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Season 3 of Modern Warfare 3 is bringing back a ton of fan favorites, including the lethal and cunning Macaov, the main Modern Warfare 3 villain.

New maps

Shady Corporation we're all familiar with some classic Call of Duty maps and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare but like any great adventure story there are plenty of twist, and turns that take these old fan favorites in a totally new Direction so let's go ahead and dive in by talking about some of the brand new maps we're getting the season as a matter of fact we're actually getting six this season we're getting six-star which is an incredible six-star Resort on top of a skyscraper, in Dubai, which is actually a real place Call of Duty based level off of and a matter of fact invited a bunch of YouTubers to actually go stay at this hotel and experience it before season 3 dropped we're also getting emergency, a isolated Medical Center overlooking a town in Arizona it has some signs of fierce fighting and the Disease Control Center is somehow involved in this which is kind of weird because they are usually just pencil pushers we also got Gro house which is a remake of the season 3 Vanguard map sphere.

Except our current version is a growing facility for Narcotics and probably has some type of tie-in to the Los Almus cartel, we also got tanked, and Vond Del Zoo got turned into a multiplayer map. However, this map is mainly one story except for a small section that is two stories, so there'll be lots of ground fighting and fighting through a lot of exhibits, so go ahead and check out Harambe while you're there if that dude's still around today.

New game modes

New game modes

cod modern warfare 3

Moving on, and Call of Duty is trying to pack as much as they can into this season because this is the last major update for Modern Warfare 3 and I'll explain that a little bit more in a minute but we also have four new game modes coming to the game we have Capture the Flag you have to take the enemy's flag and run it back to your home base to score a point or the enemy will take your flag and run back to their home base first team to three points wins, and there is a little bit of a time limit on this but it will also be adjusted based on how many times you capture the flag we also have one in the chamber One in the Chamber gives you one bullet to kill an enemy it's a oneit kill but if you miss you have to go melee the enemy and you get another bullet only if you kill an enemy so basically it's a one for one trade-off and the first person to get it 18 kills wins the game next we have Minefield, which is an interesting Twist on a Call of Duty game mode we're all familiar with it's basically Team Deathmatch. But proximity mines drop at the enemy's feet when you kill them these proximity mines will be able to be activated by both teams meaning that both teams can be affected by these proximity mines and the more people who die the more mines scattered around the map it'll be definitely an interesting game mode and I'm excited to try that out for sure we're also getting escort, you escort a maul rolling drone from objective to objective while there is a time limit on this game there is no lives limit so it only matters that you get it within the time period, and there is an overtime as long as you are advancing the Drone forward so you got to keep that in mind when playing it but that's not all Call of Duty is also introducing a Vortex map playlist now these Vortex maps are kind of zombified or apocalyptic versions of maps you already have in Modern Warfare 3 so Call of Duty is releasing an entire playlist, just centered around these maps and on top of all of this Call of Duty is adding.

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New equipment

Six new perks and equipment to Modern Warfare 3 season 3: we're getting the Gunslinger vest, which basically means you're not using a primary; you're only using two secondary weapons; you get maximum ammo and faster weapon swap, but you only have secondaries. We're getting the modular assault rig, which is a new vest that you start with max ammo and get the scavenger perk for lethal and tactical grenades, so if you're somebody who likes to use grenades a lot in Modern Warfare 3, this might be the best for you.


We're also getting the compression carrier, which is kind of overpowered; you get assisted healing and gas resistance, and you immediately. Regenerate health after a kill or one on a objective scoring points so this means that you can basically get a lot faster heals and immediate regeneration on health as soon as you do well so some of these Pro players you see in games are probably going to be running this when they're not using ranked mode we're also getting the reinforced Boots the reinforced boots make you immune to movement reduction effects stun grenades crippling ammo anything like that has no effect on you when you have reinforced, boots because you have steel rods in your boots and somehow that makes it impossible to be stunned or be affected by a stun grenade don't explain the math to me on that or the science cuz I don't understand we're also getting the High Gain antenna, this is a zoomed out mini map for you and gives you extra information.

When a teammate who has the comm's vest picks up pieces of information from the enemy's dead bodies, we're getting the EMD mine, which is a proximity mine that sticks to any surface and will automatically detonate when an enemy gets near it. However, it only launches trackers at the enemy, so it reveals their position to you, but it doesn't actually cause them any damage.

We're also getting the enhanced vision goggles; they're a new field upgrade that highlights the enemy targets in a red outline and kind of blurs out some of the non-important things in a map. This will be great for resurgence and battle royale, and I'm not really sure if there's going to be a lot of use in multiplayer, but maybe it might be helpful in Search and Destroy.



As far as zombies, we're not getting a lot at launch with Modern Warfare 3 zombies. Well, we're not getting anything at launch; we're getting a bunch in the mid-season update, though we will see more zombies with a new chapter, new riffs, and a new warlord.

And it will kind of explore what happened to Ava Jensen when she went into the dark ether. We're also getting three new items for Call of Duty: zombies, the dead wire detonator, which basically gives you the dead wire bullet mod for launchers, and lethals. We're also getting the golden mask filter, which is long-lasting.

In this video, we'll break down Makarov's explosive return in MW3 Season 3 and what it means for you in Warzone. Find out what changed in the latest update! MW3 Ending and What Comes Next.
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