News - Warzone 2 Zombies Using Both Dark Aether Rifts Season 2 Reloaded. Solo Strat


So when I came down to the original dark ether portal the first time. I couldn't get the thing to spawn in, but I noticed all the item pedestals were back on the ground, so I was thinking they possibly wanted me to go back into the story Mission and get all the items again, so I initially just walked away, and I figured.

Hey I might as well just go back over and do the new dark ether, but then I started thinking to myself. I was like, Wait a minute, what if it's just a visual bug? Or an Elder sigil, and then you got to kind of search around that island spot in order to find the spot to put them in, so here we are back in the original, dark ether in all of its glory, and but we got some new toys to play with this time around, of course we brought the VR1.

because we are solo, and I want to go get that extract mission. That's going to help us out a lot during the holdout mission. We're going to be going and taking care of that escort first, but, you know, I had to take care of this Mega Abomination. I even thought about using one of my turret mods, but I have plans for those and the flamethrower.


Right now. I think it even kills these megas even faster than the turret mods right now, so we're going to be coming up here to grab our very first bunny, and even I get kind of confused sometimes on where the hell I'm at when I'm coming through this fortress, so let's go ahead and throw up that map of the dark ether on the screen right here.


It just kind of shows you guys where all of the bunny contracts are and where you can find all those keys to unlock the rooms to get the Wonder Weapons. A big shout-out to MWZ. But you know what but we're going to make it work guys and plus we got those two turret mods that I got plans for we're going to hopefully get a turret at the very beginning there's one that likes to spawn in where this thing stops the first time and then there's another turret that likes to spawn where it stops very lastly, which is definitely a good thing too cuz when this thing finally makes its last stop like all hell breaks loose here in the dark ether and if you brought a Sentry to put on top of this thing don't be like me and wait till after the first stop to put it on top of this thing I'm not sure about you guys but for myself after making several runs in the new dark ether yeah I can pretty much 100%, confirm that coming in here is going to be a lot harder if you're a solo player especially to get all of these come out or even if you're with a team I just think this dark ether is just harder in general this escort contract, is kind of a if you're solo and you don't have the vr11.

I honestly wouldn't even attempt it, and if you're on a team, even then it's a good idea if somebody has it, because it's really hard to keep this thing from exploding. Not only that, but it just seems like some of the other contracts are actually harder too, like the holdout mission. Yeah, we have the same holdout mission in the other dark ether, but with this one.

I've had chances of a mega Abomination coming in here at the same time while I'm trying to get this done, and that just hasn't happened for me in the new Elder yet. I mean, you never know; things are always changing in this game mode, like when I went into the new Elder Dark Eternity several times and got the Mega Abomination.


Every single time, like probably 20 times in a row, guys, I'm not even joking, and then finally, it just randomly gave me an HVT on a mangler. I was like, What the what? What is happening right now? Now this game is so random. Sometimes it's, h it's insane, but speaking of Randomness, the RNG was in our favor just a little bit cuz that turret was there and we were able to put that turret mod in there which helped us out at the first stop quite a bit now when this thing is moving you guys really don't have to worry about the zombies that are going to be at the front of the ACV, cuz it's just going to run them over and it can't really damage them from there but you're really going to have to be focusing on the ones that are behind it if you feel like you have to bring in some extra cashmir grenades or monkey bombs definitely do that cuz those can really help you guys out especially in the very middle of the contract where there might not be anything to help you guys like a turret or anything which I knew I had plenty of monkey bombs and plus I had some decoys, and stuff too so we're going to go ahead and use some of these cashmir, right in the middle just to kind of help us out also you can pick up ammo off the ground to fill up on the vr11.


And also killing zombies at the same time trying to replenish your ammo or watch your armor. Yeah, it's just more difficult in general, but I also feel like these schematics are a little bit more worth it, like if you guys don't have either the golden armor or like that ether blade, both of these things are absolutely lifesavers and will help you guys out with doing almost anything in Modern Warfare zombies, and don't get me wrong, some of those new schematics are really cool too, like that mags of holding that can really op on some weapons, plus finally having a schematic for the vr11.


It's really cool too, because this wonder weapon is really powerful, but I do have to say. I think the drop rate for the vr11 has been upped a lot because I've been finding this thing everywhere, like in contracts and tier three contracts, and here in the dark ether, and just like in general. I've been finding these things a lot lately, and the blood burner key is pretty cool, especially if you plan on hanging out in like the big map for a long time.

That bike is really awesome. I think it is slightly bugged right now, though, because they do have its so-called feature. But from what I found, if you stay away from your own blood burner for too long and if you try to come back to it, it'll happen to you too, even on your own bike. They need to kind of fix the fact that we're finally here at our very last location.

Out here, you got manglers, like there is just everything. I think if you can handle this part solo without going down, you can pretty much handle anything in this game. We finally got this contract done. We're going to pick up our loot from our Mega Abomination really quick, and then we're going to come over here.

Today we go back into the old Dark Aether to get those classified schematics and rare loot. I appreciate the support! - Ghost. Membership Link.
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