approximately six seconds later, you leave the boundaries of the map, and now you prepare to close up your game. If you're on a PC, you have to press alt-f4, and on consoles, you have to close the app. The timing is again important. You have to close your game at the moment; it shows you a dark rift on the top left of your screen once it shows you that.

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Close up the game, and as you can see, if you did everything right, like I told you in the beginning, you are going to have everything duplicated. You can see my inventory. I have everything here that I had at the beginning of the game, and everything is also going to get duplicated. Since I did also place a tombstone inside of the game I'm going to show you inside of the game itself, that I actually have a tombstone set and in this moment I also want to remind you guys if you like this kind of articles please subscribe and like this article and all those guys who are going to copy this article please credit guys come on I just found this out it took me around 7 hours to make this work with my cousin thanks to him he helped me a lot with this one of course and now let's go back to the game as you can see on the corner of the screen there is the little Tombstone, icon and this means I successfully.

Set up a new tombstone, and inside that one we have my duplicated items. This means we can do this easily again and again. If you want to do this again, make sure you crumble and take every single item out of your tombstone. To make another one for the next game, you always have to do this. To make it work for the next game, it's pretty easy thanks to the burner bike, and since I always have two keys on me, I don't have to craft another burner key.

I don't have to take another one with me. This is pretty easy to do; you don't have to spend any Essence on the portals; you just have to spend Essence on the tombstone park itself. To prove that this actually works. I'm going to go back to the top right of the map and do this glitch again, and I'm going to show you without cutting anything here that this actually does work; just follow the steps.

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Follow exactly this path, like I showed you already in the beginning, and just keep doing this, and you are going to be successful at this setup for the new Tombstone. And as you can see again, I just stopped there on top right to make sure my bike was set up with a new spawn. I killed a few zombies over here, and now I'm rolling on the water itself.

Again, make sure, guys, you don't roll on any piece of land; you don't get any close to the land. And be careful at one spot. You're going to see some land looking out of the water. Be careful of that because that spot is actually also a blood burner spawn, so if you touch it, your blood burner is going to spawn there.

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If it's not on the top right of the map, let's pass this first bridge. This one shouldn't be an issue. There are no traps around the first bridge we are passing. Now it's the second bridge that you see in the distance over here. Watch out just beneath that bridge. Here I'm rolling, and towards this bridge, just beneath that, there is this piece of land looking out of it on the left side.

Here, I've just marked it for you. Just roll on the right side of the right side of it make sure you don't touch any land, and now you have to roll on the right side. Take the right here and roll to the last bridge, and this is the bridge you are going to stop over there, by the stone. Like I told you in the beginning, stop by the stone, make sure you just stop, and make sure your bike doesn't go back to the water or slide down to the water.

If it does, it's going to get teleported. Just make sure it's not rolling back. Go on top here to the dark eer rift, and you have to call again this dark eer rift like we did on the first try. Just watch out for those zombies. You see, I don't have my hands out here. I'm running with my gun. The timing is enough here; you don't have to have your hands out now.

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Timing is again really important. Press on Square and again on Square to get teleported to the top right of the map, and now roll towards the border of the map; you see it on the top left here, and once you're ready, except for the entrance to the dark Rift, and by 76. Go inside or outside of the map.

We habe a new way to setup a tombstone and this way is the easiest from them all. No need to use a portal for 1000 essence no scorcher needed! Please don't forget to credit for this new tombstone Setup. Call of Duty Mw3 will become easier thanks to this.
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