News - You Told Me To Use This Warzone 2 Zombies And It Does Something Special


Apparently, this thing melts those mega-abominations incredibly fast, so I'm excited to check it out. Talking about the iso Hemlock with the incendiary rounds and Napal Burst, it really seems like fire damage is the go-to lately. I appreciate everybody who stopped by the article today. We just hit 15, 000 subscribers.

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I'm not going to lie, guys; today was kind of a rough day on zombies for me. I ended up going through two crashes back-to-back when I was trying to record a article for the X13. Don't worry; yes, that article is still coming, but we needed to come in here and get another Elder sigil. The first time I crashed was when I was trying to go into the dark ether.

As soon as I came in, it just immediately crashed and kicked me out, and I ended up losing everything, but then I ended up completely gearing up another operator with all of my best stuff, and as soon as I came in here. I took about 30 steps forward, and I lagged out and lost everything again. I was so angry after doing several matches with that X13, and that is a pretty good gun.

By the way, that article is going to be coming next. As you guys could see right there, this thing absolutely shreds those mega-abominations. It might be a good idea to pair it with something like the VR11. That gives you that extra speed boost, or at least run out with your fists. A lot of the time, you could definitely switch out the stock that I was using here and give yourself a little bit better movement, but I don't know, man, I don't really like the kick on this thing.


I like the recoil and control. I was making it my life's mission to find a sigil inside of me. There were a couple of guys with scorcher cases during this match stealing every single Bounty contract that I could find, even to the point of literally dropping it right in front of me and taking the contract as I was going to grab it.

I'm just like, really, man. I get it, though I've been guilty of stealing contracts with a scorcher too, but I don't know, not to this extent, if I've actually seen somebody just getting ready to grab it. There's been several times I just let them grab the contract because, I mean, that's just such a dick thing to do.

You really need to do something about the Red Zone. Man, it is just completely stuffed full of people in almost every single match, and it's almost impossible to grab a contract or really farm anything out there. That's why I really love coming into the dark ether a lot, because most of the time I have to keep it all to myself.


We are finally in the dark ether, and I ended up getting this HVT, and here we have a mimic man. I rarely ever see these things. I'm not going to lie; this guy actually put up a way bigger fight than I was expecting, especially with how well and fast this thing is just putting down those Mega Abominations.

And then, trying to deal with this mimic here, it just seems like the damage isn't there now. Having a legendary ether tool would definitely help you out when doing this and would definitely raise that damage up quite a bit, but man. I don't know, there's so many other guns in this game right now that's just good at doing everything, like we got the new SMG, and then you got the Renetti with the conversion kit, and both of those things absolutely just melt those Mega Abominations.


In the same way, they're incredibly fast and snappy, and they get some damn good movement on them too. You don't have this heavy AR that you have to carry around. I do have to say that the damage output when it comes to those mega-abominations is really good. Finally being able to get this mimic chased me halfway around the damn earth.

We were finally able to get this guy dealt with, and we got a refined Crystal, that VR1, Case, and another self-revive. I'm definitely going to need to know that this dark ether has definitely been buffed up quite a bit now. I feel it's like a hazard just walking around, especially when doing these ether extractors now.

Like before, I would say it was really easy to just do these with only decoys. If you brought in at least three decoys, you should be just fine getting these ether extractors done. I would really highly recommend you guys at least stock up on a couple cashmir. Maybe some monkey bombs. It's just the sheer number of zombies that are absolutely swarming—these things are around every single one of them too.


All the way from the first ether extractor, the second one, and the third one, there's just so many zombies. It's kind of a pain in the ass to deal with, so definitely be smart and just bring something in that's going to be clearing out some of these things, and look at those guys. We got ourselves our elder sigil out of here and another Blood Burner key.

I have quite a few of these things in my stash right now, and I'm probably going to destroy quite a few of them. The Elder Signature is definitely what we needed, so I can finish this x13 article. That gun is definitely a little beamer too, and it just has one little downside. That's going to be the very next article that gets put up here in just a couple of hours, so be sure to check that one out now, as you guys will see here.


As soon as I came into my holdout mission, I ended up throwing a decoy. I started the p&A and pulled out the sentry gun to set it down, and the zombies were not distracted. By the way, I think it's because I just threw the thing too far away. Let that be a little lesson to you guys: don't throw your decoys too far away, or else the zombies will not get distracted by them after we were able to get back up and get our sentry gun set up and actually kind of set up shop.

Just a little bit, this ISO Hemlock actually handled itself in here pretty well, but I'd say it's one of the absolute best guns to bring into the dark ether—probably not, but it is pretty good. Overall. I would say if you're looking for a really good gun to handle things in, like, the second-tier zone, or even if you just want to come into the third-tier zone and deal with things like Mega Abominations, like Bounty contracts and stuff like that, then this ISO Hemlock does pretty well.

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