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Today I'm going to show you how to successfully fill while keeping your tombstone, which means you can unlock schematics and unlock camos without ever losing your tombstone. In season 2 reloaded post patch, check it out, but first, a quick word from our sponsor: if you don't have the time to unlock everything and need assistance in your favorite games like Call of Duty.

Fortnite. Grand Theft Auto 5, and more, then our sponsor Dam Mods is the place for you. They offer all camo unlocks, zombie schematics, bot lobbies, and more. Dam Mods has a 5-star rating with thousands of reviews. Which unlocks a couple of really unique things, meaning you can put a schematic in your tombstone.

When you get the schematic, instead of filling the die with Tombstone soda, use this method so you can share it with a friend, or you can also unlock the camos where you need to fill and keep your Tombstone essence. Etc now that I've already set up my first tombstone with these items, you can pick any items that you want to recreate.

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By the way, the mag-holding is amazing with the right gun. I mean, try the new Haymaker with the slugs and mags of holding. Crazy powerful is literally the best weapon in the game, minus one weapon, which is actually the best weapon literally ever, and I'll talk about that a little bit later. You can bring in whatever you want to copy, but I recommend bringing it to Tombstone Soda to make it faster, and right here, let me move my camera.

Is the only essential one, I would say, if you're doing sigil or elder sigil. Make sure that you bring one in and that you've already duplicated one on your tombstone. That way, you can run it over and over again if you want to. If you just want to run it once, then just have one, and that's fine.

You'll also need to bring a scorcher and the ability to pack-a-punch it with an ether crystal or some essence to pack-a-punch it. If you want to bring in a regular weapon, I also recommend having a mortar strike or a juggernaut so you can run faster while not holding your weapon. Now we have everything that we need.

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You can bring a gun because you won't lose it. Let's head in, and I'll show you how to do the glitch. Now if you already have your Tombstone, go ahead and get your scorcher out and just fly on over there. If you're setting up a tombstone, all you need to do is get your 3, 000 Essence; that's 2, 000 to buy a tombstone and 1, 000 to go through the portal; otherwise, head straight for the tombstone right now.

Once you're at your tombstone, empty anything out that you don't want. We're just going to equip all this stuff because we can. You might as well pop that out, because why not grab all this? stuff, Now if you haven't already opened up this new dark Ether Portal for the sigils, I have a full article on it right up here.

Please check that out; it's a full guide on how to do it, even solo. So once you're at the portal, you're going to head over to this location. On the map right here in F5 Five, that is the portal we're going to use to set up our tombstone in the dark ether, which allows us to successfully fill while keeping a tombstone.

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Head on over here. Hey, little buddy, okay, if you didn't believe me about the Jack purifier, let me prove my point. Go watch the article. Switch this back and grab some armor plates. Here's what you're going to do: here you're going to go to the portal, stop it going to go, and stop it up. Arrow in backwards q u up Arrow backwards in/Q, open the portal, and get the heck out of there.

Use your scorcher to fly. Back now, I am using a sigil, not an elder sigil, so you're going to be on the front side of the portal. Go up once you should activate in the air, go up twice, pull your shot, cut it real quick, and then boost. One, and then you're going to do a half-boost like that, so just up to 70 on the screen, up to about 50 on the screen, she gets you right where you want to be like this, and then I pull out my Juggernaut or my Mort strike to run.

Faster, wait till it gets down to one here, and vote. Yes, now you should go in right when it hits six right here. So when it's on six, go out of bounds, and you've done it, so you already drank your Tombstone and did all the things now. Watch What happens here when you go in at six portal hits?

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So we're going to dark ether, then you die, then the portal goes in, so now you could quit here. Normally, if you're just trying to do Tombstone and that works fine to reset the tombstone, keep your essence and all that stuff, but now we'll. Wait, all right now, we are in the dark ether. You can see we still have all of these items, but now we're going to leave, so you could run the contracts.

You could do whatever you want. If you need to unlock the new schematics, go to the Elder Sigil and do it. Now we're going to head over to the boundary. Here is where one of the X fills is. I should say there's two X fills. Technically, there you go. That's where we're. Going, let's say you're using the Elder sigil and you unlock a couple schematics instead of X filling with them immediately like this.

You can actually die to set up another tombstone, right? Drink your Tombstone Die Normal, which will set up a tombstone. You then have those schematics to share with your friends whenever you want, so if a friend is sharing them with you, you can put them in your tombstone, and then you can use this method to fill them successfully.

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You can actually use any items in your inventory, spend any money on anything, and it will not affect your Tombstone because that was already set before we got in here. If you want to, you can also take them out and then keep them in your rucksack, so then you have your rucksack to use and your Tombstone the following round, so let's take what we got here and, xfill, come.

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On, and there you go you have your normal xfill all that stuff everything clicks through this will unlock camos for you this will also unlock schematics for you and then when you head back in you'll notice that there is a tombstone still with all the things that you left the normal world with now that was from another xfill but sometimes this glitch happens where it just gets stuck on this screen and says still in match don't worry the xill still count schematic still unlock, and your camos will still unlock items saved all that it's just a visual glitch so don't worry if it does this also, and as you can see, everything is unlocked you got blood burner you got mags of holding, and you have the good old VR 11 case, and let me show you that the tombstone still.

Tombstone Duplication Glitch Successfully Exfil Schematics and Camos Season 2 Reloaded | MW3 Zombies.
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