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Another solo Tombstone duplication method has been discovered in Modern Warfare zombies, and it works fantastic. Not only am I going to show you how to do that in this article, but my Discord discovered a different location to do this and a better way that doesn't require you to go into Tier 3, doesn't need a scorcher, doesn't need a flawless ethereum crystal, and you do not have to run around Tier 3, hoping you don't die.

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Dam Mods has a five-star rating with thousands of reviews. Now the only item that you absolutely need is right here: the blood burner keys. Technically, you could find them on the map, but it's going to be very hard and random if you can't find one, so just get a blood burner key in the new dark ether.

After that, once you have that blood burner key, I recommend taking Tombstone soda, but you can always get 2, 000 Essence and buy one. You can bring your weapon, the ether blade, or any other items that you want to duplicate because you're going to be duplicating them with Tombstone anyway, and then jump into the match.

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As always, make sure you either use or give away all your items and crumple your tombstone. And then you're going to have two blood burners now because you duplicated one in your tombstone, so bring that bad boy out and pull up everything else. That way, we don't lose anything. So now we have our full item, the same thing, and our blood burner, so let's take our blood burner.

Now, see this giant mountain. It looks like you can't go up it, but that is not true. You can go right up and right out. No big deal, right? So that's what you're actually going to want to do, so what happens is that if you drop your bike in the water, it'll automatically respawn at the nearest land spot that it was, so right now we've just established this as the nearest land spot, so let's take it now.

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Let's back up into the water. Now we're going to practice the next technique, and that's just to literally get in the water. Hop off the bike and hop back on it, like. Now notice what it does. It takes you right back to the original land location. It's very easy. Hop off, hop back. On, there isn't really much timing to it if you're on controller.

I do recommend making it tap to get on, not hold down. It does make it a little easier, but you can do it with a hold as well. All right, so I'm going to face the mountain to make it as easy as possible, back up, and then test it out. I've noticed you have to get a little bit away from the location for it to work; otherwise, it'll just keep resurfacing you on the water, which is not what you want so far away.

Hop off, hop back on, and you're good. Now you're facing the right way. Okay, so here we go. Now the actual glitch happens, so what we're going to do is go all the way around here and then back down this way, but make sure not to touch any land. Here now, the difference is that we're not going to go to this portal like the other articles, mainly because you're running on foot through Tier 3, which, if you didn't know, they've buffed Tier 3 quite a bit.

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If you're a skilled player, you'll be fine, but if you're still getting used to running around, you don't want to be that guy that dies in Tier 3, so we're actually heading down to the old-school Act 4 portal of bad. Signal, now here's where you want to go this way left down this little alleyway. Just be very careful again not to go on land on your bike; otherwise, it'll reset the area that it spawns the bike back to, so particularly through this area, just pay attention.

It's not hard; you just have to be diligent. There you go, like this part; just don't touch any land here; we should be fine. okay, we're fine. Turn right now. We're going over bad signal, but there's a specific spot you actually need to park near in bad signal. If you ride directly up to the bad signal, it's going to set the bike in a different location, so here you have to get the bike out of the water, but you don't want to touch that little grass area here, so it seems like if you park it right, you should be good without resetting.

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So now you can just avoid it or throw a decoy if you want, but we already drank our Tombstone, so now we're going to do the same old thing. This time we're going to cue the act of a bad signal portal, run back to our bike, back it up in the water, and then use that teleport glitch, like this. Now again, if we did it right, this should spawn us back at the old location.

See, boom, if you fall through, don't worry about it; you're good, and there you go, so now vote. Yes, and then at 6 seconds we're going to go right over this lip boom like that, so you can just do that every time, but by moving to that location, you don't have to go through Tier 3. You're still going to get the elimination here after the portal and then the black screen.

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Quit the app or alt-f4. So just like that, you still have your weapon, and you didn't lose your insured weapon, Decoy grenade, ether blade, everything, including letting me move my camera again. The good old blood burner is still there, so all of our items were duplicated just as they should be. We kept our weapon, and we kept our gear, even the Ether Blade.

Now let's go back to confirm that the tombstone is still there. There, our tombstone has now duplicated all the items that are there; we kept our Essence down here at 93, 000; everything else is absolutely good to go huge; thanks to all of my Discord, who really are the ones that discovered a better way to do this glitch.

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