News - Call Of Duty Season 3 Full Reveal. New Maps, Modes, Ranked & Warzone Updates

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Call of Duty revealed their season 3 launch today for War Zone multiplayer zombies, mobile, and more. In Call of Duty, starting with multiplayer, we are receiving a myriad of new maps, four new game modes, updated ranked play, and new perks, all of which are very exciting in one of Call of Duty's biggest updates.

Starting with new maps, we are getting a new map called Six-Star, which is a Dubai-based map that is looking very fancy, and I'm excited to hop into it. It is a medium-sized map, so you can expect it to be similar to many of the maps that we have currently. Experiencing, Emergency Coming at Launch is another new map.

It is a 6v6 Smalls siiz map that gives very grindy vibrations similar to shipment and/or rust and meat, providing you with the ability to grind, get your guns leveled up, and so much more. Grime coming mid-season is a brand new core 6v6 map. It has a very similar vibe. The existing Skid Ro Map should be an interesting play.

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For remastered maps, we are receiving Gro House, which is a remaster version of Call of Duty Vanguard's Sphere, and this will be coming at launch as well. I played a lot of Vanguard, so I'm very familiar with this map; a lot of people aren't, but it should be exciting to come in. Tanked, which is going to be a repurposed map from Vond Del Zoo, Set in the After Hours, is a medium-sized, fast-paced map.

If you're familiar with Zoo from Dell, we'll have a lot of fun with this map checkpoint. It's also a repurposed map from Rebirth Island coming into multiplayer. It's an eastern point of interest known as a stronghold on Rebirth Island. The combat will be fast. It's a small map, also offering some of those grindy vibes that you get from some of the other maps.

Four new game modes are coming as well, with Capture the Flag coming at launch and One in the Chamber coming at launch in a window, meaning that this party game mode that originally came from Call of Duty: Black Ops will be available for a limited time. Kills, deaths, wins, and losses will not affect your combat record in this game mode.

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Game mode: Minefield is coming midseason. It is multiplayer, but with mines mode, it sounds like every time someone dies, mines are going to be dropped, so there are going to be a lot of explosions. Danger Close is going to be your best friend on this game mode escort, also coming midseason. It will feature a robot that you are escorting for points.

modern warfare 3 season 3

This game mode is not unfamiliar to Call of Duty; it has come out under different names over the years and is returning. Of course, as with every other season so far, we will be getting a Vortex playlist. With the return of Airborne Satan's Quarry, Spore's yard, and. Tettis, as well as a limited time playlist, and Vortex Mosh Pit will be available, they're also coming out with a new arcade mode with a number of redacted gameplay modifiers, but no more information is available on that yet multiplayer season 3 ranked is also coming, as well with new grinds to be aware of, they are coming out with a handful of new ranks a handful of new wi streaks, as well as some grindy camos, so watch for all of that coming in season 3 new perks and equipment in launch and at season so we are getting, multiple new perks in equipment which is unheard of almost for a new season launch, new perk vest is going to be Gunslinger coming at launch which will be a secondary Weapon Specialist, weapon slots, no primary slot secondary slot times two so similar to the overkill vest except you'll have two secondaries, you'll get your Tactical lethal and field upgrade, gear for gloves boots and gear Benefits for this vest will be a refresh stanina on kill, improved reload speed, and reload while sprinting increase weapon swap speed by a minimum of 40%.

Swap weapons will differ between weapons and spawning with the maximum ammo. Reserve, this is exciting for those of you who need to grind your secondary guns. Still, this will be an easy and fast way to do that. Another new vest coming at launch is the modular assault rig, which will feature a lethal and tactical scavenger, so you're going to get equipment slots of two tacticals and two lethal field upgrades, gear slots of gloves, boots, and gear, and in this one you will start with a max ammo reserve and resupply lethals and tacticals from dead enemies.

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Players, a compression carrier is also coming at launch, which will assist in healing and gas protection, so you will get one lethal slot in your glove boots and gear slot, and you'll immediately regenerate. Health after a kill or objective capture with reduced effects from gas grenades will be a perk that we will see a lot of in the objective-based game.

Modes, boots, and reinforcement boots are coming on launch, which makes you immune to movement reduction effects, so when you get flashed stunned, you will still move at the same speed that you normally do. High-grain antennas coming at launch will have the mini map zoomed out for you and your nearby allies.

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Enemies remain on the radar longer for you and nearby allies if one of your allies has a communications perk vest, so those two attributes will combine, and you'll be able to see Ally radar pings from Intel Jacker and Compass indicators from nearby Ally signals. Jammers, midseason, we are getting an EMD mine, which is a proximity mine that sticks onto surfaces once triggered.

The mine shoots out tracker devices that reveal the enemy's location, from and direction until removed; field upgrade Coming midseason are the enhanced vision goggles, or evg, between normal and enhanced vision with the integrated, highlighting available. Think about the optics that will outline the enemies, but the limitation here is that it will have a limited battery.

That is pretty much it for the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer update. Now jumping into the sad update of zombies, we are getting a dark ether story continuing, a third Rift, new challenges and schematics, and a new warlord, and that is it. I feel like they are, drip trickling the zombies content, unfortunately slow for those of you who really like the zombies game mode, and there's not really a lot to cover here unfortunately, we're getting a story for Saving Dr.

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Jansen, we are getting a third Rift. New challenges and schematics for dead wire detonators A golden mask filter and a sergeant spret the dead wire detonators are electric ammo mods that you will employ with a dead wire detonator and attached to your explosive Weaponry, including lethals and launchers, the golden mask is a self-regenerating gas mask, and the Sergeant's beret is, simply, a beret that disguises you from the Mercenaries.

Get ready, soldiers! Season 3 of Call of Duty is here, bringing a storm of new content across Warzone, Multiplayer, and Zombies. Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch are at the helm, ensuring this season is packed with action, strategy, and new challenges.
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