News - Things You May Not Know About Warzone 2 Zombies Helpful Tips And Tricks


So today we're going to be getting into part three of things you might not know about Modern Warfare zombies, and these can end up ranging anywhere from tips and tricks, glitches, or even Easter eggs. I try to upload daily if you need a little bit of that zombie fix or if you're into the guides in the tutorials.

We definitely got you covered here, like always. We're going to be jumping straight into it, guys, but really quick. I do need to give a huge shout-out to today's sponsor if you guys are looking to unlock the new MW3. Camos such as Interstellar. Bor Alis, or possibly even play in some bot lobbies or get all the best schematics and Modern Warfare Zombies, then be sure to check out Mitch Cactus; they're the biggest and most reliable sellers with heaps of brand new offerings for RMW, 3 with completely safe and legitimate services for Xbox.

PlayStation, and PC. With thousands of great reviews on Trustpilot, you guys should definitely check them out. Be sure to use code REALG at checkout for 5% off your entire order for a limited time only. The very first thing we're going to look at here is, did you guys know that if you Mele lay the bunny contracts inside the dark ether, it's going to cancel out the animation?


This can actually be useful for a few things now, I know, including myself. I've fallen off the building here in the second spot that you're going to see right here. I've seen some comments from some other people saying that after they pick up the bunny, they've fallen off the side of'the building.

This could definitely help prevent that from happening, plus it's just going to save you guys a couple of seconds, and if you're being overrun by zombies while you're trying to grab one of these things, it'll help you out with that too. I'm sure we all know that the blood burner can drive on top of the water, but did you guys know that the blood burner can actually drive underneath the water?

There's a glitch where if you nose dive it just right, not only will you be able to drive underneath the water, but you won't be taking any damage as zombies can't get to you. But be careful, because sometimes the blood burner can despawn. Next, all of the bosses in Modern Warfare Zombies have certain weaknesses.


When it comes to the ammo mods, for instance, the Mega Abominations, the manglers are going to be weak to Napal, burst and shatter blast all the mimics, and the disciples are going to be weak to dead wire and brain. Rod, maybe if you're looking to take on something like those Mega Abominations, it might be a good idea to put on that Napal, but it also explains why weapons like the vr11 and the Wonder Wolf are really good against bosses like the Storm Caller.

Now this next one might be able to save you guys a little bit of time, so whenever we get ourselves a new dark ether, you don't have to do a regular dark ether run. If you have an Elder sigil already saved up, and if you've already got all the items and upgraded them and opened up the portal, you should be able to just use that Elder sigil and go straight in and save yourself a dark ether run and a bunch of time in the season 2 reloaded update.


I definitely did this, so I'm sure it's going to work here with the season 3 Reloaded update. Now, of course, we do have a bunch of other ways to get ourselves into Wonder Weapons cases, but none of them are absolutely guaranteed. And this is something that we can do 100% of the time. Guarantee you a wonder weapon.

Speaking of Wonder Weapons, let's go over the vr11, just a little bit, because this is definitely the best wonder weapon in the game by far. Not only does it have a few hidden abilities like being able to buff your teammates, but it also gives you a special speed boost when running, which is slightly faster than even stamina up with just fists out, whether you're lacking the perk or you just want to outrun all of those zombies, whether you're in the red tier zone or you're in the dark ether, having that vr11, out is one of the best ways to run around.

I've seen a few comments of people asking me always how I'm running around so fast, and it's usually when I have the vr11; it's also the number one weapon that you guys should be choosing if you're trying to defeat any of the worms. solo defeated the red worm multiple times personally now, and it's all been usually with the vr11.


You got the vr11, Pack-A-Punch to at least tier two, and you can easily take out that storm CER, which can get you some good loot in the game. Now this last one kind of stinks for containment and levels, but you can bring those classified schematics out of the dark ether. May you already have all of them and you want to drop some for your buddies or you want to go around the map and drop them to people that might need them.

All you're going to have to do is, once you complete the dark ether and have all the schematics that you think you want, go ahead and find a way to kill yourself, and as long as you have Tombstone, go ahead and go pick up your stuff and draw them to anybody else who's going to need them. Hopefully you guys will watch some of my other articles on how to easily get large backpacks and everything else so you can set yourself up with that easy tombstone.


You guys know the rest. You know the rest. That's going to be about it for now. I greatly appreciate everybody who stopped by the article. I would greatly appreciate it. I greatly appreciate all the support, everybody. Thank you so much. One last thing: did you guys know the ray gun's a piece of [__]

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