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We finally have an effective method where you can run the dark ether as a squad and still keep all your items. It's a little variation, but it's a huge step in the right direction for Modern Warfare Zombies season 2 reloaded. This method will allow you to take any items that you want into the dark ether with your whole squad; that's the kicker.

And never run out of those items. You can just keep using those items over and over again, and I'll show you another way that allows you to actually keep your essence at the same time if you want to check it out. But first, a quick word from our sponsor: if you don't have the time to unlock everything and need assistance in your favorite games like Call of Duty.

Fortnite. Grand Theft Auto 5, and more, then our sponsor. Dam Mods, is the place for you. They offer all camoo unlocks, zombie schematics, bot lobbies, and more. Dam Mods has a five-star rating with thousands of reviews. The first thing you're going to do is just bring in all the items that you want to actually use in the dark ether.

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You can do this by crafting. You can do this by pulling from a previous tombstone and picking them up in game. It doesn't matter, but bring in the items. So for me, you need a sigil or an elder sigil. For sure, make sure you have that first. I'm going to leave one space here, and I'll explain why, later on, I'm bringing in the dog bone scorcher etherblade case.

Flawless ethereum Crystal Tombstone, so I can keep resetting it, but you don't necessarily need that, and then let me move my. Camera, and then we have a legendary ether tool and a, refined ethereum Crystal this is just a demonstration you don't need any of this stuff the only thing you absolutely need is a Sigil Andor Elder sigil, and I'm also going to teach you how to dupe that as well so you don't run out of that again this is all assuming you're starting from scratch so we're going to go set up our Tombstone if you already have a tombstone set with everything you want including a Sigil you're good to go you can skip this step or just bring in a Sigil and all these items and go to your Tombstone so let's get into the match now gather up 3, 000 Essence by doing contracts Etc so you can both buy your Tombstone Soda, or find it and of course use the portal, all right so you're going to go up or U up arrow, in backwards.

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Q: Now, if you need to understand this method better, you can check out this article up here that explains the whole Tombstone method using the portal in much more detail, but I've gone over that quite a few times, so just check out those other articles first, and that'll help you. So you're going to run all the way back to the Act 4 portal once you've activated the U up in backwards, and then you're going to sprint straight back.

I throw a decoy here just to get some of the zombies off me, but that's not necessary; just no weapon. Sprint straight through the middle here, no shenanigans, keep it simple, and this one is going to take me over to B7, which is my favorite place to do this. It's at the very southwest corner of the map and is going to turn to your right in full.

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Sprint, and then around 2 seconds of voting Yes, the important thing is that when this timer goes down to six, you want to enter out of bounds. Six is now out of bounds. If I hit that 6C out of bounds every single time, it works for me. This is just to set up your initial tombstone. You see the portal, then you get the elimination screen, then the black screen, and you quit.

Okay, that has set your tombstone properly. The next step is to take all those same items that were also duplicated, and now bring those back into the match with your buddy so you have a tombstone and all your items. Your buddy has a tombstone and has duplicated all those items. Now you're going back into the match together.

You can do this with a duo or a trio; both work the same way. Technically, you could do this method solo as well. Now that you're back in the match, you can use all of these items because they're now fully duplicated. Keep yourself out. I love a good Pack-a-Punch three scorcher. Whatever weapon, I highly recommend the new flamethrower attachment.

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You can check out this article here. It is literally the best weapon in the game. No joke now, with your whole team heading back over to the tombstone so you can replenish all those items that you just used. Okay, so here's a sweet thing: because we already set our tombstones, we already used all these items.

You can see that when I open this up, we're going to have everything that we need ready to go. Now we're actually going to have one extra item because we have two signatures. That way, you never actually run out of sigils, so you can keep running over and over again. This would obviously work with the elder sigil as one it's one.

Dan, How are you? That's hilarious well, I'm part of your Discord. I just find it very cool that you're actually sweet. Well, I'm glad you're part of it. Dance yes, good, sir; this is crazy. You guys, both of my Discord no way, well, hell yeah, we met. Why do you think we're here? Yeah, it's how we met; it's a little up, and you'll make my heart happy, all right.

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So now keep in mind that you are already fully equipped, with literally everything you need, and if I were really paying attention. I would probably do mags of holding. I would do golden armor, but whatever it is that you desire to have, if you want a VR 11, any of that stuff is up to you, but now that you have all that stuff, you're now going to go into the sigil.

Here, the reason I have two sigils is because I will use one, and then another sigil will get put back in my tombstone when we redo it. You could just bring one, and that's fine, but then you just run out of it trying to put the sigil in, but there's a there we go, got it, so now no tricks, no scorcher, nothing crazy, just vote.

Yes, here, and this portal is going to get all happy and, crazy, fancy. Okay, so now that you've started, you'll have all your items and still have scorer weapons. All that stuff, you can now run the sigil, or if it's the Elder sigil, you can go get your schematics, etc., and then head for the xfill, so we'll head for this one on the G3 up here.

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Yeah, let's head in that direction; a couple boosts should get you there. It is moving here, but again, you could run as many things as you want, and this also counts as a successful fill, so if you're doing camos or trying to get schematics out, this would also work just the same. Okay, so the other thing you can do here If you really are concerned about keeping your essence, let's say you have a lot and you don't want to get rid of it.

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