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Today we're back on some more Modern Warfare zombies, and we're going to be going into the Elder Dark Eternity, and I want to be showing you guys how, as a solo player, you can be completing the Elder Dark Eternity, farming up any of those schematics that you need, and also getting any of those classified acquisitions that you can find inside of the Dark Eternity.

Yes, that does include all of the acquisitions from the previous dark ether and the new one, so this could very well be the very best way to be farming. You guys have just been killing it here on the channel in order to get this elder ether done solo. There are a few things that I'm going to recommend that you guys bring in here in order to get this done, so the very first thing we're going to have to deal with is going to be an HVT on a megaabomination.

So I'm going to recommend that you guys find a juggernaut to bring in here. Next, we're going to have to deal with the holdout mission, so that's my recommendation. Is to bring in at least a couple of turrets so you can set those things down and help fending off the zombies when you're in here, and lastly is going to be those ether extractors, so make sure that you got plenty of either monkey bombs, those cashmere grenades, or plenty of decoys.


So as soon as you spawn into the dark ether, the very first thing you're going to want to do is make a 180 and start going the other way, and it's going to be inside the building to your left. The first bunny is going to be up in that second little story. You're going to hear it kind of like talking with the children's laughter and voices, but I am still going to pull up the map here just so you guys know where it's at, and it's going to be right here at C5.


Now starting this contract, it is going to give us the HVT on the Mega Abomination. And this guy spawns down in the river which is kind of a pain cuz he's really hard to see so not only is it kind of hard to kill him but you're going to have a lot of zombies that are running around you and chasing after you at the same time they're also going to be coming from different directions, all through the fog and it's just kind of a pain I have figured out that you can actually lure him up out of the fog if you really want to but for this round we're just going to throw our Juggernaut, down right in here just don't be a dummy like me and lose your Juggernaut, for a minute cuz I was running around in the fog I actually lost where I threw this thing for a second also I don't know if you guys have been down here yet and just been kind of venturing, around and maybe gotten stuck inside of like those corals.

Man, though, that sucks because you cannot jump over them or anything, and when you get zombies all around you and kind of get stuck in there, you might as well just consider yourself down at that point. Yeah, look, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I was honestly thinking I completely lost where I threw this thing for a second, but we were finally able to find it, and I'm not going to lie.


This kind of gave me the same feeling that I got when I first played Modern War Fair zombies, like when I tried the Juggernaut on Mega Abomination. Inside of the Red Tier Zone, for the very first time; that's actually how I got the ray gun. I really felt like he was going to kill me when I was doing that, and the same thing was happening here, like there were so many zombies that were surrounding me when I was trying to take down this Mega Abomination.

Just do not give up, and I guarantee you that your jug will eventually take down this thing and look at that. We got this guy dealt with, and he gave us the blood burner key schematics. He also gave us some golden armor plates. I've been finding a lot of those acquisitions. From the first dark ether, which makes this run even better, so if you guys want to farm up things from either the first dark ether or from this dark ether, all you have to do is come in here and you do have chances of getting all of them, so next we're going to run straight out of the fog here straight towards the train tracks, and it's going to be the tallest building that's going to be straight in front of us now.


You can take the stairs inside this building to get to the very top, but if you do that, you might have to deal with some zombies. So directly on the other side of the building, there is actually a ladder that's going to go all the way from the ground to the very top of the roof. I'm sure if you guys played a lot of War Zone or maybe some DMZ, you guys should be pretty familiar with these maps or these areas by now, but once we get to the very top of the roof here, the bunny is going to be sitting directly on top of the doorway, and I'm going to pull up the map and show you the location; it's going to be right here at E7.

Now this is the one that's going to start the holdout mission, and what I would advise you guys to do is to bring in at least a couple of turrets to do this one now for me. I ended up finding another jug suit, and that's what I ended up using over here now. I really wouldn't recommend this because the jug doesn't last long enough to hold out in here.


Luckily. I did bring the vr11, and I was trying to turn as many zombies as I could so they could act as decoys for me because I didn't bring so many monkey bombs in here, and I was kind of thinking about what I was going to do so I could finish up those ether extractors. Now, I'm not going to lie; this is probably going to be the toughest part of doing the Elder Dark Ethno solo.


Especially, if you don't have yourself, like a bunch of monkey bombs or like a lot of decoys and stuff that you can constantly be throwing the few times that I've came in here with like a crew this was probably one of the easiest iier ones to do because everybody's, in here and just looking out each window and everybody's firing we usually have a century, gun or two set up and it's just a breeze but the few times that I have done this solo it is a little bit of a fight so be prepared and actually laying waste to all of these zombies in this holdout, contract, with this Juggernaut, right here was actually pretty cool but this really does go to show you guys as well that you really don't need like overpowered, weapons and stuff to be running this dark ether and particular it's mainly just going to be about being set up with the correct score streaks and items like all you guys are really going to need is just going to be that Juggernaut to take care of the mega Abomination.

And then maybe a couple sentury guns if you need to take care of this holdout mission and a bunch of things like monkey bombs and cashmir grenades, and that's pretty much it, and at least all these things are easily obtainable, like with the previous dark ether if you didn't have the vr11. Then, if you were solo, you were pretty much screwed, and right here is when I went down.

Today we look at the best way to get all the best loot in MWZ after season 2 reloaded update. I appreciate all the support everyone! - Ghost. Membership Link.
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