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And this one is actually right next to where you spawn in at it's also extremely, close to those ether extractor contracts so if that's one of the last ones that you do you can easily extract from this one now this next xville that we are going to go to is the one that's over on the hill behind the mall now this was actually the very first xfill that I found and the one that I used for a long time before I started using the other ones which is ain't a bad xfill but the only problem is that it's really far away from almost anything, that you're doing I'd say it's probably the furthest xfill that you'd probably have to travel from after doing anything in here once we land up here I'm going to pull out the map and show you exactly where this is at it's going to be located up here at G4.

Now this next one is actually incredibly easy to find. All we're going to do is shoot up in the sky, and we're going to go straight over to the other side of the mall, and on the inside of the police station there is another fill. I knew I was definitely going to have to bring in the scorcher when I was doing this because I wanted to try to complete absolutely everything in this run.

I wanted to show off everything that's in here in the dark ether, plus I wanted to complete all of those contracts and try to xfill, which ended up turning out to be a little bit easier than I thought we actually had quite a bit of time left over by the end of this thing but here we are at our next location, and here is the xville right on the inside.


It's going to be here at i7. Now we're going to go around and I'm going to show you exactly where all of those bunny contracts are going to be located, and yes, I know I missed one xville. I remembered it later on in the run, and I will show you guys where it's at, but here we are at our first bunny location, and this one is going to be the one that starts your HVT.

This is going to be located right where you spawn. All you have to do is turn around and go to that building to your left that's right behind you. The exact location on the map is going to be C5. Now for this HVT. All you guys are going to want to do is bring in whatever boss killer that we got in the game, like for right now we have the Jack Purifier flamethrower, before this thing gets nerfed, but if you don't feel comfortable and just using like a weapon or anything, just go ahead and use a jug suit that'll deal with any hvt in here easily.


Moving on to our next bud location, this one is going to be the one that starts our holdout mission, and he can be found on the tallest building inside of the dark ether, located right here at E7. Now if you want my opinion, this is probably one of the hardest missions to do here in the dark ether, especially solo, but if you guys bring in a couple century guns, you should be okay.

It also never hurts to keep a couple extra decoys in your pocket to keep tossing those things out if you want to keep these zombies out of here, and just behind the restaurant, next to the gates, there is an ammo refill station if you guys want to refill on your decoys. I don't know about you guys, but I think coming in here into this dark ether is incredibly worth it because I get those mags holding a lot, which turns some guns in this game just incredibly, op.


I don't know if it's just my luck, but that golden armor seems to be popping up a lot in here too. For me, our next bunny location is probably going to be the easiest one to find here in this dark ether, and that's going to be the one that's located directly. On top of the mall now, luckily we did have our scorcher case, making it really easy to get up here, but if you guys don't have one, there are two other ways to get up here: you can always take the truck and then hop up on the boxes on the side of the building, or you can go through the parking garage.

If we pull up our tag map, our bunny is going to be located right here at I6. The ether extractor contracts are definitely some of the easiest contracts that we can do. As long as we get ourselves enough decoys, monkey bombs, cashmir grenades, or something else just to distract those zombies, then we should be okay to easily get these done.


One thing I found with this one in here is that after I complete the contract there's still a shitload of lingering zombies for some reason now we're going to boost the hell up out of here and now was when I was going to go over and show you guys about the song Easter Egg and I remembered about one last xfill so we're going to go over here and check this one out this last xfill can be located, at d8, now it's going to be down in the river like kind of hidden in the fog so you can't really see it until you get closer to it now let's boost on over and go into, the stage area and this is where we're going to find our Easter egg guess if you could call it that it's probably the simplest Easter egg we've ever had in Zombies but we're just going to need to find these three meteorites.


And once we activate all three of them, it's going to go ahead and activate the song. The very first meteorite we're going to grab is the one that is behind the stage up on the bleachers, in this little room here you know you'll have activated it cuz it'll just disappear next one could be found out front of the main stage on the main road by these barrels and our last meteor is going to be found, by this truck underneath the porter potty to the right inside of the stage grounds and that's going to be it once you've located all three of the meteorites, that's when the song should kick in now for me my music was turned all the way down and I was kind of curious for a second I'm like why am I not hearing anything and I had to mess around with settings for a second and I was like ah okay there we go so make sure you got your music turned up if you want to hear the song lastly if you guys didn't bring a hellhound friend into the dark ether, we got you covered.

There is a dogghouse that is located at E4. If you find a couple chunks of flesh out here, it just might be a good idea to come over here and get one of these, so that is going to be about it. Guys, that is everything we know so far about this dark ether. I would love to know about it. Fortunately, we haven't been able to find anything like keys or anything like that for locked rooms.

I have heard the rumors about the fourth bunny, but I've also been in the area where I've heard the fourth bunny, but I think it's just the bunnies going back to their original location, and it's just kind of like a glitch, so I hope we were able to answer some questions today and maybe help you guys out with this new dark ether.

Today we break down the new dark aether from exfil locations to bunny contract locations and a easter egg. I appreciate the support everyone! - Ghost. Membership Link.
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