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So Modern Warfare 3 season 3 is here, and as with all content after a larger update, there's things that have been added on the back end that point towards the future. This happens every season, and season 3 is no different, so today we're taking a look at the leaks from Modern Warfare 3 season 3 and everything that you need to know that came out of this update.

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A disclaimer for modern warfare 3 season 3 leaks

A disclaimer for modern warfare 3 season 3 leaks

First, we had to talk about disclaimers, as we do with every single leak article. Number one.

I unfortunately can't show any of the content on screen that has been leaked since it's still in the electronic property of the Activision Sledgehammer and any studio working on the product. Number two, the content seen today is a snapshot in time. All things could change; they could not, whether it be Tim tables changing items being cut or pushed back entirely.

We don't know the circumstances, but as for updates, when these happen, it's a snapshot in time of development, so things could change, but we know of this right now. This content is sourced from the likes of Bob Network UK. Reality UK. Alic Ford leaks.

The new modern warfare 3 weapons leaked from season 3

Let's talk about the leaks themselves.

cod mw3

Number one, let's talk about weapons because we have a handful of weapons that were leaked to you at this time, including the Kar98k, the Spaz 12, a shovel melee, the PC9, and a weapon that's called the Kampa 50. Now we'll touch on those first two here in a second, but the PC9 is an actual weapon that is possible compared to the other ones we've seen beforehand, but the PC9 is perhaps modeled after the Ruger PC9, and if that's the case, it'd be rather interesting to see the design choice for the SMG category of play as designated by the game files.

I would love to see how that would compare and be balanced against the other SMGs of Noe, but beyond that, the Kopa 50 is another SMG that was found in the game files, and I'm assuming this is going to refer to the nameing of the KP 50. Because the way the naming of weapons usually works is with the first letter, then the next letter, but in a phonetic alphabet form, and then followed by the number associated with it, like the MP5.

For example, in the game files, it's the MAA, so kPa 50 sounds like it'd be the KP 50, right? But I'd be curious what that one could be because, to my knowledge, there's no real firearm named the KP 50, and let's be real, most of the weapons in COD anymore aren't named after real weapons. For whatever reason that may be, there are a bunch of different theories, but that's a different story for a different day. There's a K50m, which is a Vietnamese submachine gun based on the PPSH, which could be possible, but with only 34 of those being in anagram form, that's not conclusive enough for me to be like that's definitely what it's going to be, but there are five weapons here that we know of that leaked out of season 3's update and what could be coming in the future, but obviously.

The kar98k & spas-12 returning to modern warfare 3

The kar98k & spas-12 returning to modern warfare 3

The lead of this weaponry story is the two fan favorites returning the Spas 12; another shotgun fits perfectly with a classic Modern Warfare Vibes absolutely, but for me. I'm stoked to hear the Kar98k is coming back. If this all holds up, my hope is that this is very similar in build and handling to the Modern Warfare 2019 car9 AK because, man, that was my true war zone love back in the day, only ever matched by the Swiss k31.

But the Kar98k—that thing was an absolute beast. It had handling mobility and lethal damage capability, and if you were accurate all that into one, if it returns, it has to be one shot, headshot potential. In my opinion, I get hit markers to the limbs and chest, but head shot, it's got to be that for the nostalgia.

I want to be able to relive my glory sniping days of War Zone and pull out a nice little jump shot or quick scope to get out of a situation and produce those like clip factor-worthy gameplay moments again, but anyway, that is the weaponry that we know of.

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What happened to the em1 & asm1 in modern warfare 3?

One thing to note is that it was recently mentioned that the EM1 and the Asm1, both additional weapons from Advanced Warfare.

If you guys remember back to when we had our first initial leaks. Season 3 was surprisingly one of the weapon dumps that we had seen from the furthest points out. We knew of the ball 27, and the Moors before we knew of anything like the XRK stalker Ram 7 HRM 9, and other weapons from seasons 1 and 2, but when we first heard about these, the EM1 and the Asm1 were also on the table, having players believe we'd see it in full Advanced Warfare theme, which would be cool, and to some degree we have like patches of one, but the EM1 and the Asm1 Look to be cut entirely, which does happen quite a bit.

I mean, I'm kind of surprised we actually haven't seen it more recently in COD. The most recent assets I can think of are those that pointed to the All-American Heroes Crossover, with the likes of Indiana Jones and such in Vanguard. But beyond that, we haven't really seen too many things that were heavily mentioned and heavily publicized that just didn't ever release, but it seems like those two are the newest victims of The Cutting Room floor.

The new maps leaked in modern warfare 3 season 3

The new maps leaked in modern warfare 3 season 3

Now, beyond , we ended up learning about a couple of other things. We saw maps in the game files where there's one that is the gith high parkour gameplay course. This is apparently going to be a part of the 420 LTM here, but it's actually really interesting what this is. It's like a race course of sorts, but for Parkour.

In how this will work out, there's nothing in relation to weaponry and gunplay; the other completely off-the-wall thing that I can recall is like the ATV mode in War Zone. You don't use weapons at all here for this; it's instead kind of like that game only up if you remember that, but in that sense, think of it as Cod both an 80s synth wave theme and digital aesthetic and a Cod parcore course.


That's essentially what we got, and honestly, from the gameplay that has been seen, it looks kind of fun; it looks like it'll be something that's enjoyable to play around with, but it's going to be a niche thing for sure, and some people are going to love it. Some people are going to never touch it, so it's one of those things.

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