News - Pistols Are Dominating Warzone 2 Zombies Season 3 Easy Schematics


Today we're going to be taking a look at another little pistol SMG hybrid, and no, this time it's not the retti; we're going to be taking a look at the x13. Auto pistol from Modern Warfare 2, and when we put the impact point barrel on this thing, it turns it into a little pocket-sized SMG. I appreciate everybody who stops by the article today.

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Use code Ghost to check out for 5% off your entire order. Was it just me, or did the servers The last couple of days have been really bad because I've had quite a few matches that have just ended in pure tragedy. Let's get into this pistol, guys. I immediately took this thing into the second-tier zone.


I was impressed right off the bat. The handling seemed pretty good, the movement was pretty good, and it was just taking out these zombies with ease. We finally got our Pap 3, and we made our way into the red-tier zone. I decided to fight this mega-abomination, and I have to say that the damage that it was doing was actually quite impressive.

But the one problem that this gun has is that even with the magga holding it, it only holds 400. rounds, and you're going to go through those really quick shots this thing shoots, really fast, and especially when you don't have to stop firing, you're going to burn through that ammo. Let's be honest: nine times out of 10, whenever you're fighting a mega-abomination, there's going to be other zombies and stuff around you too that you're usually shooting at.


Now, we were able to kill this guy really fast, but we did have to stop. I pulled out the Wonder World, and I had to kill a bunch of zombies just so I could collect some ammo to finish them off. Just look at how well and how fast this thing is dealing with these tier three zombies and the disciple, The Mangler, who was also behind me.

It's just dealing with all the bosses really fast. This is like what I was talking about in my previous article when I was talking about certain guns that are just good with everything. This is kind of one of those guns. I really didn't mind using the iso Hemlock; it really wasn't that bad, and it was really fast at killing those Mega Abominations, for sure, but it was not the greatest weapon when just killing zombies in like the red tier zone or dealing with the other bosses.

Now this thing is just shredding everything. Yeah, you're definitely not going to hear too many complaints from me about this thing. My only big complaint and big drawback to this weapon is just how much ammo it holds. Next, we ended up getting this HVT, Here on a Mangler, and it ended up taking him down surprisingly.


Fast plus the mega Abomination, that charged across the screen right at the end of it, almost gave me a damn heart attack, so after messing around in the red tier zone for quite a while. I figured it was finally time to go on into the Elder Dark Eternity. Well, at least I thought it was, but as soon as I tried to go into this thing, the servers crashed and kicked me out of the game, and I ended up losing everything.

I was like, All right, that sucks, but we need to come back here and try this again. I grabbed another OP operator that actually had some stuff on him, and I put a bunch of all my best stuff in the backpack, and I started another match. I took about 30 steps forward, instantly lagged out of the game, and lost all that stuff too.

This dark ether run that you're seeing right here on the screen is actually the third attempt, and I was finally able to get in here. It's been this bad for anybody else lately. I do play on PS5, and from what I've noticed, at least all the way up until season 3, the servers for me have been okay.


I've crashed a nice handful of times, but since season 3 has started, it's gotten a little crazy. We're down here at our HQ. And of course we got the mega Abomination, like we always get like nine times out of 10 that first head came off pretty easy, but there were so many zombies down here. I figured we would be better off, and we lured him up out of the fog this guy did the same exact thing that we had happen a few articles, back when he jumped on top of the building this guy did the same exact thing just don't make the mistake that I did here, and with zero plates, stand directly underneath his beams because he will put you down pretty fast since season 3.

This dark ether is definitely a lot harder than it was at the beginning of season 2, reloaded. It used to be really easy to come in here with almost nothing and complete this dark ether. Now, I would actually highly recommend that you guys bring in things like that golden armor and ether blade stuff that are really going to help you out while doing this now.


I'm not going to lie; it did take us a minute or two, and he did end up putting us down once, but we were able to kill this hvt. With this pistol alone, which is actually kind of impressive, there aren't very many guns in the game that can actually do that confidently. After defeating this guy, this was one hell of a pull, guys.

We ended up getting a Flawless, Crystal; we got that blood burner key plus the blood burner key schematics; and we got another Elder sigil. The loot on this run was absolutely insane. You guys are going to see at the end of the match that you guys feel like the loot has been buffed up in here just a little bit as well.

The last few times that I've been in here in this dark ether, it does seem like it is a lot harder, but the loot is quite a bit better. We just started our holdout mission here, and if you guys need to know where anything is in this dark ether. I'm actually going to throw up a map on the screen right here just for reference for you guys.


I had stupidly gotten caught up by some zombies, and I ended up using my last sres. In here, we're running without a sres, which was actually worrying me quite a bit because the stash is looking a little bit bare right now, and we had a lot of good loot this run. I figured we should switch to these monkey bombs.

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