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So today was the launch of season 2 reloaded in Modern Warfare 3 zombies, which gave us one of the biggest updates that this game has seen yet. We got a brand new dark ether Rift and a bunch of new schematics for us to go get, so here today I'm going to walk you guys through step by step on how you guys can not only unlock the dark ether but get those schematics unlocked as well.

I appreciate everybody who stops by the article today. So to start this thing off and prepare yourself for unlocking the new dark ether Rift, we're going to have to do the new story mission that they just came out with. When you load into a match, this thing will be highlighted; it's in the red tier zone up towards the top of it.

Now when you go in here, everything is going to be at a threat level of two, so I would advise you guys to at least get your guns to a pack-a-punch of at least level two and have a decent ether tool to throw on here once you guys get all your perks and your weapons are nice and Pack-a-Punch, let's go ahead and start that story.


Mission now, when you come in here, it's going to be just like the previous dark ether you're going to have to be going around and completing. Those seals, although in this dark ether, aren't going to tell you where they are. Of course, if you had a scorcher case, it could make doing this way easier, but if you follow the path that I'm going to show you guys right here, it's going to make it really easy even without the scorcher case.

So when you first spawn, the closest seal to you is going to be on the ship that is directly to your left. So when you first spawn in, just go ahead and immediately turn around and make your way to the back of the ship. You're going to see that there's a billboard sign that you can crawl on top of and then a truck that you can jump over to get on top of the ship.


We'll make your way to the other side of the ship, and there's going to be a seal there that you can start now. What this thing is going to want you to do is melee. Zombies inside of the circle close to the seal and once you Mele lay enough of them you're going to get the boxing gloves, once you get the boxing gloves make your way towards the back of the boat again and then you can jump off and make your way up north towards the map go up that main road and then you're going to come against another seal, now once you activate this one it's going to want you to get those critical head shots with zombies close to it these are honestly done really fast they only want you to get like maybe 10 or 15 of them once you complete this it's going to drop you the Target now as soon as I got the target I made my way back to the very beginning where I spawned in and there's going to be a signal where you're going to have to go into a building and talk to these people Well, then an ACV is going to spawn, and you're going to have to ride this thing until it gets to the mall; it will make two stops along the way.

All you have to do is just kill one mimic, and then there's another stop where you just got to kill off some zombies, but once you reach the mall, what you're going to want to do is jump off and go towards the river that's at the north, and inside the river in the middle, you're going to find another seal.


Now this one is a little bit more confusing. But if you just look at the ground, you'll notice that if the ground is on fire, then you're going to have to use a Napal. Mod to kill the Zombies, now the mods are going to be spawning on the seal but I do believe there is only one of each so use them wisely, once you kill a bunch of zombies using each one of the mods it's going to be dropping you the mirror once you get your hands on the mirror go ahead and haul ass back to the ACV, it's going to be in front of the mall now this part is going to be a little bit tricky and you're going to want to make sure that you have a gas mask now don't worry there is a bunch of ammo replenishing, stations, inside of the mall basically the mall is a big stronghold, and what you're going to have to do is go in here and shoot a bunch of those cysts there's going to be 15 of them now having depth perception is really going to help you out when doing this cuz you can see those things through walls and exactly where they're going to be at but this was probably the biggest pain of doing this whole thing To be honest, once you finish clearing out the stronghold, you're going to make your way back to the ACV, and then the ACV is going to make its way over to the final boss.


You're going to have to activate a PN D, and then once you hold out there for a few minutes, that's when the new boss is going to spawn. Don't worry, he is a little bit tanky, but he's not too tough, and once you complete this guy, he's going to be dropping you the drum. Also, once you beat him, there's going to be an exit portal right there, and if you did this exactly like I just showed you, you should have all four of the pieces, and you should be good to go to xville.

Now that we have all four of the pieces, we're going to have to come back into our next match, and now we have to upgrade. These things start off with the boxing gloves if you make your way down to this building right here. If you guys realize there is a ring inside the building, just go ahead and jump inside of it.


Offer the boxing gloves, and then what you're going to have to do is come over to the punching bags here and punch the bags from left to right. Once all three punching bags are on fire, there's going to be a zombie that spawns. With the boxing gloves, you're going to have to get back inside the ring, and then you can melee that zombie to death, and once you do, he's going to drop you the golden boxing gloves.

Now we're going to head up to the shooting range, which is up by the manor, and what we're going to do is walk up to this little thing here, and we are going to offer our target. Now a bunch of these targets are going to be popping up all over you that are blue, and if you head-shot them, they're going to be turning red.

Some of these are a little bit tricky to find, so just look around and make sure that you get all of them. Once you've shot all of these things, they're going to give you the golden target. Once you've acquired the golden target, we're going to make our way up to the cemetery. Now, this one took me a minute to find, but we're going to be sacrificing our mirror.


By this gravestone, here the zombie is going to pop up and he's going to have a different color on him now for me he was green, so I walked up to this thing where all of the ammo mods are going to be spawning, and just pick the correct one and shoot your zombie with that, and he should be dropping you the golden mirror.

Today we unlock the new schematics that came with season 2 reloaded and explore the new dark aether rift. Thanks for the support everyone! - Ghost. Membership Link.
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