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Today we're going to be heading on into the new Elder Dark Eternity, and we're going to be completing it without killing one single zombie. We ended up doing this with the previous Dark Eternity, so you know I had to come in here and try it on this one as well, and this is definitely something that I think anybody can try because it really doesn't take any crazy acquisitions or anything like that.

I appreciate everybody who stopped by the article today. We just hit 13, 000. You guys have just been absolutely killing it on the channel, so one of the contracts for coming in here into the dark ether is going to be an HVT. So in order to progress this, we are going to have to kill him, but it's going to be trying to keep all the rest of those zombies away from the HVT.

While we're doing it, that's going to be the challenge, and luckily, on this run, we did end up getting The Mangler. Thank God, I did end up trying this once before, and we got the Mega Abomination. Now I did actually complete that dark ether run, but I ended up dying on the way to the xfill, which kind of sucked, but luckily with this mangler, we should be able to get this one done pretty easily.


The setup for doing this is extremely simple; all you guys are going to have to do is duplicate a bunch of those decoys at one of those ammo refill stations. Basically, what you got to do is end up dropping one of your decoys, filling them up at the ammo refill stations, and then stowing that one that's on the ground in your backpack, and then just rinse and repeat until you got a full backpack of these things, and not only is The Mangler going to make this contract just easier to do in general, but the location that he's in is a little bit closer to our next contract that we need to start, so that's nice as well.

Once we get somewhat close to The Mangler but not too close, we're going to end up tossing out one of those decoys. We can get all these zombies away from him, so that way we don't hurt any of them while we're trying to kill this guy; we're just going to torch him with this flamethrower. Now he seemed to take a little bit more damage this time than he did last time.


I tried this if you brought in a large rucksack of those decoys. Don't be afraid to toss those out here and there down here because you're definitely going to need them now. There are going to be a few zombies that end up blowing up once we complete the contracts. There's nothing that I can do about that after completing it.

This guy is not the worst looter. We ended up getting an epic either tool; we got that mags of holding; we got the blood burner schematics; plus another self-revive. So I'm definitely going to be pocket in a few of those things now it's time to take my ass up out of the fog and go and start our holdout mission now this one is the one that's going to be a little bit of a challenge we're going to end up using the same method that I kind of worked out from the previous one now they did up the decoys up from 6 seconds to 8 seconds so what you're going to do is when you're in the contract.

Go ahead and throw one of the decoys, and then count up to seven, and then go ahead and toss out your next one. I feel like if we can get this contract done doing it this way, then we're practically almost done because I'm already used to doing the last contract this way with the decoys anyway, doing those ether extractors.


Hop up here and grab our next bunny that's going to start our holdout mission. Yeah, and Mwz and Hub did update their site; they do have the new dark ether maps up, so I'm going to throw that map up on the screen right here. These guys do amazing work. I highly recommend you guys go check them out before making our way over to the holdout over here.

If you guys are running low on decoys, there is an ammo refill station that is just outside of this building. Here. I'm trying to duplicate a bunch of decoys while you're trying to do this contract, and stuff is going to be really hard because it is just a little bit away, plus there's going to be a lot of zombies around you, so just more of a last resort thing if you need one or two more to get this thing started.


And yeah, so basically, all we're going to do is we're going to toss out a decoy, we're going to wait roughly 7 seconds, and then we're going to toss out another one. I was making the mistake first of, like, keeping these guys in the room with me, and I was like, yeah, I need to toss out these decoys out so that way I can get some of these zombies out of here.

Even though they get distracted by the decoys too, they'll still try to bite you sometimes. I kind of pushed myself into the kitchen; if I really had to. I could just train the zombies out and around the building, and then I could come back in and grab our reward once this thing is done here. Yeah, I don't know about you guys, but I find coming into this dark ether just a lot more enjoyable, especially for running solo.

Some of it just has to do with it being like a new play area for us to actually be in Modern Warfare Zombies. I'm just so sick of running around in the same places all the time, but it is way more solo player friendly, like you don't actually have to rely on a certain item in order to get certain contracts, like doing that escort; you needed a vr11.


In this one. I would say the hardest thing that you really would need to have to do is complete that HVT contract, and that's just having something that is powerful enough to take care of them, and then other than that, you can get these other two contracts done with literally just decoy grenades, and that's it.

Plus, I like the fact that I can find everything in here, like all those old classified acquisitions from the old dark ether, and I can also find that new stuff. Now I do kind of find the old classified acquisitions from the old dark ether to be a little bit better than the new ones, so it's kind of a give and take; we got that holdout.

Mission done, and we ended up getting a VR 11 case. We got the mags for holding schematics and another Elder sigil, so we're going to be pocketing those and heading on up to do our very last contract, and we have exactly three decoy grenades, so we should be good to go with this now. If I were smart.


I would have put the two decoy grenades in the rucksack and then put the one decoy grenade in the slot so that way I could have refilled it and had four, but well, we're just going to get it done, boys. What do you guys think is going to be coming down the road for Modern Warfare Zombies in season 3?

Like, what do you guys think we're going to be getting for season 3 now that we just got this new dark ether and some new schematics and stuff like that? Do you think that we're just going to kind of get the shaft again for season 3 and not really get any content? Or do you think they might actually end up surprising us and coming out with something decent for this game mode?

Today we complete the new dark aether without killing a single zombies here in season 2 reloaded. I appreciate the support everyone! - Ghost. Membership Link.
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