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We got the tombstone. We have the freaking tombstone. That's right, the Tombstone glitch has been cracked by the Modern Warfare Zombies Community once again. It doesn't matter how hard Call of Duty tries to get rid of this glitch that makes the game more fun; we, as a zombie community, will find a way around it.

Last time I checked, there was a little bit of a problem with, I don't know, hacking. In War Zone, a PVP game, I'm just saying on the side there's some bigger fish to fry. I'm going to show you how to do this tombstone glitch. I'm going to talk about the pros and cons of this one versus previous ones, as well as specific techniques.

You'll need to get down to make this happen. Let's get to it, but first, a quick word from this article sponsor: If you don't have the time to unlock everything and need assistance in your favorite games like Call of Duty. Fortnite. Grand Theft Auto 5, and more, then our sponsor Dam Mods is the place for you.

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They offer all camo unlocks. zombie schematics, bot lobbies, and more Dam Mods has a 5-star rating with thousands of reviews. The only thing you need for sure for this glitch to work is a scorcher. You absolutely cannot do this glitch without it. I also recommend bringing a flawless ethereum crystal, or even a level one or level two pack-a-punch crystal, which will work the same as a tombstone.

Soda will also speed up the process, although you can always get essence, buy one, and then take in whatever items you want to duplicate. This glitch can occur with a small, medium, or large Ru sack, but I recommend learning this glitch with a small first, then moving over to your large Ru sack operator.

If you already have a tombstone that has a scorcher in it, still bring another one, or ideally, bring in two scorchers. On your first try, you're going to need to duplicate scorchers to do this process over and over again, so it's very beneficial that way you can leave one in your tombstone. It's also a great place if you're looking to find a squad; that's where you want to be.

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Bring a weapon as well, because I want to show you some things with the weapon. Huge thanks to Silent 9; he was the original person who found this glitch. His channel is in the description below. Once you get in the match, go and pop that scorcher open, and then you're going to use your floss ethereum crystal to get it up to Pack-A-Punch.

It doesn't matter what level you're at. You could also just get 5, 000 Essence and buy one, then drink your Tombstone soda, so you're ready now to set up the tombstone if you already have one. Make sure that you fully break down that Tombstone first, like in every other Tombstone glitch we've ever done, so now you have your scorcher.

You've got it. Pack-a-Punch, Tombstone Drink and empty your tombstone if you already have one. Now we need to learn the specific scorcher technique to move as fast as you possibly can to complete this Tombstone glitch. All right now, let me show you the right way and the wrong way to use the scorcher, and you have to learn this method in order to do this Tombstone.

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Glitch, you go up one go up a second time, and you're going to go up a third time, and you do have to have Pack-a-Punch for this to work; it will not work without Pack-a-Punch, and you're forward, you're going to pull your suit all right now. The wrong way would be to just hold it and make another five charges.

You can see we start at 18, boom, it's going to jump to 13, and now we do get good momentum forward. The other method is that when you pull your shoot, it stops all your forward momentum, and then you have to reset that, and this will not get you far enough to complete this glitch. This will all make sense in a second, and eventually you will land.

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So the other method is this same type of thing: I'm going to charge up fully straight up in the air. Don't let go. I'm going to do three full charges, two, and three, so all that's the same. Still going forward, all this is the same. Wait for the apex to hit about there. Pull your shoot now cut your shoot real quick now you're just going to charge it to 70 now to do this forward boost without jumping back into the parachute you only want to use three of your scorcher ammo, not five if you use five it'll go back to that falling animation you have to pull your shoot and you'll slow way down so three or about 70% on the scorcher screen is going to do it every single time, and if you wait a little bit for it to recharge three, four, five.

So this is the method you're going to need to use. Use it; that's it. You've practiced the scorcher technique and got it down. Now let's actually do the glitch. This glitch is where things get interesting. The idea behind it is that you're going to go through the bad signal portal, but instead of drowning, which has now been patched, you're going to activate the portal.

Get all the way to the outof bounds area on the map so that we can both die from going out of bounds and activate the portal you want to face this direction. We're using the Act 4 portal, and you're going to head right for the very tip that you'll see my green mark on clearing out any zombies that are in your way because they can block you and kind of mess up the timing.

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Now let your scorcher charge all the way to 20. Once it's at 20, you're going to activate the portal and do your boost. There's one boost, two boosts, and the good old three boosts, and you're then going to pull your parachute and cut it, and now do your boost to 70, or only using three of your ammo for charging, you're going to start flying.

Forward notice I have not voted yet. That's very important. On that last boost, we're going to vote right at one. Keep going until you're all the way out of bounds. See that green mark right there that's right on the edge of the map; it's the closest out-of-bounds section. Now the portal's going to hit right about here if you get the timing, and then you also get Boom Squad eliminated.

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Quit immediately, or alt-f4 on PC, Xbox, or Playstation. Just make sure to quit the app right there. Now, what did Call of Duty do to patch the drowning portal method that we've been using in season 2? You can see this article if you want to know what I'm talking about. Although that's void now since they patched it, they made it so if you drown and die, it automatically cancels the portal, or if you go through the portal, it automatically cancels the death, but by using this method, if you die going out of bounds, it'll trigger both the portal and your death, which is how you set your tombstone and safely fill it with all your items.

NEW SOLO Tombstone Duplication Glitch SEASON 2 AFTER PATCH MW3 Zombies.
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