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Deon, The new Rift is about to drop once again. It looks like it's going to be the zarqua. Hydroelectric, plant but the dark ether version looking like this I really enjoyed alaza as a map yes I understand war zone 2 mechanics were a big step back the map itself I quite liked everything about it I mean I could have really used a one-hot sniper and faster movement that would have changed the game dramatically, but it's coming back as a dark ether Rift which I think will be quite interesting because there's going to be so many little nooks crannies and chasms that typically makes it much harder if you notice the first dark ether Rift in my opinion was much more difficult not only because it had the ACV contract which was so ridiculous before you had the vr11, but also because there was so many small corridors inside the castle walls underneath the castle and everything in between that I found it to be quite difficult to just run around freely whereas the new dark ether Rift being wide open if you have a scorcher.

You kind of never feel too much in danger. Even when you're doing the missions, if you don't have a Scorch, it's a different story, so I think the Zarqua hydroelectric could be a good in-between at both being challenging—having a lot of small corridors, in between buildings, etc.—and having a little more open space for the water that's there.

We'll see what they do with the water either way, and either way, we're getting another dark ether rift. Not only that, they've also figured out the four likely golden items that you'll need to open this third dark ether rift. The toy giraffe The crayon, the laptop, and the journal will all be needed, so how do you get them?

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I don't know if we'll be there. Day one of season 2 reloaded, and we figured out maybe two or three hours after the release. The very first day we did it live on stream was so much fun, making for a great live stream. If you haven't checked out my live streams, go check them out, but it'll be interesting to learn how to find them and then how to actually convert them, then drop them on the pedestals, then open up the new portal.

We already have two in Tier 3. You have one on the south island and one on the north side of the hill. Where is the third dark ether Rift going to appear? I don't really know, but hold your freaking horses; this is what I am most excited about, and I know this is going to be super controversial.

Are you ready for this? There's been rumors that a PVP mode is coming where you would actually be fighting both boss zombies and other players like DMZ. But they've only been rumors, and they keep just getting shot down and shot down. I've shot them down because I didn't hear anything about it. They thought they were going to do it in season 2.

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I thought they were going to maybe talk about it; Season 2 reloaded, nothing, but the rumors are starting to build that there is going to be a new PVP mode, as you can see here. PVP, grief, meaning it's a completely separate mode from the normal, which is good. This is exactly what I've said for the last month or two.

What they should do is bring a PVP DMZ style mode into zombies, but make it a completely separate map that you have to select. So if you're a casual player that just loves to plunder, kill zombies, and just kind of chill with your buddies, you can still do that, but if you want to sweat a little bit and if you want to make other people's lives miserable, select the PVP mode.

Now this is only a rumor, but you can see there's actually a graphic for it and a name for it, and detonated tends to be pretty accurate on their mining predictions. This is looking promising, and I'm very, very interested in it. Imagine being able to fight zombie bosses, Warlords, and Tier 3 zombies all while having a lookout for other players that, by the way, would not be appearing on your giant map or your mini map.

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I'm in; we already have fought K's and Doabe, two different warlords. It looks like Rainmaker is likely the next in a doubt of mine that I talked about. Two or three months ago, there was a whole list of different warlords. We'll see how many actually come or not. The idea is that in PvP, these upcoming warlords will actually give you different pieces that will help unlock a new weapons case, etc., or something like that, so you got a beret from Legacy, a chemist mask from K's, a vest from Rain Maker, and a mod from Doabe.

Of all the new rumors, this is the one that makes me the most sad and a little concerned for the future of zombies moving forward, before the new Call of Duty releases. I know about the new Call of Duty releases. Most likely, Black Ops Gulf War will see they're going to have massive zombie modes because Treyarch will be back in full swing, so I'm not really too concerned about what's to come down the road.

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I am concerned about the next five or six months. Are they kind of giving up on zombies? Let's talk more about that. No new perks or enemies are planned for Modern Warfare 3 zombies. Before season 2 came out, there were rumors of Electric Cherry Mu Kick Widows, wine, and other perks likely coming to Modern Warfare Zombies, but this.

This seems like a bad sign that they're not creating or even bringing back old enemies from other zombie games. They're not adding new perks. To me, this is a very clear sign of the hard work and effort in Zombies for this version. The new Call of Duty release is kind of done. They're just going to rebrand old maps and call them dark ethers.

Make a cool rift. Kind of make a new story mission, although the last dark ether Rift felt more like it was just a normal mission. That happened to have a named, you know, big mangler at the end, but none of that felt new or like they invested time or really put thought into how we wanted the story to go and what this new enemy could be and what its attacks were like; they're just reskinning and increasing armor on already existing zombie elites.

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I'm a little concerned about this because no new perks are coming and no new enemies are planned at all. Even though they have a bunch of enemies and bosses to draw from the past, my guess is they're saving them for the new Call of Duty game. They're going to re-release all these big bosses, they're going to invent a couple new ones, and they're going to go all out.

Maybe that's a better thing. In the long run, we'll see. You know how I feel about this. The very last thing I wanted to cover were these different features that have been found in the data mining for Modern Warfare Zombies. It's possible that these are just leftovers from the pre-existing DMZ that this was built on, but dead drops Locker xfill balloon Citadel, portable buy weapons Locker defib machine decontamination, station black sites ATMs, all those will they come I don't know.

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