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Yo, what's going on guys, and welcome back to Modern Warfare 3. So today, Call of Duty and Sledgehammer dropped all the information regarding Season 3. Starting next week, we're going to be getting brand new DLC weapons, a ton of new maps, and a lot more content, and this new season is looking like the best Call of Duty season we've had in a very long time.

With that being said, let's jump into it, and all right guys, on your screen is the season 3 road map. This is honestly a lot to take in. We are getting so much content this season, Sledgehammer. I don't know what they're doing, but they turned up, of course, starting out with War Zone. You guys know this rebirth island is officially coming back.

I am really excited about this man. This has always been like my fan favorite map when it comes to War Zone; all the big maps like fans and Caldera, and all that stuff, it never really hit for me. Also, War Zone-ranked play is officially going to be moving over to Resurgence, or, you know, Rebirth Island.

Rebirth is also getting their own Champions Quest, so you'll be able to do a quest line to unlock something like we've seen before in the past, and we're also going to be getting a brand new contract for the spy drones now moving on to Features. The Battle Royale Climb and Punishment public event is going to be happening.

cod mw3 season 3

We have a new biometric scanner, new smart displays, a new field upgrade squad rage, and we also have rebirth island variable time of day, so it looks like different lighting or something like that. In season, the returning weapon trade station, specialists are also coming back within season, and a brand new kill streak foresight is coming in season as well.

Now we're going to be moving on to Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, and we are going to be getting six new 6v6 maps this season. This is the most maps we've seen, probably ever checking out this road map and seeing six multiplayer maps coming in this season. That blows my mind. Last year, with Modern Warfare 2 and Infinity War, they would literally give us like two or three maps per season, and we were always begging for more maps and just more content.

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I don't care if you hate Sledgehammer; I don't care if you love Sledgehammer; they are doing something right; they are giving multiplayer. There is a lot of content to look forward to moving on to the modes. We have captured the flag and one in the chamber on launch, and then in season we're going to be getting Minefield, which is a brand new game mode, and the return of escort, moving on to the zombies.

It doesn't look like Zombies is getting a lot of content, but we have a new story mission coming in season as well as a new dark ether Rift. We have a new warlord and a new classified, schematic, on to the weapons operators, and more. For the new weapons, we're going to be getting the FJX Horus, which I believe is a brand new submachine gun.

We're also going to be getting more sniper rifles. Yes, the more snipers from Call of Duty advanced warfare that's going to be in the battle pass along with the new SMG and a new melee weapon, the Gladiator, which kind of looks like just like a mini knife that you put in between your hands or your knuckles, and finally, within the midseason update, we're going to be seeing the B 27 from Advanced Warfare as well.

modern warfare 3 season 3

I'm a little sad the B 27 won't be here on launch; it's only going to be here in the midseason update. New operators include Banshee, Hush, and the return of Snoop Dog, and of course the battle pass will have the black cell upgrade. We're also going to be getting some new perks in Moder Warfare 3 multiplayer.

We're also going to be getting new equipment in the mid-season update—the EMD, mine, and also a brand new field upgrade—the enhanced vision goggles, and of course, along with season 3, we're going to be getting some brand new aftermarket parts. We're also going to be having some new events, so I believe at launch we're going to be having Vortex.

V Russ Mainframe; I have no idea what that means, and then in the midseason we also have the Call of Duty endowment event for the veterans moving on to the skins; we're also going to be having Godzilla, a brand new King Kong skin, and Shimo, and then also coming 420. We have Chi Chin Chong, which is very fitting also going to have a Godzilla X Kong battle for Hollow Earth.

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I think this might be a brand new collaboration or event, so seeing another Godzilla Kong event is really exciting because the one in Vanguard was honestly really cool, and then finally we have the blaze-up event going along, probably with 420; it's probably a weed cam. Well, man, that is the season 3 road map.

There is so much content to look forward to, but they also released the season 3 blog. We have a ton more information to go over, and we can now get a better look at the new multiplayer maps coming within season 3. On launch, we're getting six stars, which is a medium-sized map. The colors and everything about this map look really, really good, but it definitely is on the medium and larger side.

Apparently, it's a resort that sits on top of a Dubai skyscraper, which is honestly insane and also going to be an emergency, which is a brand new 6v6. Map now, from this picture, it kind of looks like high-rise a little bit, but it's not high-rise, but overall, I love very small maps, especially in Modern Warfare 3.

modern warfare 3 season 3 update

I feel like they've been killing it with the medium and small maps lately. Next up, we're also going to be getting Grow House on Launch, which is a small map, and it literally says it was first released as a sphere during season 3 of Call of Duty: Vanguard. To be honest with you, I know a lot of people don't like Vanguard, but this was one of the better maps in that game, so I'm kind of happy that they are bringing it back.

It's a very small map with a lot of action overall. I'm excited, and then finally, on launch, we're going to be getting tanked, which is another medium-size map. It says to drop into Von Del Zoo after hours on this fast-paced, medium-size map, so it's literally a part of Von Del Zoo. We are literally getting four new maps at launch.

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I don't remember the last time we did this or got this in a brand new season, and then during the midseason we're getting a checkpoint, which is another small map. I'm loving these small maps. It also says you can get a part of Rebirth Island in multiplayer later in season 3, which looks to be literally a part of the Rebirth Island map, which is honestly kind of nice.

We love Rebirth Island. I think we're all going to be familiar with this map, and I honestly don't mind when they go into the war zone maps and take bits and pieces of them and make them into multiplayer maps. And then finally, in the midseason, we're going to be getting Grime, another small to medium map.

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