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So I just had a pretty crazy run inside the Elder Dark Eternity, and I wanted to share this with you guys because I think this is a strategy that anybody can do. Maybe if you guys are still missing a couple of those schematics, this is definitely something that you guys can do to make that pretty easy, and it doesn't even matter if any weapons end up getting nerfed because we're not even really going to end up using any.

For this run, we're going to be going into the new Elder Dark Eternity completely solo with nothing but a knife and a bunch of decoys, and we're also going to be bringing in a jug just so we can take care of that HVT. I appreciate everybody who's watching the article today. I set a huge goal of 20, 000 subscribers that I want to hit by the end of summer, and so far we are just absolutely smashing it, guys.


Now that the setup for this is going to be extremely simple, I would advise you guys to do a few contracts. And just get all of your perks you can either do one of two things you can either bring in whatever boss killer that you are most comfortable with or you can grab a jug suit and that can easily take care of this hvt, as well the most crucial part about doing this whole thing is going to be actually filling up your backpack completely full of decoys, now you can't just stand at the ammo refill station and drop one decoy, and stow it in your backpack and then refill, and then just rinse and repeat until you got a backpack full but what I like to do is kind of travel around the map like while I'm doing contracts, and I'll just hit one ammo station when I get close to them just so that way I'm not wasting a bunch of time standing, around one of these things What do you know?

To my surprise, we actually ended up getting a mimic now nine times out of 10, and whenever I come in here, I always get that Mega Abomination. So if I had known that it was going to be a mimic, I probably just would have pack-a-punched. I took this knife and put a nice ether tool on it, and I tried to do it that way.

Using this jug definitely saved us quite a bit of hassle, and we'll just clear out a few of these zombies while we're in this thing. Why the hell isn't the loop pulling from this one? It wasn't too bad; we ended up getting that blood burner key schematic, plus the blood burner keys, and we got another Elder sigil, so I'm definitely going to be taking those so I can come back in here now.


This is where things in this match took a kind of interesting turn for me. I was trying to get my stuff out of this rift. There were just so many zombies around me that they ended up finally putting me down, but luckily I did bring in two self-revivals. I noticed something strange when I got up.

I wasn't carrying my knife anymore. I went around and looked around on the ground where I went down, and I just honestly couldn't find it now. This might just be a glitch that is tied to, like, the melee weapons. I know we've had kind of similar glitches, like with the akimbo and pistols; they have like that effect where if you switch the weapons, the effects will finally actually go away, like the flames and stuff like that.


This is the first time that I've had this happen, so I don't know if maybe your other weapons might have a chance of disappearing. If you go down here now that we've got this HVT, we're going to hit this rift so we can jump easily on top of the mall and grab this next bunny for our next contract. We've only ended up using a couple of those decoys so far, so we are completely set up for this thing as well.

Mwz, Hub i just updated their site with the brand new dark ether. If you guys are curious on how to find anything here inside of the dark ether, maybe if you're looking for those bunny contracts, maybe if you're looking for any safe locations, or maybe if you want to know how to start that Easter egg.

I'm going to throw up this map on the screen right here, which is going to show you guys exactly where everything is, and if you guys do go over to their site, their maps are fully interactable, and you can pick and choose whatever it is that you want to see. A big shout out to Mwz, Hub, and others for putting together these maps.


I'm not going to lie to you guys about when I was doing these ether extractor contracts. I really kind of felt like I was having to Bob and weave quite a bit because I was getting smacked around a little bit. One of the harder things about doing this strategy is that you're going to have to constantly be opening up your backpack and re-equipping those decoys when you run out.

I would say that if you guys are confident in your movement, this has got to be one of the easier strategies that you can use. Well, I swear to God, I'm going to just stop saying stuff like that because these things keep glitching out on me now, and it never ceases to amaze me how random this game can actually be.

Sometimes it really doesn't matter if certain things worked for you a certain way 50 times if you come back in. I guarantee that on your 51st, it's going to be different for some reason, like taking the HVT. Here, for example, I could swear that, at least for the first 20 times that I came into the dark ether, I got the mega-abomination.


Every single time, so for a while there. I thought it was the only one that you could get, but then eventually I started seeing the other HVTs. Pop up, and I was like, That's why sometimes I try to be very careful about some of the information that I put out about this game because it doesn't matter if I've done something 99.

times, and it was the same every single time for some reason. I could come back in on my H 100th time, and it'll be different now that we are over on our way into the holdout mission and we're going to stop off at this ammo refill station. I didn't get too much out of that last contract, but we did get some blood burner keys, and I do like that bike.

I don't know if you guys just saw the short that I just recently put out, but that thing can actually drive underneath the water if you nose dive it just right. Then you can just sit underneath there without taking any damage, and the zombies can't get to you. It's actually kind of nice to get this P&D started.


Now, I'm not sure if you guys have seen some of my other articles that were kind of similar to this. I have kind of figured out a method with these holdout missions without a gun, especially since this is the elder dark ether we're going to end up with a lot of zombies in here, especially since we're not going to be taking care of any of them.

Today we go into the new dark aether in MW3 Zombies with nothing but a knife. I appreciate all the support everyone! - Ghost. Membership Link.
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