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Today we're going to be going over how you guys can unlock every single schematic in Modern Warfare Zombie after season 2 reloaded, so maybe if you're a new player still trying to figure out how this works or maybe you're still missing a schematic and you've been trying to grind it out for a while, hopefully we can answer all of those questions here today, and if you guys are missing anything in this game mode, hopefully we can fill up those slots.

I appreciate everybody who stops by the article today. So we're going to be breaking down the article today into five separate sections. Number two is going to be weapon mods, number three is going to be all of the ethereum items, number four is going to be Wonder Weapons, and then for the fifth is going to be all those classified items, number four is going to be Wonder Weapons, and then for the fifth is going to be all those classified items.

The very first schematics we're going to be looking at how to unlock are going to be all of the perks you're going to be unlocking: the Deadshot Dairy, the Speed Cola, and the stamina up perks. By completing tier one contracts, you're going to get the Juggernog and the PhD Flopper schematics from grinding out the tier 2 contracts.


Lastly, to get that e-pop schematic, you're going to have to grind out tier three contracts. My advice for you guys is to do these contracts in any of the zones to be doing the quickest and easiest contracts possible, that is, sticking to mainly bounties and the delivery of cargo. If you have to do the weapon raid stash or the Outlast, that's all right too.

Just be sure to stay away from those ether extractor contracts. Not only is the AI not fun to deal with, but they just take up way too much time for the Tier 3 contracts. There are actually a couple that are incredible. Easy for you guys to do: completing the Bounty can be one of the easiest contracts.

There are several ways for you guys to do these things. You can always use whatever meta-boss killer we have in the game at the time, like right now we have the Jack Purifier and Flamethrower. You could always insert one of the turret mods inside of the turrets and then lure your bounty to one of those, or you could always do it the old-fashioned way, and if you got a juggernaut, you would throw that thing down and use that suit to easily clear out one of these things.


The next and probably easiest contract for you guys to do inside the red-tier zone would be the delivery cargo contract. With this one, if you see it, you do have to be fast because this one gets snagged up really quick, and if you're confident enough in your gunplay, the weapon raid stash contract can definitely be fairly easy, especially if you have a really good weapon or you're confident in training.

The very last perk to finish off this section is going to be death perception, and for this one, you're going to have to complete Act 3, Tier 1, Mission 2, Factor Authentication. Now when you are going through all the story missions on here, they are very hands-on, and they practically completely tell you what to do, so if you haven't gone through and completed all of the ACT story missions, be sure to do that because completing those is going to get you a lot of schematics throughout here, and you're going to see that we're going to be moving on to our next section here, and that is going to be for the weapon mod.


Now that I've kind of explained to you what contracts I think you guys should be doing and the best ones to be grinding out, especially for things like the Red Zone and stuff like that, all of that does apply to getting these weapon mods as well. You get the napon burst and the brain rot from completing tier one contracts, and you're going to be getting that dead wire schematic and the shatter blast schematic from completing tier 2 contracts.

And lastly, you'll get the cryofreeze schematic after completing the Act 2 tier. Mission-safe cracker Now this next section is going to be all about the ethereum items, and it's also where things start getting slightly more complicated because we're going to have to be doing a little bit more than just grinding out regular contracts or completing story missions.


Now for the raw theum crystal, you're going to have to grind out tier 2 contracts. For that epic ether tool and for the refined ethereum crystal, you're going to have to grind out tier three contracts. The uncommon ether tool and the rare ether tool are both going to be obtained through completing story missions, but the legendary ether tool and the flawless ethereum crystal are both going to be obtained through defeating the redor worm.

I'm going to extremely quickly tell you guys how to set this thing up and how you can defeat this red worm solo, but if you guys do want to complete the in-depth guide and want to see me complete the entire thing in real time. We're going to want to come down to this spot on the map. Here, it's going to show us the four locations where all of our USBs are going to be.

We're going to want to go around the map and collect all four of those USBs. Now, if you pull up your tag map and look just outside of where The Ether Storm is, you'll notice that there's going to be two ammo crates somewhere really close to The Ether Storm, and that's going to be where your boss fight is.


You're going to wait for the Gest to cover up those ether extractors that are there and insert your USBS and two of those now. I would recommend that before you do this, just make sure that you're fully prepared, like making sure that your weapons are puffed up to a level of three, that you have a decent ether tool, that you have all your perks, and that you have a golden gas mask.

My recommendation, at least for right now, is to bring in the VR11. That has been my best chance to beat this guy solo. I've done it a few times recently, and it was fairly easy. Now we're going to be moving on to our wonder weapon section, and we'll get this first one out of the way since we were just talking about it for the scorcher.

In the schematic, you're going to have to defeat the red worm, but luckily that is going to be your last schematic from this guy. Next, the ray gun schematic is probably going to be one of the simplest ones, and that's just going to be through grinding those tier three contracts. And you're going to be getting the Wonder W after completing one of these story missions.


It's going to be an act-three-tier mission for holdout, and I bet you guys can guess what that is—it's just a holdout mission. Just complete it; it's going to be in the reward Rift all right, so now it's time to get into the fun stuff. Let's talk about those classified schematics. Now for our first set of classified schematics.

Today we look at how to get every schematic in mw3 zombies. Season 2 Reloaded has been fun so far but I am ready for season 3. - Ghost. Membership Link.
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