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I just discovered a new level-up method in Modern Warfare Zombies that's extremely fast and that's fun to do. You actually get to run contracts and play the game, and it's about as fast as any other method out there. Plus, you can stack up essence, build a tombstone if you're into that, and even successfully fill a tombstone while keeping your essence.

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Dam Mods has a five-star rating with thousands of reviews. All you need is the weapon that you want, and then put your favorite attachment on that. If you don't know what your favorite attachment is, I'm about to tell you that it is the good old Jack Purifier. No joke this is the most broken offensive weapon in the game; it is two to three times more powerful than a juggernaut, except it's just chills on your gun; it's not a kill streak.

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Way better than the thermite crossbow all the way back in the beginning of Modern Warfare zombies. So much fun! If you don't believe me, please go check out this article where I just tear up the entire world with Jack, Purifier. Modern Warfare Zombies doesn't even take much skill, honestly, but if you pick a weapon, a lot of the assault rifles, some shotguns, and a new battle rifle like the Sao subverter use this new method, which allows you to level up your gun quickly.

Enjoy the Jack Purifier attachment, unlock your weapon, and complete contracts. Raise your containment level and even keep your essence and Tombstone for the next round. If you're into that kind of thing, let's get into the match with a lot of weapons, like the new Sao subverter and others. Allow under Barrel attachments like this Jack Purifier, which is the most broken thing that has ever existed in zombies, and I freaking love it.

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There's also the chainsaw, among others, but check this out if you are fighting this bad boy. Get them all mad at you, and then get to work. Ready, go ahead, go ahead, come on, yes sir, yes sir, look at the damage on that. If you tap fire, it lasts way longer, but now watch the XP on. The truth is, you get quite a bit of XP from killing IES in Tier 3 with that flamethrower, but if you do high-value targets like this bounty here, you get so much more, and look how quick this is.

I'm not joking; look at this; he's already half healthy. This is a high value. This is a high value to keep in mind, but now watch the XP that hits: Boom 750. Just like that, if you put on Double XP, you're getting 1,500, so you actually get a pretty fast weapon. XP level up while playing the game while getting a boatload of essence.

If you want to set up a tombstone for the next round and run it again, it's just a good alternative to running, so then just pull up your map. So here we go. We have another big boy, Bounty. Pull out that flamethrower. He does not want to show his glowy face. There we go, and boom! Another 750 Now, keep in mind that I don't have any Double XP going right now.

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This is just the way it is now. Just pull up your map, find another bounty, and go get it. If you don't see a bounty, just grab another contract and cancel it. Bounties pop up pretty quick now, and oddly, I kept getting Mega Abominations, which take slightly longer with the Jack purifier. If you're getting manglers, disciples, mimics, etc., those will be even faster bombs.

There we go; that's better. Where's my mimic at my dead perception that mimic is not? Dead now, once you have your weapon at high enough levels, go set up a tombstone if you want. That way, you can keep all of your essence for the next round and get a successful result. You can use this code here.

You can run around to the back of the Act4 portal if you need more help on how to use this specific method. If you're looking to keep all of your essence rolled over while also getting a successful fill, you can check out my article up here. It goes into much more detail on this, which makes it a lot easier, but there's actually an invisible, dark ether here on this page.

fastest xp farm

It's the same dark ether from season 1 reloaded; it's still there; it just doesn't show up visibly for some reason. You just need a sigil or an elder sigil to use it, so fly back through here. Switch over to your gun; you could also use your Juggernaut to run here if you want to go faster or mortar strike through the portal.

Run all the way over, as you can see the dark ether still counting down. You're then going to vote. Yes, once you get a little bit closer to this section, you see 9 8 7; you're trying to get in right when it hits six, so when it hits six seconds on the countdown, you then run out of bounds that's going to pull up the portal to go to the dark ether here, and then you're going to hit the eliminated screen, so you both die and get pulled into the dark ether that'll allow you to successfully, xfill, while still keeping your tomb Tombstone and all of that Essence that you just earned, which is typically a ton.

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You don't have to do anything in here except leave. I mean, I guess you could go wamp on some dudes if you wanted to, but I just go straight for the Xfill. Now you get your successful Xfill, you get all your weapon camo, you keep your items, and because I use that little trick. I get to keep my Tombstone with my items and my Essence, but you don't have to do that, plus you're getting all the contract points, so that you can come in with more gear without spending all that much.

Now my gun is fully leveled just like that, so not only is it much more fun to do, but you could do it in a squad, and you're not taking XP from each other because the contracts count for everybody. You're also gaining essence, and you're also gaining containment levels. Now I'm at level 27, so everything about it is great, and if you use that little trick at the end with the tombstone, you keep your gun, you get your camo, you don't like any camos that need to xill with, so you're getting everything done basically at the same time, and it's fun to actually tear through tier three zombies instead of just sitting there and shooting the same five zombies over and over again at an xfill or at a p&d contract.

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I want to make sure to show you the gun that I was using and, more specifically, the camo if you're digging this new camo. This thing is absolutely free to get, but it's one of the rarest because of how you have to earn it. If you want to learn how to earn it legitimately, it's a really fun adventure, and I have a complete guide coming out tomorrow, so check up here if you're watching this article tomorrow.

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