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Welcome back We just got an even faster weapon level-up method for zombies. Modern Warfare 3 would also work for War Zone. Obviously, it's the same guns; it involves running contracts in a specific way, but the way that this works actually doesn't require you to have the most powerful weapons that have the floss ethereum crystals, the gold ether tool, or even a scorcher.

I mean, those things are beneficial; don't get me wrong, but if you don't have them, this method still works insanely well and insanely fast. Check it out, but first, a quick word from our sponsor. If you don't have the time to unlock everything and need assistance in your favorite games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto 5, and more, then our sponsor Dam Mods is the place for you.

They offer all camo unlocks, zombie schematics, bot lobbies, and more. Dam Mods has a five-star rating with thousands of reviews. If you're already running Tombstone, make sure to get everything out of your Tombstone drink, Tombstone, etc. Having a scorcher will improve the speed of this method very dramatically, so I highly recommend just using Tombstone and bringing in your scorcher.

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Right now, you are ready to run it if you get a blue ether tool, a green ether tool, or even level one Pack-a-Punch. This method goes fast, and the way you do this is to stick in tier one first. If you have a level two pack-a-punch, then go to tier two because it's even better by grabbing bounties and running them as fast as you can, so either use a vehicle to get from place to place in tier one.

Or you can use the scorcher, which is much faster. What I love about this method is that not only does it level up your gun, it also gives you containment level points. It also racks up your essence; it's also just fun to actually run bounties as opposed to just shooting the same zombies over and over again at an xfill or at a p&c.

You get a ton of XP even without double-weapon XP. I was able to get seven levels in about 10 minutes using this method. If you've seen my other article up here, it's similar to this, but that was specific to Tier 3. What I learned is that you get the same exact amount of XP running these high-value Target or Bounty contracts in tier one as you do into tier three, so no matter what, you get 750 XP from every single contract.

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And so if you just Scorch around or drive around and find every Bounty contract you can in Tier 1, it's amazingly quick. You could also do this with a squad because that contract XP that 750 XP that also count stores your weapon would apply to all three players in that squad, so you could even spread out into different parts of the map, grab a bounty, do it, grab a bounty, do it.

Grab a bounty and do it, or you could be farming another area while your buddies are running these contracts and getting you containment level points. Getting you XP Getting your weapons leveled up gives you a ton. Of essence, you probably know this by now: once you've hit about six or seven weapon levels, the game brings your weapon XP gained down significantly, so about six or seven weapon levels.

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I recommend just going out, coming back in, or resetting your Tombstone, etc., but this is a very fun, very fast way to get your weapons leveled up. Side note: There's strong rumors that there's going to be a lot of aftermarket parts for Modern Warfare 2 guns. If you're like me and haven't leveled up a ton of your Modern Warfare 2 Guns, you should probably use this time this spring breakish time if you got it off and you're still a student leveling up some of those Modern Warfare 2 Guns so that when it rolls around, you're ready to try the new aftermarket parts.

I'm hoping that it absolutely changes the Modern Warfare 2 guns to be as good or better than Modern Warfare 3, because right now almost every Modern Warfare 2 gun is so slow and has so much recoil compared to Modern Warfare 3, so check out my article up here if you want to learn more about what's coming up in the new season 3 of Modern Warfare Zombies.

I go into detail on a lot of the rumors and the data mining that's going on, as well as the rebirth. Island is coming soon to War Zone, which I know isn't zombies, but I freaking love rebirth Island playing Resurgence. I will be playing that a lot, as well as liking and sharing this article.

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