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Today I want to look at an SMG that I haven't used in quite some time, and it did get a nice little buff here in season 3, so I figured that we should try it out. We're going to be looking at the striker, 9, today, and this thing actually kind of impressed me. Me guys, we're going to be doing a bunch of testing inside the red tier zone, and then we're going to go on into the Elder Dark Eternity and complete it.

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Use the code to check out for 5% off your entire order. Now I cannot believe that I actually forgot the mega holding. It was one of those times where I sat there for a good few minutes, and I'm just like, I know I'm forgetting. Something like I got my refined crystal and I got myself a legendary ether tool we're going to be bringing in the scorcher.

I don't really think I'm forgetting anything, and then, of course, as soon as I got in here, I was like, man, I forgot that magga holding, but you know what? Luckily, enough guys, we didn't even really need it with this gun, but it definitely would have helped, and there were a few situations in which I really wish that I would have had it.

Yes, we did have a legendary ether tool in this thing, but we do only have Pap level two, and we were taking down those hvts in the second tier zone really easily, and then we came out here to the red tier zone, and I got an hvt on this Mega Abomination by the time I got over here. Not only was there another one right next to it, but somebody had already done some damage to this thing, but it took it down really fast, and I was like.


Hold on a minute, we came over here to try it on this Mega Abomination, and we were just melting. This guy now, granted, like I said, if we had that magga holding, he would have gone down even faster, but even without it, we were able to take care of him pretty damn quickly. I did have to duck underneath that box quite a few times, but so far, I got to say I've been thoroughly impressed with this little SMG.

It's been handling these red-tier Zone zombies really well, and it's tamed down the mega-abominations. Really fast, and I'm thinking here that within the next day or two. I'm finally going to be putting together my next top weapon to use in the season 3 article, and I think this one's probably going to make the cut.

If you guys have any suggestions for me or whatever you think you should be on that list, maybe you want to just tell me what you've got. I'm absolutely loving how fast this thing is shredding these mega-abominations. And this guy ended up dropping me a juggernaut, which I thought we were going to end up using, but you're going to see here later that hvt, contract, inside of the dark ether's been glitching out for me a lot lately.


I don't know what's been going on with that thing I only have; I had it fall through the map now twice in the last couple of days, but it also got stuck inside of a building once, and I couldn't even damage it at all. Then it ended up doing something kind of strange on this run too. You guys are going to see.

I know if this contract's been acting strange for anybody else lately. I do kind of find it slightly ironic that once they finally ended up making this dark ether, it was actually difficult, like they actually ended up buffing the zombies, and it's actually quite a bit harder now, just kind of finding there to be more bugs in general, like this hvt.


Contract's been glitching out on me a lot lately, and then I had one where I got stuck to the PN, inside the holdout mission, and I couldn't move until the zombies ended up Downing me. I've also had the same exact thing happen to me when I was doing the Ether Extractor Contracts. As soon as I got done with the second one, I absolutely got stuck; I couldn't move, couldn't do anything, and had to sit there until the zombies actually ended up putting me down.

Luckily, I did have a Sul Rive, but check out what's going to happen here, guys, so usually. I can just shoot him a little bit, and he'll end up charging me up here just to lure him up out of the fog. With the number of zombies that are in here now, it's almost impossible to kill him down there without being just overrun.

By all the zombies, he just didn't want to come up here, so I eventually said. You know what? Let's just throw down the jug and let's shoot him a little bit and see if we can eventually get him to come up here, and in the meantime, we'll be luring down his health and all that, but yeah, no, this guy wasn't even moving an inch after eventually using up my entire jug and shooting at him some, and I was running low on ammo, so I figured that I would go restock.


And as soon as I jumped up in the air with my scorcher, apparently he ended up dying of brain rot, which I was just kind of confused by because I'm not using brain rot, and I mean. I do have elemental pop, but I don't see how maybe a zombie or two could end up killing an HVT Mega. I don't know now that we did have his health already about halfway down, so maybe that had something to do with it, and I don't think it would have been too hard to finish this guy off with the SMG, but I'll definitely take the free kill.

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