News - The New Leaks Reveal Some Interesting Things. Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded Leaks

Disclaimers about season 2 reloaded leaks in modern warfare 3

Disclaimers about season 2 reloaded leaks in modern warfare 3

I don't feature this stuff in articles, so just a heads up and number two. The content seen today is from a snapshot in time. All things are again seen from when the update went out; timetables can easily change, and items can be cut or pushed back. But that said, let's jump into it first. We want to start out with the big thing here that's probably going to be a key focal point for a lot of people, and then we'll make our way back into a more focused discussion like multiplayer, zombies, and War Zone discussion.

First, though.

New points to rebirth island in season 3

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Rebirth Island loading screens and icons were found in this updated version. On the map, there's some adjustments in the lighting; it seems like it's still bright. There's some color and fresh paint on buildings, but there's also a little bit of stuff. There's a new warehouse building—a small rectangular building kind of like those little Cony Group container buildings you see around Ukhan—but one of those is where the power transformers were in between Harbor and chemical engineering.

So while we only get a look at one side of the map based off this loading screen image we can see that some adjustments have been made here so I'm not expecting this to be super altered but at the same time I also wouldn't be surprised if there's a few smaller changes like this around the map as well we also don't know if that entire reinforced, sector of the map will be there at launch because in Vanguard Z of support rebirth gain that entire security area portion in the southwestern, portion of the island, honestly I like that addition I'd be all forward if it came back but we don't know now as for a timetable of release nothing has been said officially there's not, really a whole ton of stuff pointing to one specific date just yet whether it's season 3 season 3 Reloaded season 4 But if I'm guessing.

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I wouldn't be surprised if this is a season 3 thing. I still think that we have a bit of things to juggle in regards to key items coming back to War Zone, with War Zone ranked on Zstan, and then Rebirth Island as well. When you think about it, we have four seasons left, but you also have to consider the rest of the Cod space and marketing for the calendar year.

Here in season 4, we usually see, at least historically speaking, a game reveal for the next CoD title—an event of some kind in the war zone—that's that Marquee-marketed item. In Season 5, we don't see a whole ton of content in regards to major massive additions here because that's when multiplayer reveals the betas start happening and everything for that next CoD title, and then in Season 6, that's usually when the next game is launched in that time frame there's a crossover period so again you don't see a whole ton of stuff added that is like massive scale.

Because it'd be irrelevant within a few weeks, so season 3 is the last, solely Modern Warfare 3 focused period of the calendar year for the Call of Duty franchise, so I'm wondering if we get both of these upcoming this season. I certainly wouldn't be complaining, of course, but I'm curious to see how this will all break down now that it's Rebirth.

New modern warfare 3 multiplayer leaks

New modern warfare 3 multiplayer leaks

Of course, we did know that was coming, but it might be a little bit closer than we anticipated. However, now jumping over to the multiplayer side and getting into a more structured discussion on the content of the upcoming multiplayer, followed by zombies and a little bit of War Zone multiplayer, we know of a couple of perks here: the Ninja gloves and Pistol vest were introduced with this update.

I honestly couldn't tell you what Ninja gloves could be. I mean, you have your covert sneakers and stuff that acts as a ninja perk, but I mean, is this going to be something where it's just an alternative where you have the ability to have those same effects but not in a boot category, or is it going to be something that makes it like silent weapon swapping?

cod mwiii

If that were the case, I could only see that really being useful in like Search and Destroy 1 V ones or something like that, or like a very close quarters final circle in war zone or something. I don't know, but that one's a little weird. The pistol vest, my best guess, might be something like mule kick a level of a vest where you have a third weapon as a pistol slot always, kind of like Overkill, but you don't sacrifice a pistol.

I'm not entirely sure; there's literally no detail, so it's all guesswork. But that's on top of the known dauntless boots that were again leaked from season 2's update. I'm thinking those will act like Dauntless and Vanguard, making players immune to movement-reducing things and reducing burn effects.

Then we also know about aftermarket parts. There's a handful of these here, but the interesting part is that they're going to have aftermarket parts apparently for Modern Warfare 2 weapons. The M4 was apparently one that had an aftermarket part in the game files as well. We'll see what comes out of that.

I mean, we are getting to the point where we have a ton of Modern Warfare 3 weapons with aftermarket parts already, but I guess that might be the next logical thing to plan in the future if you're not trying to double up and have multiple aftermarket parts for Modern Warfare 3 weapons, but interestingly, no less season 3 operators.

We of course had to double down on Chichin Chong Devon Booker and Snoop Dogg again for the third or fourth time now at this point, but that's on top of the already known season 3 operators of Lambda and Kappa, those only being code names, so those likely not being the names they appear as. Actually, in the game now, there's nothing new on the weapon side of things from what I've seen just yet, but we have previously leaked the compound bow MP9 machine pistol ball assault rifle and the Moors sniper rifle for season 3.

New modern warfare 3 zombies leaks

New modern warfare 3 zombies leaks

Now, jumping over to the zombie side of things, there's actually a decent number of things in quantity, but they're also kind of smaller.

In scale and also a little bit weird for how they work out. There are new Warlord schematics for the baret, mask vest, and mod, so I am not entirely sure what those are. There are rift gate keys for the crayon journal and laptop, all of which have an attuned variation. As well, there appear to be as of the game files at least six acts before the release of COD 2024 and the completion of Modern Warfare 3's year of support, which means that we, in theory, should be getting more here with like every season, right?

Maybe it is something they just do in a tighter time frame. Maybe we have a season launch and a reloaded update coming. Both halves of those AXS and we have an offseason in between there, but we'll have to wait and see. Finally, for zombies, a new zombie map or area has been found in the code now, if I'm guessing.

Every single update for Modern Warfare 3 and frankly, any game before it, will bring along progressive builds of what's still to come in the future, just hidden beneath the surface level of what players can normally see.
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