News - Warzone 2's Season 3 Full Reveal Is Rather Suprising

Modern warfare 3 season 3 multiplayer content

Modern warfare 3 season 3 multiplayer content

Brand new maps to really any degree at that point. Well, some may think that Sledgehammer was slowing down on the multiplayer content, but that's actually not quite the case. We have six multiplayer maps coming throughout Season 3. Here are a couple of brand new ones, a remastered one, and a few repurposed ones as well.

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Starting with six stars, this is a brand new one where it's a 6v6. Mediumsized map and set in Dubai it looks to be a sort of really high-end Resort here at this probably playing all that name of five star but instead it's six-star, because it's so nice but this was something that was shown off a little bit in the trailer that debuted today but beyond that again we don't know too much more beyond that emergency is another one here which is a brand new 6v6, map this one being a Smalls siiz map though so we're seeing that sort of grind style map really continue to flourish within Modern Warfare 3 they're really leaning into that audience which for me I love that I'm cool with it gets my grinding stuff out of the way relatively easily and there's not so much monotony with it like it's not just like you're jumping into shipment.

I think you have what now is like four, and with season 3, there are five maps that are considered small maps of that same size and scale, so I'm looking forward to that one. Grow House is a new but remastered map here from Vanguard, where it's another small siiz map, and it's actually a remaster of the map of the sphere.

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So for those of you guys who did or did not play Vanguard, it may be something that does sound familiar to you honestly I didn't play sphere all that much because I mean I played Vanguard, then played a little bit of War Zone throughout the season but like realistically a lot of Vanguard was a down year for me I didn't play a whole ton with that might not be the only one on that position but that is a remaster here coming with season 3 we have tanked which is a mediumsized 6v6 map from vondo repurposing the vondo zoo as its own sort of multiplayer map here which will be interesting to see how that checks out we have checkpoint at midseason which is going to be a repurposed portion of the stronghold, from rebirth Island and then we have Grime which is going to be a brand new in season coming which is a small to mediumsized map here at this so based off the layout I kind of get like grease Vibes here on this one so looking forward to seeing how those all play out now I will say admittedly pretty disappointed we have not seen a singular, ground war map just yet introduced through three seasons.

I'm hoping season 4 drops one, or maybe there's a surprise drop with season 3 Reloaded, but that is one area that is unfortunately lacking, quite hard beyond that. Though we end up having four weapons coming throughout season 3, here we have the Moors sniper rifle, the FGX Horus, which is the MP9, the Gladiator, which is a melee, and then in season you'll have the ball at 27, so unfortunately.


You're going to have to wait a little bit longer for that ball. I was hoping that was going to be a launch weapon I could probably have. Personally, I at least traded the ball for 27 for the Moors. I'm more of an assault rifle player than a sniper. But can't change that looks like that's going to be the case so I got to wait a little bit longer you might be in the same boat as me we have major gameplay changes coming in the way of new perks and gear, not just one introduced this time but a handful of them for perks we're going to have three new vests here introduced of the Gunslinger vest modular assault rig and the compression carrier, now the Gunslinger vest is a secondary Weapon Specialist where it offers no primary slot but allows you to take two secondary weapons which is pretty cool you kind of do that with the existing vest but this is something that trades out a little bit of the benefits, and offers a bit more in the way of what the other vest would not offer you'll still be able to take a tactical lethal and a field upgrade along with gloves boots and gear but you also get addition benefits for secondary weapons only where it refreshes the stamina on kill it improves your reload speed you can reload while sprinting, and it increases weapon swap speeds by a minimum of 40%.

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Plus, it allows you to spawn with maximum reserve ammo, so that's something that you didn't see in that ability previously to be able to take two weapons of your choosing, so this is truly that underkill specialist, which is awesome to see if you are still grinding out weapons. This could be a very big help if you want to knock out two pistols at a time or something, but anyways, we also have the modular assault rig, which is a lethal and tactical scavenger, and a vest allowing you to take tactical lethal and field upgrades.

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Gloves boots and gear but you start with maximum Reserve ammo and you're resupply lethals and tacticals from dead players then the compression plate carrier this is the one that I'm absolutely going to be taking, it assists in healing and gas protection where you end up losing the Tactical slot but you still have the ability to have a lethal gloves Boot and gear, but you immediately regen Health after a kill or objective capture and it reduces the effects from gas grenades Quick Fix was basically the only perk that I ran in Modern Warfare 2, love that to death and I've been missing it big time in Modern Warfare 3 so to now be able to take that going to love that yes I'm going to lose out on some of that speed boost from the Infantry vest but I think it's totally worth it beyond that you have the reinforced boots which make you immune to movement reduction effects as we've kind of theorized, since this was leaked we have the high grain antenna which is now that I see this listed out it makes so much more sense than some of the stuff we were suggesting.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 3 is now fully revealed and frankly, I'm kind of surprised at what all was revealed. For multiplayer in Modern Warfare 3 Season 3, we have 6 maps coming this season, a handful of classic weapons, new and returning modes along with a handful of aftermarket parts and events.
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