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There's a few promising things coming to Modern Warfare 3 in War Zone in the future, and with the season 2 update, those things were found at the back end of the game. Something that happens usually every update—I mean, every single update is a progressive build of where the game will be—so naturally, there's always going to be these little bits and pieces left over from breadcrumb trails for future content, and we've got a decent bit to go over for the future, more specifically.

Season 3 already, so driver thought to drop a like and consider subscribing for more to stay up to date with all things Moder Warfare 3 and more FPS content. Finally, check out my friends over at GFI, but more than that, a little later. For now, let's jump into it. First, we got to talk disclaimers here, as we do with every leak article number one.

Disclaimers about the season 3 leaks for modern warfare 3

Disclaimers about the season 3 leaks for modern warfare 3

Unfortunately, can't show any of the content on screen that's been leaked since it's still unreleased, and thus the intellectual property of Activision Sledgehammer and any studio that worked on the product. I don't feature it in articles so that we don't get hit with takedowns or copyright strikes.

Number two The content seen today is a snapshot; in time, all things were again seen from when the update went out. Updates are part of progressive and ever-changing builds, so timetables can easily change and items can be cut or pushed back. We don't know the circumstances or things for certain until they're announced or released, but everything seen in this article and discussed appears to be coming to the game as of the Time of the Season 2 update, and number three is from the season 2 update, season 2 reloaded.

We will introduce even more here to the fold to discuss, so we'll touch on that when the time does come, but first, let's talk about our first and biggest leak.

cod mw3

The return of rebirth island in season 3 of warzone

Rebirth, Island, is the biggest and most prominent by far of these, but it makes sense. Raven teased specialists on the map a while back; they wouldn't tease that if it was too far out for seasonal items like headliner items, it makes sense too.

Season 3 is a sort of wild card, and season 4 is usually when we start to see some sort of reveal. For the upcoming game season 5, we'll see betas and such around that time frame too, so you'll have stuff in the current game of Modern Warfare 3, but also a lot of focus going towards Black Ops Golf War Cod 2024.

And season 6 is usually something that happens in the last month of the game's main year of support. Usually we have the Haunting of Whatever this year, the Haunting of Ukhan, and then the final half of that season is usually like a crossover with the next game's launch, so realistically, season 3 checks out for that, but in regards to when I mean it could be at any point during season 3, there were assets mentioned: season 3, core, rebirth.

cod mwiii

But that could be at launch, that could be it reloaded, that could be in the launch window, or like a week or two after the launch of the season, there's no guarantee just yet on that, as we'll touch on in a second specialist appears to be coming in season 3 Reloaded. So maybe that's something that's coming in tandem with that, maybe it's not there until season 3 Reloaded, or maybe it's one of those things that is a launch item, and then we have more stuff thrown in the mix here at season 3 Reloaded, maybe ukhan, ranked that big map V ranked is season 3 launch, and the season 3 loaded content as a new Resurgence map or returning Resurgence map.

We'll have to wait and see, but rebirth does seem to be coming sooner rather than later from Cod. Next, they almost made it seem like it was going to be a summer launch, with Season 3 starting in April and going until likely early to mid-June. tracking this a bit, it seems, honestly, when it comes to the map itself.

I don't know if I'm expecting a one toone map per se and everything that we saw on either end of the spectrum that you want to take it either as a sort of purist in what we saw with the introduction in war zone with Black Ops Cold War, one if we really want to go further back Alcatraz, with Black Ops 4 and blackout or if it's going to be something that picks up right where say Vanguard left off I mean Vanguard, did add an entire Wing to that map you have that southern stronghold region that was added in with Vanguard so it could be something that could be one of those but also I mean I wouldn't be surprised if we get that Fortune's keep treatment kind of adjusting it even further a little bit more.

I mean, we'll see what happens on Rebirth Island. It might be that big Marquee item of season 3 after all, but beyond that, let's talk about it elsewhere in Modern Warfare 3 in War Zone because there's a lot of stuff still to go over but not as much context or maybe implication.

The season 3 weapons coming to modern warfare 3

The season 3 weapons coming to modern warfare 3

For weapons we know about in season 3, we have a compound bow, the MP9 machine pistol, the ball assault rifle, and the Moors sniper rifle.


Now, if you guys remember, season 3 was for a long time hinted at and was rumored to be the sort of continuation of the advanced warfare weapons coming back into Modern Warfare 3. Of those weapons that were previously leaked, right now the EM1, that laser weapon is not on this list that we see right now; it could be a part of that still upcoming and what was mentioned by data miners and leakers, may just be like the in addition to stuff, but it is possible the EM1 may have been pushed may have been cut, but right now we do know we have ballistic weapons of the ball and the Moors coming in that assault rifle and sniper category with a machine pistol and a compound bow on top of that, so that's where some of those other things that we've previously seen leaked of maybe the bow coming back now coming into season 3, the MP9 ball and mors alongside that operators we got a few here code Nam Lambda.

The season 3 operators coming to modern warfare 3

It's interesting that Devin Booker is going to be an NBA crossover similar to what we've seen previously; it seems like Snoop Dogg is apparently getting another operator, and surprisingly. Chich and Chong. I'm really not sure how that one will fit, but apparently they were found in the game finals as well, so interesting for sure, the multiplayer items we have The Dauntless boots and squad rage Squad rage is also something that's seen in the war zone section, which we'll touch on in just a second.

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