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Today I want to come in here and show you guys one of the fastest ways to complete the new dark ether, so if you need to get some of those new legendary schematics or farm up some legendary acquisitions, we ended up having a pretty crazy run today where we were able to not only complete the Elder Dark ether solo, but we did it in just under 6 minutes.

I got a huge goal of 20, 000 subscribers that I'm trying to hit by the end of summer, and so far you guys are absolutely killing it, so for this run today we're going to be bringing in the Ram 7 with the Jack Purifier flamethrower on it, and we're also going to be bringing in that scorcher. I don't know about you guys, but these Wonder Weapons are becoming more and more valuable to me just for that traversal alone, because lately Tier 3 has just been so compact with people, and it's so hard to get a contract.


Sometimes it's gotten to the point lately where, even if you have a scorcher, it's still difficult to grab contracts. But this is a little tip that I can give for you guys, and something that I like to do is usually I like to wait people out, like wait towards the end of the match, and the majority of the people will be gone; they'll either be going into the dark ether or they're dealing with the red worm, or a big majority of them will just exhale, especially right at like that 10 or 11 minute Mark when they're telling you that you need to xfill because of the gas a lot of the lobby is usually going to leave and if you brought in some good stuff you'd be really surprised how many contracts you can get done in that 10 minutes and hell I was really glad that I ended up waiting that whole time until everybody left where I was actually able to farm a few contracts, cuz then I was actually finally able to find a couple good things we got that legendary ether tool and then the disciple ended up dropping us that wa but here we are guys we are in the Elder dark ether and we just grabbed our first contract and we ended up getting a Mangler for our hvt.


Which is pretty surprising to see I usually get the mega Abomination, more than anything seeing that Mangler or the disciple pop up right now is definitely nice especially if you guys bring in this flamethrower, cuz it's just going to instantly delete these guys especially if you at least got a epic or a legendary ether tool on this thing you're going to be mowing through everything in this game now you'll notice this boat right here I almost actually landed on it I sometimes like to land on this thing and just shoot my hvt, from here but I remember we using the flamethrower and we got to get up close with this guy taking quite literally less than 4 seconds to go down we ended up getting that mag of holding we got the VR1.

Hub for putting together all these maps. Extremely comfortable with, I think, plays a big role in how people play this game, and honestly, almost any game just brings in whatever weapon that you are extremely comfortable with. Sometimes what everybody else tells you to use or whatever the meta is or whatever it is at the time isn't going to be what's for you.


Sometimes you just like the feeling of whatever weapon you like. I also feel like there's a big majority of people who base how good a weapon is just on its power, like how much raw damage it's outputting. While that is one of the main factors, I feel that there's also a lot of other things that should go into factoring that out as well, like how the gun's movement with the gun is the recoil.

Good was the overall handling, like the ad speed and stuff like that. While yes, I do believe that damage is one of the main things that we should be looking at, I also believe there's a lot of other factors that should be in there as well. Now, doing this damn holdout mission is the one that's really going to eat up the most of our time while we're in here, because I can't really do anything to force it to go any faster.

You just have to wait for the p& to finish doing its thing. I was really aiming for 5 minutes, but we just fell short. I think I might be able to hit that if we try this again. Look at those guys—not too bad of a pull from this Outlast contract. We ended up getting that Maga holding schematic, plus the Maga holding acquisition.


So that's definitely a pretty damn good pull. Now I was thinking about just leaving the schematics in here because I already have them, but I figured, you know, what the hell, let's go ahead and throw them in the backpack just so I can go ahead and show you guys the loot at the end of the run. Now it is time to go and get our very last contract on our Maul bunny there, and I should have boosted twice when I was doing this, believe it or not, but I feel like just leaving out that one extra boost.


Actually cost me probably about 15 to 20 seconds now we got a Nathan Drake our way on top of this damn Mall here am I like one of the only ones that never really got into the Uncharted, series I don't know man I just kind of felt like it was a male version of Laura Croft and I'm like why stories are boring and I'm spending over half the game hanging from a ledge all right you know what I'm just going to shut up I don't need no damn Uncharted fans coming after me guys I'm sorry, we're going to quickly get these E3 extractors done as fast as we can as you guys can see I brought in a few monkey bombs if you guys are farming the big map and if you know that you're going to be coming in here just be sure to stack a couple of those monkey bombs or cashmir inside of your backpack for doing this contract Yes, having the decoys alone could do it, but I like just having that little bit of power to get rid of some of these things, especially.

With this contract for some reason, at the end of this contract, there's still a bunch of zombies that are hanging around after the contract's done, not going to lie, kind of making it a pain in the ass to grab your loot, but I would say that as long as you stack two of the monkey bombs or two of the cashmir, you should have no problem doing this contract because you got those and then you got your decoys.


I would say that as long as you have four of the decoys, you should have no problem getting the contract done and then being able to distract the zombies for a second just to grab that out of the rift, and also be careful when you think that the zombies are distracted. The manglers and the disciples.

They don't care about that; they're just going to whack you no matter what. Now, you can usually take a few hits, but you'd be surprised if you're kind of weak. How fast can one of these manglers put you down? See, this is what I'm talking about, guys. We just got this contract done, and look how many zombies are still around.

Today we look at one of the fastest ways to complete the new dark aether in season 2 reloaded. Thanks for the support everyone! - Ghost. Membership Link.
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