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You have to find one of those keys. You find them while going inside of the new dark eer rift, and since we are talking about the dark eer rift. I'm here today, going inside of this new dark eer rift, but not only that. I'm also setting up a new tombstone, which means I'm going to duplicate my items using also this elder sent that I have here.

While also setting up a tombstone, and there are a few things that you need to make this work. One of them is the blood burner bike itself. Of course, you need the tombstone perk and not any other perks because you are about to lose all of those perks since you are going inside the dock at the rift.

And now I'm going to explain to you how the bike is going to help us. So you take the bike and roll onto the river from the land. Your bike is basically setting up a spawn point on the land itself, and when you are inside the water, one thing you had to do to get teleported back to the land with the bike itself was leave the bike and enter it again.

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It's pretty easy on the Playstation; square on Xbox; I think the x button; and on PC, it's F. You have to press it twice. As you can see, I got teleported back from the water surface to the land while doing this technique. Now, let's follow this path that I'm going to show you. It's one of those paths that is going to work best for you guys, Just, Be sure not to leave the middle of the river; don't touch any land.

Just be careful here. Roll onto the river itself, stay in the middle of it, and follow this path. Here's the top-down perspective from the map: Follow exactly this red line that I'm showing you here. Be sure that you are following exactly this once you get to this bridge. Be careful zombies are going to spawn here at the coast, and they will try to throw meat at you if you are not fast enough.

If there are too many of them, kill them first, and then Park your bike this way; this is clearly the best way to do this, and park it just on the gravel here. Once you're ready, get out of your bike. Make sure that your bike is not too close to the water and that it's not rolling down the hill. Now go on top of the hill, where you can actually call the entrance towards the T.

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Rift if you have a scorer. Use it it's going to be faster for you to go on top of the hill once you're there. You just have to call the entrance. Once you do that, you have to be fast. If you don't have a scorcher, I'm showing you the best way. Here you got to pass this little dog house, and behind that dog house there is a little ledge where you can jump and open your parachute.

Be careful you can still get some fall damage, like I did here. I almost died. Now enter your bike and go on the surface of the water. Once you are on the surface of the water, leave your bike and enter it again. You will be teleported. Don't Panic You will be under the map. Just stay on the bike once you are out of it, except for the entrance towards the dark heat.

Rift, and now you have to roll out of bounds. The best timing would be 6–5 seconds, which is the best thing that you can do. I did it here at 7 seconds, and because of it, I lost my weapons in the dark rift, but you can still do the contracts. Also, one more thing: don't leave the game; just stay.

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I developed a bad reflex to quit my game when I saw this black screen here. Just wait, and we will be inside the new, dark rift. As you can see, I lost my weapons, but luckily I did have my scorcher with me, and I also found a VR-11 inside the dark rift. I could finish all three of those contracts.

Once I did that, I took my rewards and went to the xfill. And that's pretty much it with this tutorial, and as you can see, I also kept my tombstone. Inside of Orix itself, I still have all of those items that I set up for the tombstone itself except the dark ether sigil, but the rest is still here and available.

Thanks to the bloodburner bike and thanks to the Tombstone 2. 0 Setup you can even go to the dark aether while keeping your Tombstone in Modern Warfare Zombie.
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