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I just got done with one of the craziest matches of Modern Warfare 3 zombies that I think I've had yet. Initially, when I started this match, this wasn't the plan, but after I killed my first hvt. I came up with a plan to try to kill as many mega-abominations as I could in this single match, not only for the challenge but to see what I could come up with and see if it's also worth your guys' time.

I appreciate everybody who watched the article today. You guys have been killing it, man, for real. Honestly, I cannot thank you guys enough, as you guys can see right here. I just finished up my HVT on this disciple here and with the flamethrower. As powerful as it is, I figured, Hey, let's go around and absolutely just abuse this thing before they decide to fix it.

This guy ended up dropping us a flawless crystal, which, hell yeah, I don't know about you guys, but I feel like the tier three loot lately has been a little bit better. We're down here with our very first mega-abomination, and this guy ended up dropping us a refined crystal, which is awesome to see, but of course you know my dumb ass had to go down right here like I'm just trying to pick up my crystal.


Damn, it's so far, so good. I would say that so far, this run is starting off amazing. Look at this thing here and get on to our second mega-abomination. And this thing is going to be at the same spot you're going to notice a lot of these in the same location, because this one is really easy to spawn in notice that if you're in a vehicle and if you're driving, towards this gate here it doesn't matter what side that you're driving from it's going to cause the mega Abomination, to spawn in most of the time there is sometimes that he won't but most of the time he's going to spawn back in with this guy out of the way he ended up dropping us a three plate vest a large backpack and of course a bunch of essence we picked up this hvt and I was hoping it was going to be a mega Abomination, but it's a Mangler and we've had it activated for a minute so let's just finish this guy really quick he ended up giving us another Flawless Crystal we got those ray gun schematics.


Plus, as a Sigil man, I really like these pulls so far. Tier three is going crazy today. Now we are on our third Mega Abomination, and this one ended up dropping us a bunch of essence and a rare ether tool. Come on, man, if I'm in three defeating these big ass monsters, you guys can drop us a little bit of something better than that, but we got an hvt on another Mega Abomination.

For our fourth one, and this guy didn't really drop us anything either, we got the essence; I think we got a three-plate vest, and then nothing really in the contract, and I was expecting a little bit more from the HVT. But now we're up here with our fifth mega-abomination, and this guy really didn't drop us anything either.

We got a bunch of essence, and we got that three-play backpack. I mean, if you guys need to regain character, this might be a way to go. This might be the strategy. I've been seeing a crazy amount of large back packs and three plate vests, and finally I was able to make my way over to the other side of the map for our six Mega Abominations.


Now I have a feeling this one is kind of supposed to act like the other one, kind of like a guard dog for the red-tier zone. For me, this one on this side doesn't seem to spawn as often as the one on the other side of the map. I can get that one to spawn almost every time I drive towards the gate.

Not too much with this guy either; we got a bunch of essence, and we got a couple ammo mods. Time to take our asses to the other side of the map and get our seventh mega-abomination. This guy was a little bit hysterical; he charged at us a little bit, but it's nothing that this flamethrower can't handle.

Say definitely use this thing right now while you guys can and just abuse the living hell out of it because you know they're going to Nerf this thing. We got a perk can, a three-plate vest, and a bunch of essence. All right, it's time to go get our eighth one. I wanted to leave this clip a little bit longer here so you guys can see that as I drive up, this guy's going to spawn.


One thing I was noticing throughout this whole article while I was doing this was that it was only taking me roughly 20 to 30 seconds to take on these mega-abominations. Each now. I was thinking that if you had the scorcher, you might be able to do this and get a lot more Mega Abominations done in a single match, but then again.

I think being on the blood burner actually helped us out a lot because I think there's something tied in between, like the vehicles and driving towards that gate that actually spawns in the Mega Abominations. I could be wrong, but that's how it feels. The last guy dropped us a bunch of the regular stuff; we got the three plates Essence, but we did get some monkey bombs and cashmir.

Now for our ninth Mega Abomination, he ended up dropping us a raw crystal, which I'll go ahead and pocket, and we're going to deal with this big boy underneath the bridge here for our 10th Mega Abomination, and we got a disciple right next to it, but this flamethrower just deletes both of them, but yet again, nothing too special out of this guy.


We got a bunch of Essence, and we got a couple ammo mods. Now for number 11, back at the bridge here, we got some more perks, and we got another monkey bomb and some cashar. I'm going to actually store these because I plan on going into the dark ether as well. These things definitely help with getting a couple of those contracts, and they're done now that we're down here on our 12th Mega Abomination.

This guy went down pretty easy, but he was surrounded by so many zombies, and it didn't really look like he dropped me anything. Good, so we're just going to go ahead and go on to our next one. I've been running around for a long time with no perks, so I think it's finally time we stop at a perk machine and get some of these things.

I feel like I've just been chancing it way too much, and these things really do help you out. Now we are on number 133, and this guy finally ended up dropping us an ether tool. We haven't seen one of those yet, but besides that rare one, well, at least one might be worth actually putting in the backpack.


Let's say that. So we're here with number 14, and this guy yet again just drops us a bunch of essence, and I don't think I saw anything else, so we're going to head on over to our next one. It's definitely been a great way to build up some quick essence, so I can tell you that. And here we are with number 15, and this guy ended up dropping us a bunch of essence.

Today we kill 18 mega abominations in a single match of mw3 zombies and see what we come out with at the end. Also new dark aether run. I appreciate all the support everyone! - Ghost.
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