News - Warzone 2 Zombies Dark Aether Buffed After Season 2 But This Makes It Easy


So after season 2, they ended up making some pretty big changes to the Wonder Weapons here in Modern Warfare zombies, and one of those was my favorite wonder weapon here in the game, the scorcher. I appreciate everybody who's watching the article today. We're almost at 11, 000 subscribers. Killing some mega-abominations.

Gathering up our necessary perks and getting some Essence and things like that, just generally gearing myself up to go into the dark ether, now there are some things that have kind of changed, at least for me, as I want to go inside of here, especially for doing those ether extractor contracts. One of the necessary things that I think you guys should be doing is bringing in at least three monkey bombs or some of the cashmere grenades.

Now, you can purchase monkey bombs at Bu stations, but they do cost $5,000. Essence, which I do think is a little bit spendy, and these things are really easy to find all over the map, so I was finally ready to go on into the dark ether, and this game was feeding me sentry guns, so I had a plan for these things as well, but we're actually going to start off with the ether extractors first because I want to get these things out of the way, plus it's the quickest bunny for you to get to.


And it just kind of has a good flow to it when you do these contracts in order. There is no particular way that you guys should be doing these, but I've noticed myself and a couple other content creators kind of do it in the same order: we first go over and grab the ether extractor ones just to get these done, and then it's just really easy to hop on down to the bus where the holdout Mission Bunny is, and then after that if you really want to attempt.


The escort mission. I noticed a lot of people usually save that one for last, so yeah, since season 2. The dark ether and the Red Zone have both kind of been buffed up a little bit especially actually here in the dark ether these zombies kind of feel a little bit more crazy so when I drop down here on this first ether extractor I like hitting the corner now when you throw your monkey bomb you're going to want to make sure that you throw them away from your ether extractor, but at the same time you're also going to want them somewhat close so that way the zombies do not get distracted, by these things I've had that happen before just because of the sheer number of these zombies that they got in here now and like there it seems like they always got big nice hordes of them that are all around these ether extractors, now you really don't get lucky where there's like none definitely think having the these things that actually are going to deal damage to the zombies, and distract them at the same time to be very helpful now so we got this second one we're going to boost over here and go and get this third one might as well stop off here and grab the key on top of the Fortress.


Really quick, why not? We're here if you guys are still struggling to find anything here in the dark ether. Maybe you need to know where some of the keys are or if you don't know where any of the bunny contracts are. I'm going to throw up a map on the screen right here; it's going to show you where all of the objectives in the dark ether are, where all of those hidden keys are those locked doors; there's also a doghouse; the harvesting orb; anything you guys want to know about the dark ether is going to be here on the map; so big shout out to mwz.

Hub They are the ones who put together all of these interactive maps. I've referenced them several times throughout my articles; they do great work. I highly recommend you guys go check them out. So we finally got our very last ether extractor done here, and man, the loot that came out of this thing was absolutely abysmal.

I don't know; I've made quite a few runs here in the dark ether since the season 2 update, and I kind of feel like the loot has been nerfed here in the dark ether just a little bit, like these things have become a little bit rarer for us to find. I was coming out with either an ether blade, a golden dog bone, or a golden armor plate.


Yeah, I don't know. I feel like the last few times that I've been in here, the loot has been a little bit more scarce. I do know that they probably want to make these acquisitions. Actually, I feel like they are rare, and when you find these things, you do actually kind of get excited because you don't find them all the time.

If we find a duplicate schematic and we EX fill with that, I think that should reduce the cool-down timers by just a bit. I don't know; I feel like they could do something with this. We found ourselves here on the holdout mission now, and I told you guys I had a plan for these sentry guns. I ended up setting one on each doorway just to kind of help me out.


Now, these things are definitely not necessary. Especially since I had an ether blade and stuff. I have a feeling I would have been just fine, but yeah, there are definitely a lot more zombies that are going to be running in on you in here, so these things definitely did help me out, and I really don't use them unless I'm going to be fighting like the Red War worm or something like that, so I might as well use them cuz they're going to go to waste as soon as I exfill, now for me personally I'm really not a big fan of how the loot feels now where the loot kind of feels crappy I'm not going to lie, but I do actually kind of like just how the game playay feels here in the dark ether now, especially as a little bit more of an experienced player.

I really do like that this actually does feel like a challenge now, especially back before season 1 reloaded. The dark ether felt incredibly easy. Once we got that reloaded update, it did feel a little bit tougher in here, but we could still use some work. Now it feels like it's actually in a really good spot.

I mean, especially if you're solo and you're going to be coming in here, it's not going to be such a cakewalk, and you're actually going to be feeling like you're fighting for your life a little bit to get some of these rare items, but we finally got this hold out. Mission done, and man, the loot is not with me on this one.


We didn't get any of those classified schematics; in this run, just a bunch of Epic ether tools, which isn't the worst, I guess, but come on guys, something would have been nice. Hell, we even went around and grabbed these keys, and I went in here to go check and see if this wonder weapon was in here, and there was something, but it was a damn ray gun, and I don't even want the thing, so I just left it there, so lastly, since I was feeling a little bit ballsy.

Today we look at some of the buffs on the scorcher case after season two here in MWZ and also run the dark aether. I appreciate all the support everyone! Means the world to me. - Ghost.
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