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So modern warfare 3's season 3 has been fully revealed in detail, and while we covered a top level of what was coming on Wednesday with that reveal, which was again a nearly 15-minute article that we didn't really get to touch on everything, we recently just talked about the gameplay changes and the features upcoming that'll alter that gameplay experience to some degree, so today I wanted to cover a different area of Modern Warfare 3.

The fjx horus smg & how to unlock it in modern warfare 3 season 3

The fjx horus smg & how to unlock it in modern warfare 3 season 3

The FGX Horus is a submachine gun that will be coming in the battle pass with 18 levels. It's a weapon that was formerly known as the MP9, making its return to Modern Warfare 3, described as an ultra-compact SMG with best-in-class CQC. Damage and mobility: its versatility is the name of the game.

With this SMG, it's a favorite of those who like to pack a punch on the run, and the weapon has an incredible rate of fire and class-leading mobility and handling that help mitigate the recoil control. Now, the MP 9 was previously famous for that fast fire rate, so I'm looking forward to seeing this insane submachine gun probably make a run for that.

I'd imagine Close Quarters Meta: I kind of feel like with the Sprint, the mobility will be much more felt than back whenever you actually had the MP9. That classic Modern Warfare 3 feel since at that point you only had Sprint and walk so to now have a third tier of faster movement and the weapon weight playing a factor into the movement speed along with other Mobility increasing items like vests or boots, you might be able to zoom with this thing so very curious to see how this will play out in regards to that close quarters and just like runand gun play style I think it has a good potential especially in mp but also in war zone now the more sniper rifle is another one that's going to be coming in the battle pass at launch, with 19 levels it's the classic from Advanced Warfare returning which is pretty cool I know some people aren't fond of the idea of Advanced Warfare weapons returning but I honestly love it maybe that's just me but it's described as the single load rail gun delivering a high damage payload with excellent velocity and penetration.

The mors sniper & how to unlock it in modern warfare 3 season 3

The mors sniper & how to unlock it in modern warfare 3 season 3

An advanced form of sniper warfare is the military-operated rail sniper. Moors is a one-hot beast offering high damage with exceptional handling, distance is an afterthought with this longrange and accurate sniper rifle with what may be the perfect combination of accuracy and damage the weapon has single round Devastation, with a reasonably rapid reload rate so for those of you who did not play Advanced Warfare this one's going to act in the same way with its signature characteristics of that sniper it's a one-hot sniper at just about any distance but you have to reload, every single shot, so in advanced Warfare it was relatively quick with that reload it said in that description that it should be the same so I'm kind of thinking it's not necessarily going to be anything too bothersome or anything to be worried about but I'm curious to see how this will carry over in potential to war zone I feel like that one shot potential would have to do that but with variability, in head shot drop off distances and those weapons in the sniper category that are and are not one shot I'm curious to see where this will fit in one interesting mention about this weapon in particular and seemingly out of the Weaponry.

This weapon only means that it's not going to be in War Zone Mobile at launch that whole thing with war zone mobile. It was supposed to be one toone parody of what you had on console on PC and you had on mobile as well, but it's not going to be there on mobile at launch; it's the only one that's mentioned as such, but it has this asterisk next to it denoting that the Moors its blueprints and other certain content will not be available at the start of the season, so it'll come in time, but just not at launch. There's an interesting little caveat there.

The gladiator melee & how to unlock it in modern warfare 3 season 3

The gladiator melee & how to unlock it in modern warfare 3 season 3

Finally, you have the Gladiator melee weapon in the battle pass, which is six levels, but it's simply a melee weapon described as a compact concealable punch knife that was initially used by gamblers and politicians. Close Quarters combat was never so quick and painful with a gladiator rivaling the corit for Supreme Mobility handling and damage potential, cut straight to the bone with haste and ease but ensure you're close enough to make your lethal stabs count, not much more to this one it's a melee weapon no special abilities like the soul render of last season but a melee to fill out the battle pass no less now that said talking battle pass it's already been detailed, in the battle pass and previewed, with what we know and where it's going to be the fjx Horus is going to be in battle pass Sector 8 the Moors is going to be in battle pass sector 4 and the Gladiator is going to be in sector 15.

Where in the battle pass the new season 3 weapons will be (& how to unlock them the fastest)

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The Morris is about 15 tokens away from the very start, the fgx horse is about 20 tokens away, and if you decide to go for both, it'll take 30 tokens if you decide to go for them outright and not deviate in path at all. The Gladiator is a bit further away; the fastest path looks like 35 tiers away, but that's assuming you don't pick up the fgx Horus and deviate in path.

You just go straight to it now, not to advocate for but rather just to inform you of all scenarios. Black's starting point is up on the other side of the battle pass map, where if you get that, it looks like you can get the blueprints for the Moors and the FJX Horus functionally unlocking them simultaneously.

For just 10 of your 20 tokens that come with a black cell pass, you'd get those immediately, and you'd have enough tokens to get the Gladiator as well using all 20 of those, so again. I don't care if you get it or don't; I'm not here to advocate for or against it, but that's just all the outcomes for how you get the weapons in the battle pass, just to put it all out there for full transparency.

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