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We have been waiting months for this, and finally, Modern Warfare Zombies has new season 2 reloaded content that includes new schematics. New missions, new map areas, and a brand new giant, dark Ether Portal are to open. That's right, like the last Easter egg from season 1, we now have a season 2 brand new dark Ether Portal that you have to do through a massive Easter egg and zombies.

I'm going to teach you how to get all four items, how to make all of them gold, and how to do it solo. This will allow you to unlock all three of the new schematics. Check it out first before gearing up. Pack-a-Punch Get all your perks, etc. Keep in mind that the story Mission Dark Eternity is only tier 2 zombies, so they're not terribly hard.

I highly recommend getting a Pack-A-Punch scorcher for mobility, as you do need to cover a lot of ground in a relatively short amount of time. But once you have all those, head over to the anomaly, the first little Rift here, and activate its vote. Yes, and you'll see the portal. Here, once it loads up and you're inside.

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I recommend running through the complete story Mission first, but you don't yet, so you're going to have to do an ACV escort contract where a bunch of things happen along the way like this: kill a big scary Mimic, and you'll then go to a gigantic infested nest inside the mall. There are 15 different spores you have to find when you need to refill your gas mask underneath the escalators.

There's an ammo box that you can use every minute, so make sure you use that and do not run out of your gas mask. Once that's done, you'll continue to escort the ACV all the way to the stage where you activate a PND, and of course you have to defend the grounds like you always do. As you get closer to completing this, there'll be a whole cinematic that happens here, and that cinematic will lead to a big bad boss.

It's just a giant, overpowered mangler. You just shoot him for a while until he dies. He's pretty easy, honestly. Now, once he dies, this is where it gets exciting. Boom, the first gold item is the drum. This is like the gold journal from the first dark ether Rift, so take that, and now we're going to go collect the other three items that's actually in this same dark ether right now.

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Go to D5 in the center of the ship, and you'll find this first. Obelisk activates this, and you'll see an instakill spawn right next to you here. Now switch over to your fists, and you have to beat down all these zombies in order to get the souls from them, but you got instakilled, so it's no. Boom, and there's your first MMA glove.

Yay! Now head over to E3 behind the stadium, and you'll find your second Obelisk here. In this one, you just have to get critical kills or head shots for the souls to count, which is not difficult at all. Let's wait for them to come. I actually recommend not bringing a dog into here because they steal all the kills; it's kind of annoying, so that happens real fast, and here's your third object, Boom, the perforated target.

So now you have three for the pristine mirror. Head over to I8 in the southeast corner. Now this one is probably the hardest one. Once you activate the seal, you're going to need different ammo types and kill them in that ring. You're first going to need Nayal Burst. If you don't have it, you can find it right here, but notice that the outer ring of the circle is fire.

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That's how you know it's Napal burst, and you see all their souls are going up to the orb just like the other obelisks, but then it changes here, and you can see to cryofreeze, so now go back, find cryofreeze, and pull that one off the obelisk. It's important to do them in order because if you mess up the order, you have to restart.

That's why I'm so low on time here, so now destroy all the zombies inside that ring with cryofreeze ammo. Now you'll see the circle change color again from cryo into lightning here, so you can go back and find dead wire, use the same process, and pick it up. As you can see, we have seconds left. I'm literally dying from the gas, so get those last Brain Rock kills.

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Look at my health; it's so low. Boom, but we got it, so I'm trying to grab it quickly before we get knocked. Boom, got it seconds before literal seconds before you now have all four gold items xfilled from the new dark ether, so go back either get them out of your tombstone if you died like me or more than likely just bring them back in the round from the successful xfilled for the gold mirror.

You're going to need to go to the graveyard anyway and offer The unattuned relic, and you're going to get this guy that is invulnerable but will have a color. The color will change, but this time it's green, signifying brain rot, so you can go up to this sparkly tower in the graveyard, go find brain rot if you don't already have it equipped, acquire brain rot, and then go back and attack him, and this is what happens.

Boom, he's dead, and look what he drops! We have the old gold mirror. Heck yeah, if you screw it up, you'll find the pristine mirror around the corner, and you can try again. Moving on to the next one, now head over to F7 for the MMA gloves and how to get them gold. You're going to find a boxing ring inside.

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The unattuned relic is here. You notice three large punching bags here. Punch them all till they all catch on. Fire, and super Mike Tyson shows up. I wish it were how great that would be for real, though the actual super Mike Tyson No, it's just this, but you can't shoot him obviously, so you got to lure him into the ring and give him a little rope.

Dope Bob and weave float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, take him out by punching him out in the ring, and that's what you get. Baby Bros We have gold gloves. We got gold gloves, Lastly, head to H8 to the shooting range for the perforated, Target off for the unattuned relic, and there's going to be eight different targets here.

Ignore my terrible aim; that's one, two, three, eventually. Target, we got all four of them. We have all four of them now that you have all four gold items. Head to the gigantic tornado on the north side of Tier 3 if you can't find that this guide will not work for you if you haven't already stock up on whatever perks I recommend the good old Speed Cola Juggernaut.

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Deadshot D., PhD. You know the usual, but honestly, this boss is not as hard as the previous one. Now you're going to put the pristine mirror on this pedestal up at the top of the mountain, and then you have the rift pedestal here where you put the drum. You can just match the icons. It's not hard; those are the MMA gloves, and then in the very back, it's kind of sneaky where it's at.

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