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And I also see other YouTubers trying to replicate the exact path that I showed them in the article without giving any credit. That's fine for me, but the people know who the real founder of this new way is. Today, I'm here to show you even a faster way even a faster way so you guys can replicate it and don't have to go all the way up here to this point.

There is a short way to do it. First of all, we need Tombstone. Soda, I'm going to equip it straight away, just to make sure I already have it, and I'm going to use a blood burner key for this one, and now, as you can see, I have here my Tombstone. I'm going up there and taking my tombstone again, so we are at my tombstone here.

I'm going to crumble it, and I'm going to take everything I need here. What do I really need? I'm going to equip this. No, I don't need it. I already have one. What's really important is the key itself. You always have to have two of them, and the rest of these things you can use. That's what I'm going to do.

I'm going to use this stuff. I'm even using this culture, and I'm going to replace it with this one, and that's just for someone else as a gift. All right, let's go on the water and explain to you how this new mechanic works. So we are closed by the river here, and let me explain this technique.

cod mw3

Let me explain how the BloodBur teleportation glitch works. So you basically have to set a spawn point since I'm here on the land already. Just make sure you are like 10 to 20 M on the land itself to set a spawn point. I'm going to show you now that I already have my spawn set to over there, so just go on the river here, press exit, and then press enter again.

And as you can see, my spawn was here like expected. You can do this everywhere; let's say almost everywhere. There are a few exceptions, and this is also something good. This is also how blood-burner teleportation works. Let me explain to you: I'm going across the river here into the second area, the yellow area, and the game should actually put a spawn point into this place right here, but it's won since this place right here is glitched; it's bugged.

cod mwiii

I don't know why this is not working here; there are a few of those spots around the map, but this is something good. We are actually using this to teleport our way to the other side of the map. This is how to do blood burner teleportation. Now go back to the subject, and I promised you a faster way, and there is a faster way exactly here on the map.

Follow this path right up here, and your spawn point should be here at the beach. Once you're on land, just make sure you are 10–20 m away from the land itself. And now I should be able to set the spawn. I'm quitting also to tell the game. Hey man. I am here on this part of the map, please set a spawn point, and now I'm going to enter the blood burner bike, and just to make sure I have a spawn point there, just go on the river itself on the water, exit, and enter again the blood burner.

As you can see, I did set my spawn point. The next thing I have to do is drive down here to this portal here just down here, like in the last article, and I'm going to get teleported back here. I just have to cross the r. At the end, let's go; let's do this. It is pretty much the same path that we took in the last article, but this one is just a few seconds faster.

cod zombies

Let's go over to the bridge here, like we did in the last article, towards this little stone towards this little place over here, and this place here is one of those that won't trigger a new spawn point for the blood burner bike. Just make sure to not die, and make sure that the bike is not rolling back towards the water; otherwise, it will get teleported back.

Now the timing will get involved. Once you trigger the entrance towards the dark eer rift, a timer will appear on your screen. Now you have to be fast to go back toward your bike. You don't need to have your hands out; it's enough if you sprint with your gun out and go back to your bike. Enter the bike and roll back towards the water.

Once you hit a little bit of the water, exit and enter again on your bike. You will be teleported back to where we spawned. I hope you remember. Now don't stress out. Stay on your bike, Even though you sometimes go under the map, just stay on the bike now with the bike. Roll on top of the river itself and accept the entrance towards the dark eater rift.

dmz zombies

After you do that, you will see a new timer appear on your screen, so keep an eye on the timer. Now you have to prepare to go out of bounds in 7 or 6 seconds. The best timing will be six, so aim for six once you are out of bounds. Prepare to close your game. Close your game. This is exactly the same on all the platforms, including Xbox and PlayStation.

Now, timing is still involved in this. Pay attention to the top left of your screen. Once you see dark ether Rift appearing on the top left, you can close up your game. Force close on alt f4 on PC, and with Xbox, just close your app like on PlayStation. As you can see, guys, I kept all of my stuff.

increase stash zombie

I have everything, including my weapon. Here, you should have your tombstone set for the next game if you do the timing right. If you go out of bounds in 6 seconds, it's the best timing. 6, 7, and 8 are also working, but you can lose your weapon at seven; four is not working; five is also working; six and five are working; and five is just a little bit more risky because it's close to four.

And one more thing, guys, before I let you go, one thing you should know about this channel. I will never promote any boosting service. I will never do that. I found it really fishy to promote these kinds of things, and I will never do that. I'm here just to help people. I'm not here to take the money from you guys.

I'm here just doing my thing, and I still have my job every day that I do. YouTube is just a hobby for now, hopefully. In the near future, it might be something that I switch to, but for now, I don't. I don't need any boosting services. I'm not promoting any boosting services. If I'm promoting, it will be something that I use myself and that I understand makes sense to my community, but otherwise, I won't.

And that means, guys, that's it with this article. I wish you all the best of peace.

We habe a new way to setup a tombstone and this way is the easiest from them all. No need to use a portal for 1000 essence no scorcher needed! Please don't forget to credit for this new tombstone Setup. Call of Duty Mw3 will become easier thanks to this.
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