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Today we're back with another Modern Warfare 3 article, as you guys can see, and we're going to be going ahead. We're going to be going into the Tier 3 Zone, and I'm going to be showing you guys all of the updated, safe areas in the Tier 3 Zone. Now you guys may want to use these safe areas if you want to go AFK.

So if you need to go to the toilet, maybe you guys need to answer your door, collect your food, or something like that. You guys can go ahead and get in one of these safe areas, and rest assured that the zombies won't kill you when you are there now. As I said today. I will go ahead and find the new locations for you and show you all of them in one article, so without wasting any time, let's just head straight into the Tier 3 Zone and let's get on to the locations.

This is going to be the first location I'm going to be showing you guys; it's going to be the radio tower in the Tier 3 zone, so on the map. I'm pretty sure you guys know where this is already, but on the map, it's right here now. This location is not 100% safe because even though you are this high up, the zombies somehow can still throw meat, and the meat will still hit you sometimes in this location.

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Now, it is really rare that you will go down, but I have seen people go down from this location. I personally haven't, but I do know that people have gone down, so do be very careful when you get up here it's also a really good location to come simply because you guys do have this portal key so if you guys type this portal key into any of the portals around the map you guys will teleport, right here and then from here you guys can literally fly to any of these contracts in the tier three Zone you can pretty much fly to anywhere in the tier three Zone from this location so it's also a really good location to start your run from as well and to go AFK.

So this is going to be the first location that I show you guys, and as you guys can see. I have been up here for quite a while, and we still haven't had any meat getting thrown from the zombies, so as I said, it's not 100% safe, but it is quite rare that you will go down by the zombies, so that is going to be the first spot.


Now the second spot that I'm going to be showing you guys is right here, so as you guys can see, let me just show you where it is on the map. It's this building, right here next to the bus station. Now I did show you guys this one before, and this is one that still works, and it's still one of my favorite locations to come now.

Obviously, if you do have a squat, it's going to make getting into this building a lot easier. But if you guys don't have a squat CH. I'm going to be going ahead and showing you exactly how to get into this location anyway, and all you guys want to do is bring them up through this building, right?

here, Just run upstairs. Go into this room and climb up the ladder. Come through here, and then you want to hop across to this building. And a really good place to go. So the next building that I'm going to be showing you guys is this building right here, so if you have a squat chart, it's really easy to do.


We have mangl trying to shoot us now. Normally, you will get a Mega Abomination that spawns right over there, and sometimes you get a Mega Abomination that spawns over there as well. This is the location for a mimic spawn, and it's also a location for a mangler spawn and a disciple spawn that normally spawn there.

So in this location, we get a lot of action sometimes, so having this location that you guys know that you can get to kind of break contact with all of those zombies Let's just say you're getting swamped by a megaabomination and a whole heap of HVTs. You guys can get on top of this building and do some crowd control without them being able to kill you.

If you don't have a squat chart, it's really easy to get to this building. All you have to do is go to this building, climb up that ladder right there, and then obviously that will put you here, and then once you guys get up here, all you have to do is just run. Jump and glide, and then cut your parachute, and then that's how you get to this building.

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If you guys don't have a scorcher, you just have to pretty much go over there, climb up that ladder, and you'll be able to get here as simply as that really good location. In my opinion, make sure you guys use it. As I said, it's really good for crowd control, and there's a lot of stuff that happens in this area.

I think the number one location for this area has to be this escavator. Guys, all you have to do is crawl and go underneath, and you're safe from everything. Now this has been like this since season 1, and they haven't patched it with season 2, and it's just absolutely amazing. You guys can just walk into this glitch anytime you want and just be safe from all the zombies, and you guys can go ahead and take them out.

Just like that, another really good location. In my opinion, I'd highly suggest you guys use it while it's here. It's really great to do, and it's a really great location to go AFK if you need to, so let me just take these guys out so I can go ahead and show you guys how to get up here. If I hop down, all you guys need to do to get up here is literally jump on this little side ledge.

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Hop up on there; sometimes you might have to hop up a few times, and then you can jump up on the roof just like that, and they all get stuck. Just there, it's really easy to do, and all of you will be able to do it, and as I said, it's a really good location to go. They will throw meat, so if you are worried about meat, just hop over to this second part of the building, lay right here underneath this ledge, and no meat will hit you.

I promise you, that is a really good location to use, and it's one that I use when I do need to go AFK, in the Tier 3 zone, so this is the next location. To not go down, guys, another location that I'm quickly going to show you guys is going to be on top of this building. Now all of these buildings around here are safe, so I'm going to show you all of the buildings.

I'm not going to go to every single one of them because I have done that previously, and all of these buildings still do work, which is really good, so this building actually works. this building works, this building works. This one and every other building does not work, so this building doesn't work.

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This building doesn't work. These ones around the side—none of them work—okay, it's only these ones in the center. Now there most definitely are a few other locations that you guys can use to kind of huddle up zombies and stuff like that, but I really only want to show you guys the best AFK spots to use.

MW3 Zombies TIER 3 ZONE Made EASY When Using These SAFE AREA! MWZ AFK SPOTS EASY SCHEMATIC GRINDING Modern Warfare Zombies Season 2.
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