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Ever since Call of Duty patched the infinite stash glitch, it's been a bit of a struggle on how to use my legendary items without getting penalized by a three-day crafting cooldown or having to grind for three or four rounds just to get a handful of legendary items. There really hasn't been a good solution until now.

I'm going to teach you how to go from literally zero items in your stash all the way to being able to use infinite, legendary items, and this method will work even if you already have 100 items in your stash and 200 items in your stash but you don't want to use them because you can't put anything else in there, so here's how to get infinite, legendary items to use in season 2 just days before season 2 reloaded launches.

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Dam Mods has a 5-star rating with thousands of reviews. The method works through crafting, duplicating, and a couple of tweaks in between. Let me show you what I mean. First, you want to craft what you want to keep, so I'm going to do scorcher case flawless ethereum. Of course, legendary ether tool, we'll go to our classified you got In the Ether blade case, you have the dog bone, the golden armor plate, and then for your perk.

Cola, obviously you want a Tombstone soda; it makes everything so much faster, and I'll show you what I mean a little bit later. Outside of this, it's really up to you if you want to craft anything else. I'll start by crafting the epic ether tool and the refined ethereum. This will allow me to use them to gain essence up front, so here is everything I have.

These are the things that I both want to use and duplicate, and I'll show you how to do that, and then these two are going to be used for the first round to get a bunch of essence. I'm not planning on duplicating these; let's get into it now. In the round, you're going to need to get at least 3, 000 essences.

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You can do that through a cargo delivery contract. If you didn't know, tears like this actually have anywhere between 2, 000 and 3, 000 essences. If you just follow the path that it puts you on, like I did when I ran a contract, you have plenty of money, really. Fast, make sure you buy a tombstone, and do not use any of the items in your rucksack because you want those to be duplicated in your tombstone.

Then you'll need a thousand Essences to activate the portal. Let me show you. You're going to head into this building, just across from the Act 4 portal, Kind of in the very center of the map right here. Go all the way through all the doors, up the first set of stairs, and back up the second set of stairs, and you're going to find this portal.

Now there's a specific code that you need to shoot in regular U-up arrow and then in backwards Q, as I like to call it, and then activate it for 1, 000 Essence. Don't get too close, or it'll suck you in. You're then going to run all the way back to the Act 4 portal. Now that you're back at the Act 4 portal, start it and just start sprinting.

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All the way back, just run past all the zombies. If you need more detail on how to do this Tombstone glitch, check out my article here, which goes through this whole process in much more detail through the courtyard. Back through the last door, up the first set of stairs, Up the second set of stairs and go through the portal that you activated, then turn to your right and sprint.

Now notice the time when it gets down to a 2-second vote. Yes, now the portal timer should be about 6 seconds when you go in. That's the perfect return to combat. Going, then the portal's going to hit right here. You're then going to see and hear the elimination sign. Here, the black screen quits right there, so you both died and set the portal.

Now that you have a tombstone and you've duplicated those items, let's jump to the next step. All right now, we are back in zombies. You can see all of the items that came out. We kept our insured weapon decoys, throwing knives, and everything else we kept, so what we're going to do here is a little bit different.

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Remember, right now we currently have zero stash—nothing in stash; it's all just purchases and rewards that we're not using. Store these in our stash now that we just duplicated them, so we want to take these two back and not use them so that we can then complete our tombstone with all nine legendary items.

We'll bring our Tombstone to drink and then our scorcher for much faster travel, then I'm just going to get rid of this ether. Tool, okay, so you can see we now have three items in our stash, so let's head back in with all of these things. Right here we go. We don't want to use the Flawless Ethereum Crystal or the legendary Eether Tool because we want to get those back in their next Tombstone, so we're going to use the scorcher case.

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Pop that thing out, pop that out, and then we're going to hit up our tombstone also. Okay, so now let's head over to the Tombstone soda. Before we do that, let's go rack up another couple thousand here. If you have a scorcher with any Pack-a-Punch at all, any tier one or tier 2 Bounty is effortless and just free Essence at that point, so I highly recommend just grabbing one of those to stack a couple thousand more Essence in your.

Tombstone, and that's game again; that's only Pack-a-Punch too. You can always do one charge like this across the tombstone, which allows you to take out everything, so we pull everything out of it. There, there you go, so you got all the items you went out of it. I guess if you really want to, you could pack that up, but you really don't need to, so head back.

So now this is what your inventory looks like. It's pretty freaking stacked. See, you got your tombstone soda and two gold ether tools. Two floss ethereum crystals, scorcher ether blade cases, dog bone golden armor plates, and Tombstone soda That's what our next tombstone is going to look like. Arrow backwards in Q, activate the portal, and we're out.

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Now throw one decoy. At this point, you don't need your scorch trick, CU. You need to run fast, so get ready to run fast, start it, and. Go, turn to your right, and get moving. Get ready to vote at two, hit your vote, and keep sprinting along this wall. 6 seconds of perfect timing every time There's all the items now that are in our tombstone, and all the items that we'll duplicate, die, black screen.

Quit; all these items have duplicated once again, as you can see here, and our tombstone has reset once again, so let's look at what's actually in our stash. Now we have three items with the ether blade, dog bone, and golden armor plate, this time just to save them in case something goes really weird or the game crashes.

NEW SOLO INFINITE LEGENDARY items Method and Tombstone Glitch Season 2 MW3 Zombies GLITCH.
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