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The next two days here, we're going to be taking a look more in depth at a few things that we weren't quite able to cover in the reveal coverage for season 3, which was a near 15-minute article of Everything At Large coming across the main three experiences.

The new perk (somewhat) overhaul in modern warfare 3 season 3

The new perk (somewhat) overhaul in modern warfare 3 season 3

Smaller amount of core changes to the multiplayer end of things the changes are still absolutely worth noting and I think are some solid additions to the game playay Loop, these coming in the way of new perks and Equipment throughout season 3 now the perks all of these are going to be at launch but the equipment is going to be coming at midseason so that season 3 Reloaded update a little later on down the line for the new perks though we have vests of the Gunslinger vest which is a secondary Weapon Specialist, that is something we talked about here where it's basically your underkill it is something that yes you can do that with existing vests and perks that we have on offer right now but there's added benefit here to this you don't get a primary slot but you get two secondary weapons you get a tactical lethal and field upgrade plus all your perks of gloves boots and gear, but your secondary weapons also allow you to refresh stamina on kill improve reload speed reload while sprinting.

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Increase that weapon swap speed by a minimum of 40%. And spawn with a maximum ammo reserve for those secondaries. So yes you can take two secondaries, if you want with the overkill vest but doesn't give you those added benefits that this will so for somebody that may be trying to grind out their Interstellar camo this could be something you can knock out multiple secondaries, allinone go and with added benefit on top of that so it'll be definitely useful I think for that but beyond that we also see the modular assault rig which is a new vest as well which is a lethal and tactical scavenger you end up getting the Tactical and lethal spots times two you get a fuel upgrade you get your gear of gloves boots and standard gear slots, but you also start with a maximum ammo Reserve with the ability to resupply tacticals and lethals from dead players so this is basically just going to be like a scavenger.

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Pro per se, you have those basic abilities with the scavenger gloves, but this again just adds a little bit to it. You will also get another vest of the compression carrier, which, as we mentioned in our top-down article, will be revealed on Wednesday. This is the one that I'm most excited for here because it assists in healing and gas protection.

You lose a tactical slot, but you still have your lethal, and you also still have your gloves, boots, and gear. But the big part about this is that it will immediately regenerate your health after a kill or objective capture, plus reduce the effects of gas grenades. This is a quick fix for Modern Warfare 2.


It was basically the only perk that I ran in that category whenever we had it in Modern Warfare 2. I used it a ton in Modern Warfare 2018 as well. very excited here to see this come back and honestly I think it might have the potential to make gameplay a bit more aggressive because you don't have to rely on stems, you don't have to wait for health regeneration, as much if you're pushing a little more aggressively into an objective or something like that so looking forward to this one big time we'll also see two more perks in the way of a new boot of the reinforced boot which is basically your dauntless from Vanguard where it makes you immun of movement reduction effects and the new perk of the High Gain antenna a gear item where this the mini map is zoomed out for you in nearby allies enemies remain on the radar longer for you and allies in the vicinity, if a nearby Ally has a CCT coms vest perk and you can see Ally radar pings from the Intel Jacker and Compass indicators.

From a nearby signal jammer player, this one is honestly interesting because it has additional benefits. If your team is running, a coordinated attack with you could be random if you're just solo queing, or it could be something that you and your entire squad actually coordinate this kind of stuff and you all get these benefits, but it's interesting for sure.

In mid-season, to round out the multiplayer stuff, we'll have the new tactical version of the EMD mine and the enhanced vision goggles. The EMD mine is going to be a proximity-triggered mine that sticks to surfaces, and once triggered, the mine shoots out from the tracker devices that reveal the enemy's location and direction until it is removed.

So basically, a sort of sticky, advanced UAV kind of goggles, and then those enhanced vision goggles, the evgs, are going to allow you to toggle between normal vision and enhanced vision with integrated Target highlighting. Now, this is going to be on a battery, so you do not have the ability to use it 24/7. But it'll be interesting for sure to see how this all plays out , but that said, that is the multiplayer.

The new warzone season 3 biometric scan feature (free rewards)

The new warzone season 3 biometric scan feature (free rewards)

Big changes here in the game play for Modern Warfare 3 season 3, but let's jump on over to War Zone because there is actually a lot of stuff in regards to new features, new gameplay changes, and all things in between, in regards to, like, big stuff, not just like.

Hey, we're going to see a patch to this or we're going to see a Nerf to this weapon. But let's start out with some of the stuff at launch. There's a new feature overall for the entirety of Rebirth Island called the biometric scanner. It's detailed, and dotted around Rebirth Island's upgraded communication facilities are a series of 10 biometric scanner terminals that include full biometric scanning capabilities.

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Once per match where these scanners are active you can approach a biometric scanner and quickly check your statistics, the scanner produces a key card based on your identity placed directly into your backpack so it's a lootable item as we'll touch on in a second along with an XP reward inspect the key card and you'll see it contains your operator name clan tag and access level the key cards themselves again they take up a slot in your backpack, that can be dropped or looted and can unlock a special menu in any rebirth Island buy station for the duration of the remaining match the key cards will have Rarities to them six of those where bronze is common silver is relatively common gold is uncommon.

Platinum is a rare polyatomic, very rare, and Orion is incredibly rare; the percentage chance of receiving a specific rarity is, as they say, redacted. But your chances improve if a squadmate is close by during a scan or if you repeat the scanning process in the next few days. Station access and in-match rewards are also going to be tethered to this, where if you bring your key card or one you've looted from the corpse of an enemy to a rebirth island by station, a special key card will be accessible.

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