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Today we're going to be looking at something that got a really huge secret buff here in Modern Warfare zombies, and I can absolutely guarantee you that there is not a more powerful weapon in this game right now, and the crazy thing is that this actually isn't even a weapon; it's an attachment. So today we're going to be looking at the flamethrower.

And this thing got a huge secret buff during the season 2 reloaded update, and when I used this thing, it blew me away, guys. I appreciate everybody who stopped by the article today. We just hit 12, 000 subscribers. Check this out; we are in Tier 3. With a completely gray gun, no Pack-a-Punch, no ammo mod, and we are instantly deleting Tier three zombies, there is not a single gun in the game that can do this, or have we had a single gun in the game that can do this just absolutely, burning through these Tier three zombies?

This thing is insane, and it's actually extremely fun to use. I'm not going to lie; hell, I even tried to take on this Tier 3 discipleship with this thing, and granted, I only had what I think is 116. In the fuel tank, we were almost able to kill this thing. I did have to finish him off with the throwing knives; if I had hit that ammo station before I tried this, I would have definitely taken this guy out with ease.


Yeah, hell no, I couldn't let this guy get away, so we're in a back-off into Tier 2, and we're going to go ahead and throw all of our stuff on really quick. We got that flawless crystal we're going to throw on here in that epic ether tool. We also got the nap pal, which I'm going to throw on there for the hell of it.

I figured fire with fire; let's do it. We also do have that Elder sigil on, so we're going to be going in there and also testing it out on that HVT, Mega Abomination. And also just seeing how it handles, like the hordes of zombies that are in there, because those are just a little bit stronger than Tier 3 zombies, so we're definitely going to have to go check that out.

You guys can see me coming back in here into Tier 3 with this thing almost fully upgraded. Yeah, we are just absolutely shredding through these zombies. Nothing out here stands a chance. If you guys are on the controller, just tap that trigger. That way, it just spits out that flame, as you guys can see right here.


I'm going to take on one of those armored zombies, and just as he goes down in a second, watch this mangler right here. It's like he's here and he's gone. Don't get me wrong, guys. I absolutely loved the Lockwood 680 back in its heyday when it was the king of this mode, but yeah, it's got nothing on this flamethrower.

So now it's officially time to take this thing and go test it on one of the big boys, so let's go down and try it on this mega-abomination. Right here, do you see the health? Just fall off of this guy; it is crazy. If he didn't end up charging me right here, I think this would have been the fastest way I've ever killed a mega-abomination.

I'm not going to lie now that I've done about everything that I want to do out here on the main map. We're going to take this elder's sigil and go on into the dark ether. You know, the very first thing that I got to do when I came in here was test it on that HVT. Mega Abomination, so we're going to grab that bunny here really quick.


Also, if you guys need to know just how to open up the dark ether, or maybe you're struggling to find any of these contracts or anything, or you want to know how to upgrade those pieces. I'm going to have a article down in the description that you guys should go check out; hopefully it might be able to help you out if I didn't have to clear out so many damn zombies being in here in the Elder Dark Eternal and being by myself.

I think this flamethrower would have definitely been able to take him on with a single tank, but I did have to find myself going off and refilling. This thing's damage output was still insane, and I would say this is an absolute, top-tier way to take on this Mega Abomination, especially if you don't have a jug suit.

That's fun, and I really don't know why, but yeah, I went off and I refilled the tank on this thing, and I came back, and he was actually standing out of the fog, surprisingly, which is fine by me. I honestly hate fighting in that damn fog, but he ended up dropping us a dog bone, which is awesome.


I love the fact that we can find those previous dark ether acquisitions in this one as well. That just gives me more of a reason and a want to come in here and farm this one, knowing that I can get all those different acquisitions, not only from the previous one but from this one as well. That's just awesome.

Now we're over here in the holdout, and absolutely no surprise, this thing is holding its own now. I did end up setting up one sentry gun just because I did have it, but with this flamethrower. I really don't think I would have needed it—my only real con with this flamethrower is the size of the tank.

I wish it had a little bit more in it, especially after we pack a punch, but it's really not too bad as long as you just try to keep tapping the trigger and just try to conserve as much ammo as possible. After getting this hold-out mission done, we went over and got the ether extractor one done, but we really didn't use the flamethrower.


There was too much in this just at the very end, but I'm pretty happy with the loot that we ended up pulling out of this contract. Though we ended up getting that golden armor, we did get those schematics for the mags of holding, and then we got a refined ether crystal, so some pretty good loot out of that one was also really quick.

Just before we go, I'm going to stop up here at this x-ville. I don't know if you guys have been in here in the dark ether a lot and if you come up here to this extraction, but usually if you come up here to this extraction, you're going to have a lot of zombies tailing you, so I'm going to throw a decoy down here, and I just want to see this thing just torch through this pile of zombies.

It's absolutely insane. This thing is crazy. I would say to use this thing before the developers get their hands on it.

Today we look at the most op weapon and attachment in mw3 zombies. The JAK Purifier Flamethrower This is the most powerful thing in MWZ hands down right now after season 2 reloaded update. Membership Link.
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