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All the questions you get every time there's even a minor patch to my Discord, and I worked hard this morning. We were broken up into five different teams, and this is a complete guide for season 2 reloaded. For every method that does work, every method that doesn't work, and the methods I would most recommend, remember to join our Discord.

Fortnite. Grand Theft Auto 5, and more, then our sponsor Dam Mods is the place for you. They offer all camo unlocks, zombie schematics, bot lobbies, and more. Dam Mods has a 5-star rating with thousands of reviews. Let me go over the methods that, for sure, do not work. That is the classic portal X filled with one of the original Tombstone glitches, as well as the portal drowning method.

Those were both fantastic methods, but unfortunately, both of those do not work. You can still use the act for portals as quick X fills. If you quit on the loading screen, you'll still keep your items—your guns, your tacticals, etc.—but it doesn't count as a successful fill, and it doesn't set a tombstone or duplicate items or any of the other stuff.

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Also, this morning we figured out how to open up the new portal and get all the gold items. Everything in that article is going to be up later tonight, right here. Please check that out if you need to open the new portal to get the new schematics to go to the new dark ether. It was really fun. Journey, now let's go over the methods that are working, but wait for the last one, because the last one is probably the least known Tombstone glitch, but I would submit the easiest to do as well as probably the most effective to do, and I'll explain why later in the article.

On your first run to actually set up the tombstone, it's always best to run a couple contracts to get some essence, and this will allow you to duplicate your tombstones every single round as well as have an entire full tombstone. Then go and make sure to buy a tombstone; don't drink the one that you bring in.

Now that you have that, go break down a tombstone if you already have one. If you forget to break down your tombstone completely to where it actually crumbles, then most of the time your new tombstone will not. Reset, so deal with whatever items you have. If you have duplicates of some items, you can't carry everything; you can just use those this round.

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Okay, now that you have that established, let me show you the first method that is still working on season 2 reloaded, but in order to do that, you're going to need to learn this scorcher technique. If you haven't already, they call it the Superman, or we call it the Superman. You boost up three full times; technically, you can do two, but three works better.

Pull your shot, and then when you go, you're going to charge up that little screen to 70 Bo. Just a little boost here, Charge. You should only use three scorchers, not five, and this will allow you to move forward in the fastest possible manner. This is great for getting around. If you learn this technique in general, just by using the scorcher, you will absolutely not regret it.

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You're going to aim for this little spot on the very south side of the map, go to the ACT portal, the first one, not the new one, clear out any bad guys in the way so they're not going to block you, and then make sure that you've allowed your scorcher to charge up all the way to 20. Once you've done that, you're going to start charging, activate the portal, and head for that point on the map that you marked.

That's one, two, and the third one. Now you're going to launch forward into Superman as you start dropping, pulling, cutting, and now starting those little bursts. All right, you should be able to get one more boost in here, and then when there's only one second left to vote, vote yes and allow yourself to go all the way out of bounds.

You should get it right in about 6 seconds when you want to hit it, so this is the scorcher method. This is going to allow you to both die, get eliminated, and get the portal. You're going to see the eliminated screen here, and then you quit right there, so that is the first method. The scorcher method is still working.

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The disadvantage of this method is that it is technically difficult to get right every single time. It does take skill; it does take practice. Now let me show you the next method. This method is probably the most common for season 2 reloaded; it does work well and there's some advantages to it, but I'm not convinced it's the best, and I'll explain why I think the last one may be the best for a lot of people instead.

So you're going to go to the ACT for portal, then run all the way through this building down the center all the way to the back, up these stairs, and then up the second set of stairs, and you're going to find this portal place where you can put in different codes to teleport to different areas. Now my Discord and I came up with a much better spot that's down here at B7, and here is the code to get there.

You can see it's the regular U, then the up arrow, and then the reverse Q thingy, so that's going to be the code that you're going to shoot in on the portal. Keep in mind that when you're using the portal, the locations of those will change, so make sure you match them. Symbols: right, there is the very bottom U-up arrow in backwards.

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Q, then activate that but don't be too close otherwise it'll suck you in immediately which you don't want and then you're going to run all the way back to the act four portal, again if you need more detail on this you can check out this article here it'll explain all this in a lot more detail and the method still works the same, so now that you're back to the act four portal make sure your stamina's full you're going to activate it and just start using your stamina to Sprint make sure you don't have any weapons in your hands, one of the big advantages to this is this does not require a scorcher to use, you just need a th000 Essence every round to activate that portal, you see I'm running straight back through the entire, building you going Go through the portal, turn directly to your right, and start sprinting again.

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Now keep an eye on that vote because you want to vote. Yes, at 2 seconds right there, and then just keep sprinting along this wall. You should go into the out- of- bounds area right when there's 6 seconds left on that portal. Countdown, right, about 4 seconds, the portal hits. And then you're going to see the squad eliminated.

Black Screen quit, and so that's allowed you to die and portal, so you keep all your items in here. This is the good part. You keep your insured weapon, and you even keep your tacticals and lethals, although I did use all my decoys that time, so he didn't, so that sets it up in your tombstone while also duplicating all the weapons that were in your Ru sack from the start.

Tombstone Duplication Glitch SOLO SEASON 2 RELOADED INFINITE Legendaries MW3 Zombies NEW.
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