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At last, we have cracked another tombstone glitch, and this one is very helpful. Probably one of the most requested methods since season 2 reloaded has been how you go into the dark ether as a team and keep your tombstones. This has become even more important since there is no infinite stash glitch that is working consistently to keep those items so that you can keep using them over and over and over again.

Not only did we figure out the dark ether Tombstone team glitch where you can do it with more than one person in the same round, there's also two other massive benefits that come with it, and I'll tell you about those in just a minute. Let's get into it, but first, a quick word from our sponsor: if you don't have the time to unlock everything and need assistance in your favorite games like Call of Duty.

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Let me tell you about them. So once you're in the dark ether, your tombstone is already set from the previous round, so you can use any items in your rucksack or any items that you find if you want. That's totally fine; that won't affect your tombstone because you're not resetting another one here.

Second, anything you find together in a squad. You can xfill with schematics, so you can xfill with those schematics. You could use xfill to unlock any of those xfills with any items that you find. Together, both your tombstones will still be set, and lastly, I know this is a concern for a lot of you.

You'll also keep all of your essence, so if you have Max Essence or 100, 000, 200, 000 Essence in your tombstone, that will remain for both of you as well when you do this glitch correctly. Now let me show you how to actually do the glitch. You'll need three things to make this glitch work: an Elder Signature, a Tombstone Soda, or 2, 000 Essence to find and drink a tombstone.

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And, of course, a scorcher with a pack-a-punch. Now, your buddy. I also recommend them having a scorcher with Pack-a-Punch, but they don't have to; they're going to go all the way north to this spot on the map right in the middle, and wait for you now to see the real challenge of the person that stays back to actually activate the Elder sigil or sigil.

Now this is similar to going to a method way back in season 2, one of the first out-of-bounds methods, discovered. But we're going to use this method mixed with a team, so there you go; there's myself. There's my buddy, almost to the very edge. Wait till they get there, and obviously have them communicate where they're at, so once they say, Hey, I've already touched the boundary, I see the timer, and they're ready to go.

Now you're going to activate it, so boost, Activate as late as possible and boost one more time. Face that direction. Pull the shoot, rip it, and then start doing the 70% boost. This is called Superman. You guys have seen this glitch a bunch of times. If you haven't, it's not hard to do. Just hold it for a little bit.

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Notice my buddy's already voted. At this point, there's only one vote needed, so the person with the scorcher flying super fast is going to do the second vote because it's much easier. Now, when you're about this close, you're going to pull up your map vote. Yes, and the goal is to go to bounds right about 7 seconds, or when seven is turning into six, and your buddy on the ground will do the same thing.

As soon as they see those 7 seconds, they also go to the bounds portal. Boom, you get eliminated. That's what you're looking for, sir. now My Discord and I have tested this a ton, and it needs to be at s or seven, just going into 6 seconds if you wait till 6 or going into five typically. Both tombstones don't set now; when you're ready to leave, just xfill like normal through the portal, and you will get a successful xfill.

Anything that you do in the dark ether, any items or schematics that you carry out, will unlock. You can see that even the containment level goes up, as do all the items that you actually went away with in XP. All that will count, so now you can do a tombstone with your buddy and Xville. Successfully, And get the new schematics if you haven't already.

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If you also want the new schematics, go down to our Discord. We give them away for free. It might take some time, but just go join our Discord and let them know. Hey, I'm looking for these specific schematics, or more importantly, if you're looking to find a squad, we have almost 10,000 members in our Discord.

Amazing people are in there. If you want to play, no matter what skill level you're at, just go ask to join our Discord. As you can see, all your items are there. Your insured weapon is still there. Everything but the ether blade will leave because that will leave because you successfully filled it.

But when you head back in, both players have their Tombstone. Now, huge thanks to my buddy Chris in Discord for putting a ton of time into this and providing this recording. Both tombstones are still there; you could go run through the dark ether again if you wanted to. One last thing that I forgot to mention is that there's a couple weird things with this glitch.

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The first thing is that we cannot get it to work with two PC players; we can get it to work with console players and with one PC player and a console player, but when we get two PC players for some reason, we cannot get that to work. It might be a weird timing thing; I'm not sure. The other thing is that we've only been able to get it done with two people when we do it with three people and try the same method.

Even though we seem to get the timing perfect all three of us together, it always randomly chooses only one person to get the tombstone when they come back, so only one out of the three will have it when they return, and it's not always the PC player, the Xbox, or the PlayStation player. It's just one of those randomly chosen, so we're still working on this.

I'm always open to new things. Also, head over to {673} to get your limited edition merchandise. When it's out, it's out. Come and get it. We got a new Tombstone shirt sweatshirt.

NEW Tombstone Duplication Glitch TEAM in DARK AETHER SEASON 2 Reloaded MW3 Zombies | Elder Sigil.
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