News - This Gun With Mag Of Holding Is Insane Warzone 2 Zombies Op Loadout


I was definitely impressed with this thing. I'm talking about the mini. We're going to go into the Red Zone and test it out a little bit, and then we're going to head on into the Elder Dark Eternity and complete that solo. I appreciate everybody who stopped by the article today. So we're going to be bringing in a legendary ether tool to slap on this thing, and then we're also bringing in a refined crystal, so we got it up to at least a Pap level of two.

He came straight into the red-tier zone, and I needed to stop off and grab some perks, especially that Deadshot. And what do you know, man, this thing is just absolutely shredding zombies even with just that Pap level of two here in the red zone, and I have to admit it has been a while since I've used this SMG, but this was one of my favorite guns to rock back in Modern Warfare 2.

I did end up using it a little bit when this game mode first launched. I don't ever really remember it being this good with that Mega holding you're sitting with a solid 900, Rounds. Just get yourself some Deadshot, hold down that trigger, and spam that aim button. Check this out. We ended up taking out this mangler in just a matter of seconds.


Needless to say, I was pretty damn impressed with this thing. I joined a squad, and I ended up getting a bunch of contracts. I was done with them as I found myself yet again in one of those matches where I'm just in the Red Zone, fighting for contracts. I ended up getting myself completely geared up to come in here to the Elder Dark Eternity.

We now have a Pap 3, and we have all of our perks. I've always loved the inspection animation on the mini boat and how he likes to flip the mag around in his hand. It just looks really cool. We're going to come up in here, and we're going to grab our very first contract for our HVT. And please, I just wanted anything else but the mega-abomination.

And of course we got the mega-abomination; I feel like these things are very 50/50. Sometimes I can take them down really easily, and then sometimes these guys just want to be a complete pain in the ass, whether they're just absolutely refusing to beam me with those things so I could shoot their heads off or they're jumping on top of a roof and busting a Tony Hawk move.


If you haven't seen that from my previous article, you should check it out. Who knew the Mega Abominations could fly? With my first attempt at just trying to shoot off one of the heads on this Mega Abomination, it actually went pretty quick, but I noticed I was surrounded by a lot of zombies, so I was trying to lure this thing out of the fog.


There are a lot of times that it will follow you up out of the fog, but of course, like I said, this guy just had to be stubborn, and he's just sitting down there, and I noticed for some reason there was something unusual. Amount of zombies around me notice when I turn around here just the hoorde that is absolutely, following me but this thing just starts shredding those zombies pretty easily which is nice but instead of trying to keep going through the struggle I did end up bringing a jug in here so we're going to toss on that suit and just get rid of this Mega Abomination, did bring in two self- revives but I figured what the hell let's just get this thing over with and let's be a little bit safe which was probably a pretty damn good idea from what you guys are going to see here in a little bit after clearing some of these damn zombies out of the way we ended up getting not only the vr11, schematics but we got that vr11.

Acquisitions, and we got another self reses which trust me we're probably going to need it so now we're going to be on over to our second contract here we're going to go get the holdout Mission done, and this one is the one where I kind of struggled a little bit this round going to grab our bunny here, and usually what I like to do is when I jump off the roof I'll jump towards the contract but a little bit to the left so that way I can hit that ammo station on my way in, and I think for doing this contract I could have come in just a little bit more prepared, like definitely a sentry gun would have helped me out or even just duplicating, a couple more decoys.


Minick was definitely doing its job, and it was doing its job well. I don't really want to blame it on that at all. I just definitely think I could have been a little bit more prepared, and then plus, it just felt like there were maybe a little bit more zombies in here than usual. Maybe it could have been because I wasn't really taking them out as fast, but then again.

I've done several runs where I didn't even use weapons at all, like we just came in here stacked with decoys, and it still didn't seem like it was this bad. The mini is definitely shredding; you can just see it took out the disciple, like no problem, eventually even getting to a point where I was like, You know what?

Let's go get some more decoys just to kind of help us out with this thing, and that's where I actually got caught slipping. I was trying to come back into this place, and while I was on my way back in, I just got caught in the train, so just don't be like me if you get to come out here and hit this ammo station.


If you see a big train of zombies right in front of you, just don't run right into it. Weave it off to the side and try to avoid it. Find an opening. I'm tired, man. This is right when it happens too. Look at these guys. Look how many zombies are going to be around me when I go down. You can see me just swinging for my life, pissed off.

This is why I always say that if you do plan on coming into the Elder Dark Eternal Solo, please just bring in at least two or three self-revivals. You never know what's going to happen, guys. Even the best of the best players go down. Sometimes, and it all always happens so quick too, like sometimes you can just turn around and all of a sudden it's just b you're on the ground, that's just it.

You just got to be a little bit weak from like a disciple or a Mangler shoo shooting at you, and all of a sudden a couple hits from a zombie, and it's all over after we ended up getting back up. We ended up getting back inside. And I just decided, You know what? Let's just keep moving since we have a very limited supply of decoys, and I don't have anything else in here that is really helping me.


There was one point where I ended up in the back kitchen, and for some reason I got cornered. I tried to go out the back door, but I got stuck, and I ended up going down, and I knew we only had one self-revive left, so I was like, All right, we cannot do this anymore after getting up. Pop my ether shroud.

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