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Today I wanted to go over one of the easiest ways that you guys can be farming the absolute best loot here in Modern Warfare zombies. I appreciate everybody who stops by the article today. I set a huge goal of 20, 000 subscribers that I would love to hit by the end of summer. So far, you guys are absolutely killing it, and I have no doubt in my mind that we're going to absolutely hit that, so we got two runs for you guys here inside of the Elder Dark Eternity today, and we're going to be using the Jack purifier and flamethrower, especially to get rid of this HVT.

Surprisingly this thing has not been nerfed yet now with how powerful that this thing is everybody's been thinking that this is a bug or like some sort of a glitch with how much attention that this thing has gotten from content creators and streamers and everything like that this thing probably should have gotten nerfed by now but surprisingly, it hasn't so my theory as of right now is that the flamethrower, damage might actually just be intentional and we probably won't see a damage adjustment until season 3 now watch me eat my words and there be an update tomorrow that completely, just Nerfs this thing into the ground now on this first run we only had an epic ether tool on our assault rifle so the flamethrower.


I could have done a little bit more damage, and I actually had to go off and refill my ammo and come back, and I swear to God I've seen this movie before, big ass. Mega Abomination, pinning a little guy against the wall. Luckily, when I came back, this guy didn't regain too much health, and he went down really quickly.

The rewards that we got out of this guy were pretty nice; we got that vr11. Case got an epic ether tool, we got the Maga holding schematic. A self-revive, and plus we got another Elder sigil, definitely not a bad pull at all now. I can agree. I think that the schematics and those acquisitions that you get from the previous dark ether are definitely hands-down better than the ones that you get out of this one, but if you go into the old dark ether and start completing contracts, you're only going to be finding those three acquisitions: the golden armor plates, the dog bone, and the ether blade.


As of right now, if you're doing contracts inside of the new dark ether, you have chances of finding all six of those classified acquisitions. Yes, you can only get the new schematics in here, but what would be the point of going in? They're only chasing after those old acquisitions. If you could have a chance of getting all of the acquisitions, now yes, if you're going into like the old Elder, then you do have pretty much a guaranteed chance of finding those classified acquisitions, especially if those are the three that you want for sure, but if you want a chance of absolutely getting anything, just farming up the best loot in general while having an easier run, and this dark ether is definitely going to be for you guys, especially if you like to run solo.

As much as I love the old dark ether doing that escort, solo was a big pain in the ass even with the vr11. The hardest two things about coming in here as the new Elder are going to be either taking care of that HVT or dealing with this holdout mission that we're in right here. As long as you guys set up like a sentry gun and have a nice gun that you're actually confident with, you should be able to take care of this thing with no problem.


Take a look at these guys. This is what I'm talking about. We got this hold-out mission done, and we got the ether blade, case, and blood burner schematic, plus another ether tool. See, this is what I mean. Why be farming for only one or two things when you could be farming for all of the best stuff?

Now we're going to head up to the top of the mall and grab our very last contract, and I figured I would leave this part in just in case anybody doesn't know how to get up here without a scooter. I'm sure most people do, but just in case, we got that, but we can hit to refill our ammo case that was along the building that we can hit to refill our ammo and our decoys.

We're going to jump up on the truck here and then up on the boxes and onto the roof, make your way around the mall to the other side, and then you can easily climb up to the bunny. Like I've said before, this is definitely one of the easier contracts to do. As long as you have plenty of decoys, some monkey bombs, Cashmir, or anything else to distract those zombies, you should be able to get these things done.


My biggest tip, especially for doing this contract in here, is that after you get done with that last extractor, for some reason there's still going to be a lot of zombies around you. Usually, when you complete these contracts, most of the zombies will end up exploding around you, kind of giving you a little bit of space to be able to grab whatever's in that Rift, and for some reason, after doing this contract, some of them explode, but you're going to be left with a lot of them still around you.

It kind of feels like they fix the glitchiness of these things when you actually go up to activate them; most of the time, it actually pulls out that little pad whenever I do it now. Now, this contract didn't offer us the absolute greatest loot when we were done, but we did end up getting a blood burner key, so I'll be taking that thing.


You guys will see what I'm talking about right here, and I swear to God I've seen this movie before too, but this is why, ladies and gentlemen. I always say to bring in at least a couple silver Vibes whenever you plan on doing this thing solo, because you never know we're going to climb to the top of this building here and jump over towards the Xville.

I think we got plenty of good loot during this run, and for me personally, I usually like doing the contracts. In that order, so that way I'm doing the ether extractors, and lastly, because this xville is really close, that way I don't have to travel very far, so it's going to be right up here inside of this little building.

If you guys are still kind of curious about anything about this new dark ether, maybe where any of the xville is, are the bunny locations, or anything. I just did a article completely breaking down this dark ether. Take a look at these guys. We got some pretty damn good loot. Not only did we pull some of those schematics, but we also got some of those good acquisitions as well as some of the previous dark ether acquisitions.


So now we're coming back in here, and this time things are going to be a little bit different. We are back in the Elder Dark ether, but this time we're going to be using the flamethrower, which has a legendary ether tool on it, so hopefully we can just wipe out that HVT. Almost instantly, it also brought in the VR11.

Today we go into the new elder dark aether and get some of the best loot mw3 zombies has to offer here in season 2 reloaded. Thanks for the support everyone! - Ghost. Membership Link.
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