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Today I want to talk about a gun that not a lot of people are talking about here on the zombie side of things, and I'm not kidding when I say this, guys. This little pistol can definitely be compared to things like the flamethrower or the new SMG. Yeah, it's that powerful. We're going to be looking at the Retti with the conversion kit.

We're so close to 15, 000 subscribers. We're going to be testing this thing all over the red-tier zone, and then we're going to be going on into the dark ether, but really quick, I want to give a huge shout-out to today's sponsor. Shout out to Dam Mods for sponsoring today's article. Whether you're tired of getting Shadow Band on War Zone or you really want to unlock that bore Alis Camo and Modern Warfare Zombies, damn mods has completely got you covered.

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As you guys could tell, we came in here with a legendary ether tool and a flawless crystal. I needed to get this thing absolutely as powerful as I could get it, because right now this thing is absolutely broken in the war zone. Most of the time, whatever is really going on there isn't really the same over in zombies.

At least nine times out of 10, that's the case, but not with this thing. This thing is a little demon. Unfortunately. I didn't have a scorcher case right now, so I got really lucky to find that rift at the very beginning of the match that flew us straight out into the red-tier zone, and I immediately wanted to try this thing out, and my guys, this retti with the conversion kit is absolutely insane.

Right now, with the conversion kit, it's going to turn this pistol into more of a little SMG, especially once you put that Mega holding on it. This little pistol is one of the best weapons to use in the game right now, but as you can see, once I got my perks here, that's when it really started to click into me.


I was like, Yeah, this thing's a little OP. I'm already taking out these manglers and the disciples that are just walking around the map regularly, but once we even got this hvt, here I was able to take this guy off the map pretty damn fast as well. This was the guy who finally ended up dropping us a sigil.

I don't know about you guys, but I've been out here in the red-tier zone farming these contracts a lot in the last couple of days, and I've been rarely finding any signs. I don't know if they decreased the drop rate on those or whatnot. Even when we went into the dark ether after completing all three of the contracts, I didn't get another Elder sigil either, so man, come on, look at this disciple coming up here.

He just absolutely stands. No chance the reason we came down here is because now I want to kill a mega-abomination, and if you stand on top of this little shack down here, that's going to make it, so he tries to shoot you with those beams a lot. You should be able to take care of these guys pretty easily.


This retti is just absolutely tearing through this Mega Abomination, I would say almost as fast as the new SMG. If not just as fast, one thing that really stands out, like the new SMG and this retti, is that they're both really good universal guns with everything; they're great at killing zombies; they're great at killing bosses; they're just all around really good weapons.

The movement and handling on both of them are really nice too, which I think should definitely be a big factor, and from what I can tell, this is definitely going to be on the list of the top seven best weapons to use in season 3. Just where is it going to be placed? Well, you guys are going to have to watch that one and find out what happens next.

We ended up getting an HVT on another mega-abomination. And this guy, I'm not going to lie, was being an absolute pain. Yeah, he had no problem trying to shoot those beams at me repeatedly, but he refused to get any closer, plus I had a bunch of zombies around me just hucking chunks of meat at me, so it just wasn't.


It was really a good experience, but we were definitely finally able to get the job done on this guy. This little pistol is just crazy. My initial thoughts for today were going to be to make a new article on the new sniper rifle, but I'm really glad that I went this way and tried this thing, because I don't know from everything that I've seen on the new sniper rifle so far.

I just really wasn't too excited to use it. Don't worry, I'm still going to want to get that Borealis camo on it, so we're definitely still going to be using it in here, and I might make a article on it. So now we are here in the dark ether, and I was heading over to get my very first contract, and I wanted to show this to you guys if you see these little crates that are sitting around.

Two things that are going to be spawning in those little crates around inside the dark ether are going to be plates and self-revivals, which in this match I was definitely fighting for. We finally grabbed our bunny contract, and what do you know? Of course, we got the damn Mega Abomination. Recently, I just kept getting the Mega Abomination.


All the time, I've rarely gotten those ones; I've maybe gotten them a handful of times we were able to pop off the first head off this hvt. Pretty easy, but I was just being swarmed by so many zombies, and I could have swore I popped my ether shroud in time, but apparently not because we ended up going down, which does bring me to my next question.

I feel like there's more of them when I'm doing these contracts, like this isn't even the Elder, and I feel like I'm being overrun. Maybe somebody somewhere is actually kind of listening to us, and they're like, You know what they thought? Our new dark ether was a little too easy. All right, we'll crank it up a little bit.

I know that happened with the first dark ether, so it's pretty likely that they would do it with this one as well. Finally, after being downed by this guy and luring him up out of the fog and then doing like the Tom and Jerry itchy scratchy dance for a while. I finally got rid of this guy, and he did end up dropping us another self-revive.


And then we got a blood burner key, which I do like about that bike, at least when it doesn't bug out. From what I've heard, that's supposed to be a feature so that people won't end up stealing your bike because they'll just rubber band everywhere, but I think it glitches out because whenever you walk too far away from your blood burner and then you come back to it, it just does it to you.

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