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It's very possible that this time next week, Modern Warfare 3's third season will be revealed officially to us. It's also possible that it may be revealed officially to us; it's also possible that it may be held off until Monday, the 1st, but either way, we're getting closer, and today I want to take a look at all the signs of what we know that's coming in season 3. Stay the DAT with all things Moder Warfare 3 and more FPS coverage, but for now, let's jump into what we know about Season 3, starting with a disclaimer.

A disclaimer with the first look at season 3

A disclaimer with the first look at season 3

cod mw3

First with all leaks we got to start with that I unfortunately can't show anything of the leaked content on screen, since that's leaked and until it's released it's still technically intellectual property of Activision sledgehammer and any Studio working on the product so a lot of the times the content isn't taken down so I'll link it where it's possible but just for safety sake I don't feature footage images that kind of stuff in article and number two these leaks are sourced over the course of the last month or so from accounts like cod Warfare Forum seex leaks and other prominent leakers, that while they all appear to be happening with season 3 it may not all come to be with season 3 some things can be subject to change as development is an Ever moving Target so some things may be right on track some maybe not but this is what we have in reference currently to season 3 so let's start with the multiplayer, content here the big things that I like to talk about first are the weapons because that's of course the most functional content here the stuff you'll be using across multiplayer.

Rumored modern warfare 3 season 3 weapons

Zombies and war zones: So for the weapons, we know of the MP9 machine pistol, the ball assault rifle, and the Moors sniper rifle, a weapon returning from Modern Warfare 3, the original from 2011. And two weapons from Advanced Warfare are coming now. Previously, like a long time ago, it was also leaked that the asm1, and the EM1, the laser weapon, would be coming in season 3 here, and this would sort of be an entirely Advanced Warfare-themed season, which would lead to honestly a lot of cool things that could come out of that.

I wouldn't have been surprised if they threw in like a jetpack LTM or something like that, which I think would be pretty cool, but so far as it stands right now, the only things that really look to be confirmed in the game files thus far after updates over those course of a couple of months since the last mention of the EM1.

Those two are no longer in the game files as we see them now. The MP9, ball, and Moors all appear to be those that launch weapons in the battle pass in some capacity.

Rumored modern warfare 3 season 3 perks

Rumored modern warfare 3 season 3 perks

Additionally, we've actually seen a handful of perks leaked for the season 3 offering. We have things like the high-grain antenna, dauntless boots, Ninja gloves, compression plate, and Pistol vest.

Now breaking these down a little further, there's no real sort of indication as to what these are officially, but if I'm taking educated guesses, the high-gain antenna maybe this is like an actual high-alert style perk. The LR detector has that sort of icon on it in your gear, but it only warns you of lasers, thermals, and rangefinders.

That comes across as an enemy aiming in your direction and only outwards of. I think, 100 m, so it's honestly like it's a very minimal version of high alert, so maybe that's something that will alert you a little further in a more traditional style of high alert. Dauntless boots: I'm thinking these are acting exactly like Dauntless and Vanguard, making players immune to movement reduction effects and burn effects.

The ninja gloves: Maybe that's for quiet mantel and things like that. Maybe there's just no audio associated with things like weapon swapping at that point in the compression plate. It was rumored that we'd see a quick fix-style perk coming to season 3, and with this, it kind of sounds like that could be in the range of possibilities with a compression plate.

Of some kind. I think that just sounds like it'd be something that would tie into health because we already have things like tempered for war zones and stuff like that, but when you think about that and the health aspect of it, that might be my guess here for that and then the pistol. My best guess is that it would be something like a mu-kick-level vest where you always have a third weapon slot as a pistol, like Overkill, while still having a pistol, if that makes sense.

Rumored modern warfare 3 season 3 operators

Rumored modern warfare 3 season 3 operators

Now beyond that the operators that we know of are chichin Chong Devon Booker and Snoop Dogg again and looking at that list, well we've got to have some sort of 420 event upcoming right like let's be honest here that's too many Stoner references to not have one in a season that launches, right before April 20th, right but then on top of that we already know of season 3 operators with the code names of Lambda and Kappa those ones likely not going to be their actual in-game names, but that's just what they're designated as in the game files there is a ton of aftermarket parts listed so to spare you all the listing of every single one the only thing that sticks out that's pretty cool here at least I think outside of just a list of aftermarket parts coming are Modern Warfare 2 aftermarket parts It's already been seen that we have aftermarket parts listed for the M4.

Rumored modern warfare 3 / 2 season 2 aftermarket parts

M16 kv Bron side, and Lockwood Mark II. That one in particular seems like it's bringing back the model 1887s. As a part of that aftermarket part, honestly, in the sort of idea and concept of including Modern Warfare 2 weapons. I think it's cool to see these expand outwards into Modern Warfare 2 weapons as well, giving a full complement of weapon support, not just their own titles.

Weaponry, so I think that's cool to see might not be the opinion of everybody, but that's where I stand with it. We also have a couple of pieces of equipment from the utility box. Squad Rage and Tracker Mine.

Multiplayer maps in modern warfare 3 season 3

Multiplayer maps in modern warfare 3 season 3

Don't have any idea what those would be but those were listed as season 3 items could also be something that is a, zombies thing a war zone thing there's not really a whole ton associated with it but those were listed in there and finally, before we jump over to war zone and zombies multiplayer maps surprisingly nothing has leaked out from what I've seen about multiplayer maps coming in season 3 the last officially confirmed statement only included season 1 and two for guaranteeing three new maps, but it said that there's going to be a total of 12, plus throughout the entire year of content support so with six already down here we could see two for season 3 we could see maybe another three and going beyond what we may expect to see with those 12 total, we might see two and maybe two remasters.

It's very possible that this time next week, Modern Warfare 3's third season will be revealed officially to us, it's also possible that it may be held off until Monday the 1st, but either way, today I wanted to take a look at all the signs and what we know of coming for Season 3 before we jump into any sort of official reveals. Today we're taking a first look at Modern Warfare 3 in a full, comprehensive look at EVERYTHING we've heard of for the upcoming season.
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