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So before the start of season 2, I reloaded. I appreciate everybody who saw us in the article today. We just hit 12, 000 subscribers, and we're already well on the road to 13, so if you guys are like me and if you've kind of completed your schematic grind for a while now and you're just kind of doing most of this for fun, it's really cool to just kind of drop off those schematics to people that need them, especially if they're already doing something that's supposed to get them that schematic, especially when somebody's doing something like the red worm.

I've come to find that lately, the rewards in the Elder Eternity have been a lot better than going into the regular one. Completing those contracts here in the Elder Dark ether will not only guarantee you those schematics, but it's also going to make sure that you're getting those classified acquisitions.

Especially for just going around and collecting like all those keys, the only thing that I would say is that if you brought in the scorcher case and if you don't have the vr11, then doing that escort mission, especially if you're solo, is going to be very, very difficult, but other than that, if you're trying to do anything else like either just farm up the other contracts or get all of the wonder weapon cases, this thing is absolutely amazing.


I wanted to bring up something else because I found myself trying to come into the dark ether a lot more because I've kind of noticed a problem in Modern Warfare Zombies lately, and I've been trying to think of a decent solution for this. I'm not sure if there really is one at this particular point in time, but most of the time when I spawn into Modern Warfare Zombies recently, almost everybody in the lobby goes straight for the Red Zone, and then it's just immediately packed with everybody in the lobby in the red zone, and then contracts are incredibly hard to get.


Unless you have the scorcher case, then you can just go around and try to steal those contracts. As fast as you can, but for all the other people. I mean, it kind of sucks because you're sitting there trying to grab contracts the entire time, and there's going to be a few people with scorchers that are just constantly stealing them, so it's very rare nowadays that I find lobbies where there's a bunch of people that are really mainly hanging out in like Tier 2 or even the first zone, so I guess my question is, what could we do to mitigate this, like how can we make it so the players are at least a little bit more spread out or if they have more places to go because at this point right now when we have almost all 24.

players going straight for that Red Zone? The red zone's not very big, and there's not very many contracts out there that are spawning in at all times now. I think that the dark ether rips are honestly a great way to kind of fix this because I find myself coming in here a lot just because I don't want to be out there fighting for contracts and stuff like that, and it does give me a little bit more of a challenge when I come in here, so possibly with the introduction.


Of the new ether rift that we're going to be getting tomorrow. Maybe that'll be able to spread some of the players out a little bit more and have more people from different levels of play coming into the mode, because I think right now we're kind of at a point where the majority of players that are still playing this game on almost a daily basis are all to the point where they're all very comfortable, to hang out in the red tier zone or going into the dark ether or doing the red worm with their crew, because that's pretty much all I'm seeing nowadays, which is honestly a good thing.

I'm glad that people are finally getting to that point where there's, you know, a lot more people that are way more comfortable with the game and that they're actually getting the flow of everything, but I think we're kind of coming to like a difficulty cap where things are not. We have some very powerful items in the game mode, and our highest Threat Level Zone, where we get the best rewards and can fight the toughest enemies, is quite small, and it just gets overpopulated.


With people, honestly, I do think it might be time for them to be introduced. And then it would give. I think this is another place for just a large majority of the players that have already done everything on the main map. Not only would it just give us a new scenery and a new place to play, but it would also free up that main map a bit and let those players that are still like doing their missions and stuff like that complete all their stuff that they need to, and then if they want to go out into Tier 3, they don't just feel absolutely suffocated.

By all the people that are out there and just stealing, contracts, and everything, yeah, and as you guys can see here in the article. I'm actually using the HRM, or the HMR. Whatever it's called. I'm using that build; actually, it's the metal build that's in War Zone Z right now, and I figured. Hey, if it's the meta in War Zone, why don't we come over and try the build here over in Zombies?


It has the extended mag and everything on it like I would want, and it actually handled quite nicely. I wouldn't say it's probably one of the absolute best SMGs in the game, but it was really good. Not only did it do well in here, but it also served me well when I was just gearing up to come into the dark ether, and during the red worm fight, it seemed to handle itself pretty well, so right now we're going around, and we're going to be gathering up those keys to search for some Wonder Weapons, and in this match here.

I ended up finding a VR 111k. I'm telling you guys that those things have been popping up for me a lot more lately, and I definitely think it's worth it to come in here and check these lock rooms, especially if you're coming in to the Elder. Well. I even had a comment from somebody that told me that they got a VR11.

Case, from doing a Tier 3 contract, and I honestly didn't believe him because I play this game almost every single day and I've never seen it, but guess what? I just completed a Tier 3 contract on a Mangler the other day, and he ended up giving me a VR 11k, so it definitely is possible, which also has me kind of thinking yet again if the contracts in Tier 3 have been buffed up a little bit.


Do you guys think the loot and whatnot seem to be finding a lot more flawless crystals? and just wonder about weapons, cases, and stuff like that. I don't know, man. It might just be my luck, but yet again, you never know; they could be trying to up the loot a little bit, just trying to pull people back in.

It's kind of towards that time where a lot of the content in this game has been going dry, and it's been out for quite a while. The people who are really into it are still playing it and grinding it. There's also been a big part of the player base that tried it, maybe kind of liked it, but then stopped playing it.

Today we make a last good run with the red worm and dark aether before the start of season 2 reloaded. I appreciate all the support everyone! - Ghost. Membership Link.
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