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We're going to take it in-game here today and test it out in the red-tier zone against some Mega Abominations and some HVTs. Then we're also going to go into the dark ether and see how it handles itself there. I appreciate everybody who stops by the article today. So we're just going to get right to it, man, and get right into the red-tier zone.

I ended up bringing in two refined crystals that we're going to throw on the legendary tool on this thing as well, and I also got the mag of holding, but 120 rounds after pack-a-punched isn't bad without it. We ended up getting this HVT on this Mega Abomination, and it was actually popping off those heads pretty damn fast, as you can see here.

Yes, we did have a legendary ether tool on here, but it is only Pap 2, and we're just shredding through these Tier 3 zombies. I'm definitely already impressed with the power of this thing, if it's only at Pap 2, and we're doing this kind of damage to these guys. I actually can't wait to see what this thing's doing once we get it to Pap 3.


Now, I did use this gun a little bit back when I was grinding camos, but once I got the Borealis Camo, I kind of stopped. Maybe I should go back and finish out the bioluminescent. For Modern Warfare 2 Guns, it just stinks that we can't swap the mastery camos in between the sets of guns. I don't understand why we can't put bioluminescent, On the Modern Warfare 3 guns, and like Borealis, on the Modern Warfare 2 guns, it just doesn't make any sense to me.

Also, you'll notice I came in with the underbarrel drill charger attachment. I just kind of wanted to see what it was doing. I figured since the other attachments, or the other underbarrel attachments, were broken right now, I might as well try these ones, and it was pretty much a noo. It was kind of fun to blow up that zombie in the beginning, though yeah, please don't waste your attachment slot on this thing.

In my loadout at the end of the article, I actually replaced it with a grip. This thing is just devastating. This mega-abomination, At only a Pap two, and when you look at those guys, he also dropped us a legendary Ether tool. I don't know about you, but I really kind of feel like the loot here in Tier 3 has been definitely buffed up in Season 2 Reloaded.


Maybe not so much on the Ether Tools side of things; I seem to be finding those a little bit less and less, but the crystals. Man, I don't know what it is, but my backpack is just always full of crystals. We got our P-3 here, and I also don't know what it is; it seems like lately. Tier three has just flooded with people like it's really hard to grab contracts, and stuff like if you don't have a scorcher, then it's almost impossible to grab a contract in some games.

Why is it nice every once in a while when I spawn in and I just see like a bunch of people hanging out in zone 2 and stuff like that? I'm like, Yes, finally, for once. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy that people are finally getting a hold of the game and everybody's, kind of knowing what they're doing and stuff like that, but it would be nice if we had more play areas to go to.


I think it's definitely time for them to introduce something like a new map or something somewhere else for us to go look at that we took out our second hvt. Mega Abomination now with our weapon up at a p 3, and I got to say that was much faster, this is definitely shredding guys, and look at that, he also dropped us a VR1.

Case, and then in the rift we ended up getting a juggernaut. Next, we ended up getting an HVT on this mangler here, and he ended up being a little bit more of a pain in my ass. Sometimes I almost feel like these things can be a little bit more tanky than the mega-abominations. I feel like the mega-abominations have those big weak spots.

Yeah, on these guys, you do have the cannons or the heads, but if you're not hitting him right in that head or right in the cannon, it just doesn't feel like some weapons are really like doing that damage that you need, which ultimately just kind of makes him feel like a bullet sponge sometimes, which is never fun, and I figured.


What the hell, let's go ahead and take on one more hvt. Mega Abomination. Down here, and this guy was in a pretty nice spot, because you can just sit up on the roof here and usually not be bothered by any zombies. This tar is absolutely dealing with these megaabominations with ease, but I am curious about how it's going to deal with that HVT once we go inside the dark ether.

Now I did end up bringing an elder sigil in with me, so these zombies and this hvt that's going to be in here are going to be a bit stronger than if you were to use a regular sigil, and I'm not going to lie, there aren't very many guns in the game right now that I put my full 100% faith in to deal with this hvt.

Mega Abomination. By themselves, like I would usually advise you guys to bring in like a juggernaut, suit just to deal with the hvt, mega if you have to, or like right now, you can definitely be abusing that flamethrower. That's probably the fastest way to kill the mega-abominations. Right now, hands down, but you guys already know that thing's going to get nerfed here eventually.


When I was first starting to fight this thing. I was feeling a little bit confident because I felt like I popped that first head off pretty fast, but I was getting a little bit oversworn with zombies down here in the fog, so I figured maybe I could lure him up out of the fog and kind of have an easier fight up here.

See, I even tried shooting him with those drill charges, but they didn't do it. But I was finally able to get him all the way up here. The only problem was that he refused to keep beaming at me. I did get his health a little down past halfway, but after absolutely refusing to shoot me with his beams and just charging at me a bunch, he eventually ran back down into his hole and started regenerating his health, so I said.

You know what? Let's just throw out the jug and get this thing over with. Yeah, I definitely think that this FR could have gotten the job done, though it's just the right circumstances. And if you can get him to shoot you with those beams a lot, sometimes there's also that floating boat if he's right next to that floating boat and you can land right on top of that thing, but after getting this guy dealt with our jug, we ended up getting some golden armor plates, and we got that vr11.


Schematic, so definitely not a bad pull from the loot from this guy. The one thing that I definitely love about this new dark ether is that we can get all of the acquisitions from the previous dark ether and the ones from this new dark ether all inside of here. Yes. I do feel like the previous dark ether acquisitions are a little bit rare, but just the fact that we can find them in here is awesome, so now we are over in our holdout mission here, and this is where they are going to kind of stand out here in the Elder Dark ether.

Today we look at the FR Avancer here in MW3 Zombies and this thing shreds everything. I appreciate all the support everyone! - Ghost. Membership Link.
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