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Today we got a rather important update for Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone, building off yesterday's title update and introducing a bit more content, not necessarily on the scale of like a seasonal launch or a mid-season update, but one that I think offered enough of things that I personally think are noteworthy, so today I want to jump in and let you know all you need to know about today's update and keep in the loop with all things Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone Drop your thoughts.

Drop a like. Also, make sure to check out the final 24 hours or so of the insane gamer Advantage deal, where code espresso can get you 47.5% off your entire order, but again, only for like another 24 hours or so. More on that a little later. For now, let's jump into the new update for Modern Warfare 3 and War.

New, daily login bonuses for modern warfare 3 & warzone

New, daily login bonuses for modern warfare 3 & warzone

Zone first, let's start out with what you're first met with when you boot up the game. We have new daily login rewards, which is the first time we've seen these officially in Modern Warfare 3. I kind of consider the biometric scan system a daily login reward system, but it has hidden items.

You can earn up to 27 unique daily scans for a camo, but it's not explicitly stated or advertised, and it's not as strict a time frame to complete them in, plus I actually don't even think that there's really any timer on them. I don't know if that's just limited to this season. I kind of imagine they'd be there as long as rebirth is so that maybe two months down the line or so you can still get that camo if you hit that 27th, unique scan, but anyways, the daily login rewards here are for 10 days total, and there's five different rewards, all really small stuff, so nothing you really need to worry about if you miss any of them, but you have the new Sly Guy animated emblem, the fumigation, and the large decal. the roll one out sticker, the double battle pass XP token I feel like there's a bit of a missed opportunity with the emphasis on how that's written out, but puns aside, you also have the tangled-up animated calling card at the moment, so again, nothing really crazy in rewards.

The much needed weapon tuning in warzone & modern warfare 3

The much needed weapon tuning in warzone & modern warfare 3

Just by logging in, all you have to do is literally boot up the game for it, and you can just shut off the game for the next 24 hours.

You don't have to play to earn these; you just have to log in. Next, let's talk about some stuff, though, that does actually have more weight than just some free rewards. We have been tuning for War Zone and Modern Warfare 3. The big thing with War Zone right now is probably that the lead-off here is that the renetti finally got nerfed; it's a much-needed tune for this weapon.

I'm not necessarily sure right now if it's the right move in regards to how much was done, but if you played War Zone with the Jack Verocity carbine kit, that aftermarket part was genuinely broken, like it was about the only thing you'd see on rebirth. It could outgun just about anything in close range.

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It was stupidly broken, but for the adjustments, they ended up decreasing the max damage to 28 down from 36, decreasing the min damage to 24 down from 28, and decreasing the range, but it also increased the lower torso multiplier and the arms and hands multiplier to 1.1 up from one, so you get a little bonus here at that, but overall it was a Nerf that was on paper pretty substantial for the ttk, bringing it from a devastating 490 milliseconds.

Before today's update to now roughly 630, milliseconds were in a close range to about 770 milliseconds, at a slight distance, so on paper it's a drastic Nerf for this thing, but again, we'll have to see if on paper it translates one to one to ingame because often times it doesn't do that but grand scheme in the sort of meta It looks like HRM 9 is about to be dominant once again, as we saw before the season 3 update, which was kind of boring.

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I know to see the same weapon that you saw used the entire last season still at the top. The Meta, but it seems like statistically speaking, the Retti is still viable and very usable, just not the clear-cut choice over the HRM 9 for the Close Quarters engagements there. With that, it looks like it can still be competitive head-to-head.

It's just that the HRM 9 has a bit more handling that may make it a bit more favorable again. Other weapon tuning that happened yesterday actually, it's not much, so we didn't cover it here on the channel because of that, but we also saw adjustments to the fgx Horus T of course, and the Moors, the fgx Hor saw optic attachments with the integrated laser are now no longer compatible with the ECS required or suppressor muzzle, attack evolver re removed duplicate z35, compensator flash hider muzzle attachments, and the Moors remove the ability to equip any incompatible attachments now on the Modern Warfare 3 side of things.

We also saw those same changes, but some additional ones on top of that. We saw a slight buff here where we saw the maximum damage range increase, the near-to-medium damage range increase, and the medium damage range itself increase as well. The Moors also had, on top of that incompatible attachment adjustment, the photonic charge barrel, which now improved the consistency of penetration damage through enemy operators, i.e., improving the consistency if you hit any collaterals, but after that, we saw a little bit of content and stuff you can actually interact with here this week and a little beyond.

The new blaze up event in modern warfare 3 & warzone

The new blaze up event in modern warfare 3 & warzone

We have the blaze-up event here, a challenge-based, not XP, event for the next 2 weeks that is now active, where overall the reward is an animated blueprint for the WSP Swarm, so for me. I'm not as enticed to go for this one and grind out all these challenges because honestly, some of the challenges are not necessarily A Grind, but they're tedious and kind of annoying.

But it's still a reward for those who are interested, and you also have the additional reward of a double XP token. The hot out of the oven weapon sticker, the weedon, wison killstreak skin, the high as a duct charm, the seeing-sound weapon sticker, the utterly inspiring emblem of the You're Out of This World calling card, a double-weapon XP token for every second and hour large decal, a tier skip for your battle pass, and a double battle pass XP token.

Now again, if you complete all 11 of those challenges, you do end up getting that mastery reward of the dayar wsp Swarm blueprint that comes along with the wsp TAC 20 grip and the amop V4 OpTic. The Hip Shot L20 laser and the noxious short-compensated barrel—the blueprint itself is pretty cool again; it is a little bit animated here with this; it's got a sort of pulse design to it, and you have that sloth on the handle.

Overall, it's a cool one, but overall, it's a blueprint, so if you change anything, obviously, you're not going to be able to use it universally. But it is.

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