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Ladies and gentlemen We are 14 days away from the end of season 2, and generally around this time. I like to make a article going over everything that we know is going to be coming to the game via leaks from Modern Warfare 3 to War Zone via season 3. Now the weird thing about season 3 is yeah Call of Duty is a live service game at this point and it comes out with season after season after season and each time there are new things but really when each Call of Duty game comes out season 3 is kind of the last dedicated, season and what I mean by that is once we get into season 4 generally that's when the reveal for the next Call of Duty game happens, season 5 is when the beta and other information's coming up for that game and then season 6 is just the launch of the next game so all in all season 3 is kind of like the last dedicated, big push for Modern Warfare 3, and today we're going to be diving into what those leaks are and what we know.

About Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone moving forward, and there's some things we can expect in here. There's some leaks that you probably haven't heard about, and there's also some really strange things going on with season 3, and you'll see what I mean as we go through this because generally we have bigger leaks than these, so what we have to do is take the ones that we have and kind of extrapolate.

What's going on there because all the big leaks that happened at the launch of the game have kind of already happened? The Walking Dead event, the Dune event, the Warhammer, everything like that, but we do have information, and some big things that we do know are coming, so that is what this article is going to be about, so starting out we're going to start with the operators that have been leaked in the game, so first off we have chichin Chong Devin Booker and Snoop Dogg, who are coming back once again.

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It seems like every single year we get a new Snoop Dog skin, and guess what you got to pay for it again now with these all coming out around the same time and when season 3 is actually happening? I am very strongly guessing that we are going to be getting some sort of 420. event, so that'll of course be happening in April, and we'll R around Chichin Chong and Snoop Dog, of course, and probably have some sort of blunt force bundles that come out around that time, and who knows what type of game modes will go alongside those as well?

cod mw3 season 3 leaks

That is the one thing we do not have any leaks on: game modes and maps for multiplayer. There's some leaks about some returning from Modern Warfare 2 but really nothing new as of yet and we should probably start to see those game modes and Maps coming in the next week or so probably next week would be about that time now we also have two other code names for operators including Lambda and Kappa now these don't give us anything, but I wanted to do a little mental experiment to kind of look at the characters that we have in game and who we could potentially see return moving forward, and the biggest two that I came up with based off of the campaign for Modern Warfare 3 are Yuri because he was of course introduced within the campaign meeting up with Kate lwell and then the other guy that we saw often during that time through the campaign would be Nikolai, and we've seen him come back before in Modern Warfare 2019 and so forth and I could definitely see both of those characters being something that returns just a matter of when then we move into our weapons so the first one that we have is the compound bow the MP9, machine pistol and then the two interesting ones the Bal 27.

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And the Moors, both of which were actually from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, which was one of Sledgehammer's previous games, so to see these return would be interesting, but what is more interesting about these is that these two weapons actually leaked. Before the game even came out, it was leaked immediately that these were going to be coming with season 3, and this kind of gave people the idea that each and every season was going to be modeled after a different Call of Duty game, so for example, season three would be modeled after Advanced Warfare, but as we've seen from the previous two seasons, that wasn't really the case whatsoever we just kind of got more Modern Warfare 3 content new maps so on and so forth but what we do know is these two are in the files and from the very beginning the launch of the game these were said to be coming out with season 3 so pretty reliably.

We can kind of guess that they're going to be coming out within 14 days or at least shortly thereafter. The other thing that we get with every single season and every weekly update is a new aftermarket part, and assumably, some of these will be coming with season 3, but based off of the leaks, it is said that some of these are actually going to be coming out for Modern Warfare 2 weapons.

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The first of which got leaked was for the M4, From Modern Warfare 2, which kind of makes sense. We've kind of filled up a lot of the Modern Warfare 3 weapons, so to see the other weapons that have carried over and get some love with aftermarket parts would make a lot of sense. Now we do have a couple of pieces of gear that have been found within the game files, the first of which is the Ninja gloves, the pistol vest, and the Dauntless boots.

First of all, the Ninja gloves I have no idea what those would do aside from something to do with Ninja diffuses, but I have no idea pistol vest makes it sound like you can kind of use more weapons, so maybe three weapons instead of two or an additional pistol or something along those lines and dauntless boots.

We've seen something like this before where you can't be slowed down by things like flashbangs and things along those lines, which would make a lot of sense for what the name of it is: now moving into zombies, it is said, and what is found in the game files is that there are going to be a total of six.

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AXS, coming before the end of the game, which means there's two more AXS that have yet to be released, and based off of the information and what has been recorded from these acts, they seem very similar to what we have seen with Act 4, where you will be going into an ether Rift. When you go in there, you're going to have to get these various items that are going to activate another type of portal you were going to go into to fight a boss and complete objectives.

Today we go over all of the recent Season 3 leaks for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. They include new events, weapons, maps, zombies changes and WarzoneRebirth Island. I hope you enjoy.
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