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All right So it's official, we've got our season 3 Reloaded update detailed for us, and today with that, we're going to be taking a look at what you need to know and what's coming in this article, so drop your thoughts. First, let's start out with the multiplayer. Side of things, here we touched on some of this already with season 3 Reloaded.

Modern warfare 3 season 3 reloaded multiplayer content

Modern warfare 3 season 3 reloaded multiplayer content

First look a couple of days ago , but firstly, we know of the maps of Grime and Checkpoint coming from multiplayer. Grime being a 6x6 medium-sized map, it's said to navigate an abandoned corner of London as you weave through Grime's Dockside District, a graffiti-laden hub featuring The remnants of the once-lively Skn Communications building, besides the captain's dog pub and the now-defunct Boat House, swim through the murky waters of the canal and battle along the decks surviving this dlook.

Urban locations will require smart use of the map's checkpoints and a penchant for dirty tacos. Now, as we mentioned before, it seems like based on this taco map, it's going to be something that's a bit closer to Quarters here, I would imagine, in terms of gunplay. SMGs, probably thriving rifles, still have a place in some of those mid-map engagements, as well as on the exterior and the outskirts of the map for those longer lines of sight.

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I look forward to that one being a brand new introduction here for this, but the additional map we have on top of this is repurposed. 6v6, a medium-sized map of checkpoints that are, of course, from Rebirth Island, states that with Rebirth Island out in the wild, there's a good chance you've already engaged in combat in this area on the island's eastern stronghold POI.


Checkpoint keeps the fight focused in and around the main buildings of the military communications outpost in a modified version of the map where the upper walkways and control tower are sealed off, emphasizing combat. On The Ground Battle within the Armory and garage or take on foes in the Ford construction site and rear roundabout so obviously you're not going to have as much verticality, as you do in war zone which is definitely I think a nice part you don't want to have too much of that but I'm curious to see how this will play as a traditional 6v6, map in that sense where it's not a sort of three lane style map it's not symmetrical in any way shape or form but it could be something that plays well maybe not but beyond that we of course know the new weapon of the ball 27, not going to stay too long on that we have a article breaking down the weapons coming later this weekend in more depth and everything but the ball 27 a classic from Advanced Warfare returning alongside the Moors here as those sort of revitalizations.

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Of those two, beyond that, we have the new modes of Minefield and Escort. We talked about those already. Minefield is similar to Hord Point, but instead, when you kill an enemy, they drop a cluster mine, so it's going to be something that EOD is pretty imperative here in this mode. Escort being like Safeguard from Black Ops 3 was it payload from war zone and then of course most recently you have the war mode with the escort objective obviously that being the main focus of that but that coming around in a 6v6 mode just exclusively for that as well one thing that I find interesting is that there's a mentioned arcade playlist where it says boost your powers exponentially, with a mid-season arcade playlist supporting a variety of maps in mod modes featuring powerups and special weapon pickups where eliminated enemies will drop a power up granting one of two temporary abilities on pickup unlimited ammo or unlimited grenades let loose on your fodes without mundane concerns like ammo supply and grenade count Additionally, weapon pickup will bring pain with special weapon pickup scanners throughout the environment, immediately noticeable by their glowing effects and floating animation.

everything coming in season 3 reloaded mw3

Now, what I find interesting about this is that the image associated with it has a new camo that we haven't seen just yet, but while I don't think it's the same, it could be one of the phases of that arcade-style camo. We saw a leak a while back; there was a really cool animated one, but we never saw it come just yet, so that might be something different, but also, if it's something that's included here with this, is this going to be a playlist-specific camo because, as we'll touch on in a second, we don't actually have a whole ton of events that are detailed with this with the mid-season update?

maybe not, but anyways, we have the EMD mine and the enhanced vision goggles as our equipment and field upgrade coming with the midseason. The EMD mine is something that, once activated, it'll tag enemies with a sort of tracker dart of sorts that they can end up removing, but until they do, they're showcased on your mini map as an advanced UAV real-time ping.

Additionally, the enhanced vision goggles give Target enhanced tracking, similar to your target finder from Black Ops 2, but in an nvg-style goggle, but it's on a limited battery, so you don't have the ability to use it all game, and finally, on the multiplayer side of things again, events. This is an interesting one because there's not a whole ton listed.

So far, the last two to three blog posts, starting with season 2, have ended up getting the events throughout the season detailed. Actually, in specific giving dates and everything like that, we knew what we'd have every single week leading through the first half and the second half of the season, but right now we know the vortex virus. The Mainframe event is going to last for 2 weeks; that's starting today, so that will go from this last week of the first half of the season into the week following the update, but beyond that, we only know of the US assist veterans event, which is going to last another 2 weeks, but that leaves an additional open week on the calendar before season 4, so maybe there's something else coming; maybe not; we don't know yet, but anyway, those are your events here that we know of now.

Modern warfare 3 season 3 reloaded zombies content

Modern warfare 3 season 3 reloaded zombies content

Zombies, we know, of course, are going to have some content, but again, emphasis on some; it's not a whole ton. You have a new story chapter, a new riff, and a few different schematics, including the dead wire detonators, which are basically dead wire for your explosives. The golden mask filter, which is a gas mask that will regenerate itself, and the Sergeant's beret, which is essentially your disguise from DMZ but a way to disguise yourself amongst the mercs Plus, you also get a sort of Merc bodyguard who follows your round, and you have the new warlord of the rain maker, which is going to be a demolition expert per se, so that'll be one to take a look at, but that's your zombie stuff.

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