News - Delete Bosses Seconds With The New Melee Weapon Warzone 2 Zombies Op


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I'm sure you guys could tell from the start of this article that I came in here absolutely stacked with everything. We had ether blades, golden armor plates, and two refined crystals. I even slapped a legendary tool on this thing. CU, I've been hearing some really good things, and I just wanted to see for myself.


We came straight into the second-tier zone, and I got an HVT on this disciple here, and he went down almost immediately. I started thinking to myself I'm like okay we may have something here saw this Mangler that was standing right next to him and yep he went down in two Taps guys from what I can tell this may weapon does handle like regular zombies great especially in the second tier Zone and even in the red tier Zone but the main problem is it does suffer the same problem that the majority, of the rest of the melee weapons do that's when you're dealing with like two or three zombies it's all right but when you start getting overwhelmed, with like a horde, yeah that's when you're going to start running into some issues probably be a good idea to pair this thing up with like an ether blade or another weapon possibly a wonder weapon but I said to myself since this thing is already doing this good why don't we try to kill that storm caller and I looked and I noticed on the map I'm like no This guy's in the red, and keep in mind we're still only sitting at a Pap level of two, so I was a little bit skeptical.


When I went into this after whacking him with it only a few times and seeing a nice little chunk of his hell fall off, I was like, All right, this is definitely doable. It definitely would have helped us a bit more if we had gotten that Pap 3, but we're still going to get it done here. Having that ether blade try this definitely saved our lives.

I don't think we would have been able to do it without it. These tier three zombies just running all around this storm CER while trying to do this is a complete pain in the ass so far from what I can tell, though guys, this is definitely the best melee weapon to use in the game; this is definitely right up there with the tonfa.

If not as powerful as the Tona used to be right now, I'm really thinking this is probably the second-best way to kill the storm caller now. Of course, we do have the vr11, and by getting that thing up to Pap 3, you should be able to take care of the storm caller pretty easily, but with this thing, this is something that anybody can equip at any point in time.


Well, as long as you get it out, the battle passes anyway. The little tip I can give you guys for defeating the storm caller is that when you're doing something like this, especially with a melee weapon, you're going to want to be doing it continuously. Be really surprised at how fast this guy can regain his health from sucking it back up through those zombies or back through you.

It is guys, we ended up defeating the storm caller in the red tier zone with this thing only at a Pap level of tool. Yes, we did have a legendary ether tool put on it. The damage that this melee weapon is putting out to bosses is just insane. Guys, I'm loving it. Of course, he dropped us that golden skull, which we're going to sell at the buy station, and he also dropped us a ray gun, which is just a damn shame what they did to that weapon in this game.

Next, we ended up getting this HVT on a mega-abomination down here, and we still only have a Pap 2. I was really kind of hoping for something that would be a little bit easier for this thing, like maybe a mangler or a disciple or a mimic, but we got this, and I'm all in for it, man. I'm not going to lie, guys.


There are so many better weapons that you can use in this game to do this melee. Weapons are definitely not always the best option to choose when fighting mega-abominations. The new SMG melts these megaabominations so fast that it's almost comparable to the flamethrower. When you throw on that magga-holding man, that new SMG is just absolutely nutty for a melee weapon and something that you can put on as a good secondary that has good movement and just absolutely, deletes, bosses.

This thing is amazing. We still have quite a bit more testing to do, but from what I can tell so far, I think this thing will definitely make the top seven best weapons to use in season 3. Even if it's just for the ability to take out that storm caller quickly, there are really not very many weapons in this game that can do it that fast.


I'm definitely always looking for suggestions and things to try out. The community has actually surprised me quite a few times with some really killer loadouts. Look at those guys. We finally got the last head off of this guy, and we are kind of struggling out here. He's just charging us and refusing to die finally after whacking this Mega Abomination.

What felt like damn near a million times he did, finally die—this is one thing that I might be able to give this Gladiator. Over what the Tona used to be. I don't remember the Tona being able to take down Mega Abominations. I could be wrong on that; maybe I just didn't try it, but I remember Tona being really good with things like the Storm Caller and all the other bosses, but I don't really remember him with the mega-abominations.

This handled this one pretty well. I got to say the loot out of this contract could have definitely been better, like come on guys, a self-revive, and a damn raw Crystal for fighting this thing for that long with a toothpick, like come on, and this is where all went downhill for me. I went over to the Pack-A-Punch, and I got the third Pack-A-Punch on this Gladiator, and I got an hvt, and when I was on my way over to the hvt, it decided to crash, and that's when I lost, absolutely.


Everything now I do have to admit I do play on PS5, and the crashing over here seems to be not so much like I really don't crash that often when I do, especially in the middle of a good run like that, and I end up losing all of that really good stuff that I brought in, man, that just sucks, so we came back in here and I was able to bring a couple good things, like we did have another legendary ether tool to put on here, we're going to have to get those Pack-a-Punch while we're in here, and I did bring in another vr11.

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