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Today we're going to be heading on into the new Elder Dark Eternity to gather up some of those new acquisitions. Unstoppable i'll actually go up and throw the load out at the end of the articles if you guys want to check that out. So starting off here in the dark ether, we are going to be grabbing our hvt, contract, first because it is right next to you when you spawn.

All you have to do is turn around, and it's going to be in the building right behind you to your left. Now you can follow all the steps that I do in this article exactly, and I will lead you to where all the bunnies are, but if you want to know the exact pinpoint locations, see my previous article. I did pull up the map whenever I got to each bunny and show you exactly where they were, but I had to say these contracts.


Especially here in this dark ether, these ones were not hard to find at all matter of fact this hvt, one the very first thing that we grabbed is probably the hardest one for you to find with the other two being one on top of the mall and then the other one being on the tallest building in the map they're pretty hard to miss so if you guys are going to be running solo there is a big tip that I can give you for coming in here into the dark ether to get most of these contracts, done you're going to need a few things now the very first thing that I would suggest you guys bring in is a juggernaut.

That is, to take care of this HVT. Right here now, there are a few different ways that you can take this thing down, like using the vr11. And stuff like that but you might be having a hard time cuz you are going to be swanned with a lot of zombies, and it is really foggy down here and it's hard to see if you want to lure him up onto the street you can do that but sometimes he will run back in into the fog and also when you're using your Juggernaut, just try not to lose it cuz I keep doing that myself I'll throw it down and then I get sworn by zombies and then I end up losing this damn thing once you get inside the suit you shouldn't have any problems taking this thing down even if you feel like you're overrun, just a little bit so with finally getting this guy taken care of he ended up giving us the bloodb burner key schematics.


Which is the one that I actually had to grind quite a few times. I had to come into the dark ether several times before I ended up getting all three of the schematics. We also got another Elder sigil, and he gave us the Maga hole and acquisition, so I'm definitely going to take those. Now that we got this one done.

I'm going to take my ass out of the fog because I hate fighting in here, and we're going to go get our next contract, which is going to be on the building that is straight in front of us. It's as tall as a building. Once we get to the other side of it, there's going to be a ladder that goes to the very top.

I was shooting these crystals right here because I was looking for another decoy, the grenade CU. I accidentally switched those out for my monkey bombs when I ran out of them, so now I don't have any more decoy grenades, which kind of stinks about starting this contract. Here is going to do the holdout mission, and you'll notice in my backpack pack I have a couple of centuries, and that's what those are going to be for me personally.


I think if you're coming in here solo, this is probably going to be the most difficult contract for you guys to do, at least usually. For me, this is the one contract where you're probably going to actually find yourself shooting zombies. You could probably do the majority of this without even killing any zombies if you really wanted to.

This holdout mission is going to be out in the carnival area, and there is going to be an ammo thing that's right in between where you activate the contract and where the holdout is, so I usually like to stop and refill my ammo. Now this hay maker is pretty nice. I actually really liked it for taking down those tier three bosses, like when I was fighting that Mega Abomination.

He went down easy as hell, and it does handle the zombies pretty well, but this Wonder Woman's going to be helping us a lot when we're doing this holdout mission because it just stuns those big hordes of zombies at once and then kills them off. I don't know, guys, but I think this is definitely one of the most underrated Wonder Weapons that we have here.


It's just so good. I'm going to set up both of these sentry guns in here just to kind of help me out a bit, and trust me, it still does get pretty hectic in here. Having that golden armor and an ether blade would really help you guys out a lot too, and also, that kind of brings me to another point: if you guys are grinding, this is where I have been finding those previous dark ether acquisitions.

In here as well, like I've been finding those golden armors, I found dog bones, and I'm not quite sure if I found an ether blade yet or not. I don't think I have found an ether blade yet, but it is pretty cool that you can find all of those classified acquisitions by coming into this dark ether, so if you guys want to be farming up any of those, you can be coming in here with this Wonder Wol.


Just taking these things out, I absolutely love this thing, so what are you guys thinking about season 2 reloaded up so far? I mean, I think it's pretty cool. I really like a lot of the updates that they're making to the game. I like a lot of the quality of life things that they're doing, like the containment, levels, and stuff like that for the operators; how we actually have kind of a wallet system and stuff like that; we have cheaper perks now reduced Pack-a-Punch; prices; and stuff like that.

I just really think those are good quality-of-life things that they added to the game. I definitely really do like this addition of the dark ether. I think this one is way more solo player-friendly, but some of those acquisitions that you get from the previous dark ether. I think those are probably a little bit better than these, like the golden armor and the ether blade.

I think those are still probably the best schematics that you can get in the game. Yeah, the blood burner is pretty cool, but you can only use it in the main map, the mags of holding. Now that one is really OP, I have to admit, plus the vr11. But I don't know, man. I'm still thinking that the golden armor and the ether blade are the best schematics to get in the game.


What do you guys think? I still have yet to go try to defeat the new warlord; honestly, I've had no interest so far. I just don't really like to fight human AI in my zombie games. I wish I could fight more zombie bosses; that would be cool, plus. I think with the letdown, like with our last warlord, with the loot that we got from them, it just kind of put a sour taste in my mouth.

Today we get all the new season 2 reloaded schematics and new dark aether loot. I appreciate all the support everyone! - Ghost. Membership Link.
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